Tfw all the nonsensical non-sequitur spam means people have to actually use reading comprehension when having a debate...

thank you based bui

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I think they should be worried about Jews, after all it's jews like Martin Schulz and Anetta Kahane that are opening the gates for the muslims.

furret is qt
i love you bui

That women’s arms make me want to throw up btw

Its whats on the inside that counts, she could be the nicest person in the world.

Still not fucking it.

That's not your choice though, is it.

isn't it? else how could it be excellent that he find her repulsive.

So what.
The body and mind are part of an integrated and inseparable whole. Take your female* fat acceptance and shove it.

(*redundant of course, as nobody defends male fat acceptance, nor should they)

nice fucking spooks you got there, fag

Fat isn't a spook, it's a disease symptom.


That's right, they're not.
Baring technology which will allow the mind to live separate from the biological body you were born with.

I did not say that the body and mind were separable, merely that they themselves can be separated, as is the case with decapitation, or compartmentalization, or even that you can distinguish mind from mind and body from body.

Nice spook

Haha, get rekt fatty. If you did literally minutes of exercise a day, you wouldn't be crying about spooks on the internet.

We can't yet escape biological imperative. If sharks stop swimming they asphyxiate. If humans don't move enough they succumb to avoidable disease.

Fat people could literally shake it off, all they would have to do is pick up their own flabby sides and give them a shake a few times every hour, and they wouldn't be fat.

That's how fucking lazy fat people are. They only care about carrying their lard to the pantry for another jam doughnut, and even then they do their best to make sure they do it in a single trip.

Nice straw man.
Staying healthy also involves equal amounts of avoiding porkies near universal junk food culture.

This, tbh. The problem is not that 'we' are eating too much food, it is that 'we' are eating food like products

Meant for:

Nice bale man.
I guess we have to add "brainwashing user into being a chubby funster incapable of shaking off his jelly rolls" to the ever growing list of porkies' crimes.

The finest of cuisines, now sold at a vendor near you…

Just don't eat it you ridiculous butterball. I swear next time I see a fat person I'm going to slap their belly and shout "'HAMBONE!" at them and maybe that will break the conditioning. The bourgeois belly brainwashing.

I wouldn't. I was giving an example of bad food that people still eat either to "try" or "guilty pleasures."

No it just means you have to read a bunch of unnecessary bullshit before you find a coherent post.

nighttime bump

you faggots say fat is bad, capitalists are bad, yet the ancap catgirl is the most fuckable catgirl next to the stirner one

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