Anfem flamewar thread

ITT: us brocialists and manarchists have a flamewar with the anfems and we reclaim leftism from their idpol hands

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Why don't we have a thread about something not retarded instead.


not men is women, but not women is not men


Women will maintain a tactical position in the kitchen while the revolution is underway.


Seeing as all you do is stay at home why don't you rely on yourselves. Unless you stay at home and don't know how to cook.

But what if I want to be served by lover?

you should have seen the thread about class warfare made a couple weeks ago

go make me a sandwich

I can't. You're on your own.

Quality thread.

Would women ever allow men to remove them entirely from our reproductive process and in so doing remove men from theirs through male pregnancy, tube babies or cloning?

I've always seen men and women as nothing more than species that are closely related enough to interbreed. Whenever women interact with men in real life, it feels more like an alien mimicking humans in order to bridge the communication gap than actual genuine interaction.

I know that biologically we currently require females to procreate, but with the advent of alternative pregnancy I see that as a symbiotic relationship more than a proof of being a part of the same species.

Imagine a world where men and women stopped requiring each other for reproduction, how would evolution alter us? Over time, would we become so dramatically different biologically that no reproduction between the two could occur?

That's something I'm rather interested in finding out, because as much of a xenophiliac I am, I much prefer the company, culture and rationales of men to that of women.

How counter-revolutionary of you to adhere to bourgeois norms of female rights.

I can't hand you food through the computer just like you can't get a girlfriend through communication

At least let us have one cyclical anfem thread so we can have more theory threads?

anfem the people demand ass, are you going to stand with them or not

All the more reason for me to ask for you to gib us the ass pic.


Not anymore. Maybe when I'm not so tired and you actually aren't desperate.

Go look at smut.

lol you really think anyone is actually serious about wanting your ass pics? don't flatter yourself

Since your opinions and lesbian collage phase hold no relevant value, I thought that your body might hold some. I guess it dosent.

Utterly dire Dimwitted student thinks can outthink entire board. Proven wrong!

You think you're not desperate? Don't flatter yourself.

If you read any theory you would not be a tankie.

Sounds like every poster here.

Constantly on the defensive, even when it isn't relevant. Sad!

But that's you again


Your existence holds no reason.
drop the trip&flag.


We all know what will happen to homosexuals like you after revolution.
I will gladly volunteer for that execution squad that faithful day.

Bitching about them

Having the mentally ill go after them to beat them? etc?

Sounds like America

We need to re-establish social norms in the revolution. Bourgeois liberal values like putting fags on special place to express themselves is pointless. They hold no productive value in socialist society and since vast majority of homosexuals are bourgeois or petit-bourgeois they should be destroyed during the revolution.

Like your bitching

You shouldn't think so little of other people

So it can be in your idpol hands? Eat shit you dirty little whore

Want more of this artstyle? Just play Sims 4. You can make the characters do whatever lewd thing you want too.