Artists will soon be replaced by machines

Miyazaki BTFO
artfags BTFO
humanfags BTFO
'muh a robot can't write a symphony' fags BTFO

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Deadly ape frankenstein machines?

Isn't Miyazaki a communist ?

He has a degree in political science and hates fascist.
I'm not sure what his real leanings are though.

machines BTFO

I thought this was supposed to help?

We must destroy the capitalist machine before it destroys us.

Discussing Animal Farm:



I also found pic and links related which I though were pretty interesting

What are they saying to each other with their eyes in this pic?

Nah, I've seen some new ones. Threads seem to die once you point out the coffee. Bizarre.

muslims (pakis) aren't asian. they are muslims


Studies pretty consistently show that divorce is better than a broken home.

Not gonna lie first time he got a genuine laugh out of me

Metal as fuck. Also don't forger the soccer executives that got busted too over thanksgiving! It's crumbling down.

It's Merkel's alliance of free states against Russia.

I call it Merkelreich

Shit that cries corporate conspiracies have any significances.

You're English I assume and so you are innately wise. Explain more.

Do I detect a bigot?

Dark refugees want to enrich us, user.

The darker the richer we become. Learn 2 Trudeau.


Many aren't, especially the religious ones that have lots of kids, they're welfare queens. But you do have a lot of nepotistic kikes in Culture, Media, Finance and some areas of Science.

They can be wicked smart but their intelligence tends to actualize in debating and picking stuff apart rather than producing anything useful.

The Frankfurt School wrote AGAINST fun.

yay a fellow /516/

Miyazaki, Takahata, and Oshii are all /ourguy/s. They were part of the student left movements of the 60s/70s.

Yep, and deporting a bunch of illegals will combat the planned demographic shift.

I told my wife about this, she's not really politically interested but she didn't like it at all.

The fact that so many papers discussing matter-of-factly the genocide of whites, directly from the UN, makes this a hard one to argue against.

I have a feeling that this could be our way to sell the facts of anuddah shoah to normies.

had it crossed anybody's mind at all that perhaps there are a few games in play right now?

why does everybody keep playing regular chess with people who play multidimensional chess?

Is this more bui shitposting?

hoppa in när jag parkerar



wtf I love anime now

That's why we're developing artificial wombs and AI

a ban

You assume he'll stick to his word even though he's already broken some of his promises.

Putting restrictions on lobbying would be one of the best things to ever happen to this country, though.

Mr. Trump!?

So, john podesta is a russian agent making CP from pizza maps, eh?

Why do you have Croatian, Dalmatian, Slavonian and Bosnian emblem in you flag?

Fill Russia
If spill, fill China/India area

thats the wrong shade of blue

He is right you know.

i wouldn't go to france.