Was he /our guy/

Was he /our guy/

Yeah, the idpol crypto-fascist was /your guy/, democrat.

While I did like the aesthetic of Amon, there are no parallels between IRL class and bending.

Class is your relation to the means of production, something that only benefits the user and is in the detriment of others, while bending is a genetic gift, which can be used for the good of all.

His efforts to "cleanse the world of bending" is a semi-strawman of what communism is. Amon rightfully attacked the class-devide instilled by benders and non-benders, but I would say his attempts at eradicating the benders is more akin to racial cleansing for the following reasons:

What element you bend has no impact on your political standing, yet the government is divided along these lines. This is appearant when looking at the main characters, where Mako and Bolin are brothers and poor, yet bend different elements, but Asami, the rich girl, and her father, are supposedly "oppressed" by the benders, even though they stand on top of society.
Amon wants, rather than ridding society of its race-based classes and politics, eradicate the "oppressor", which we see parallels to in our world today. Rather than wanting to abolish the structure that gives certain races power, people want to eradicate the other races.

Another interesting thing is that amon uses the "power of the enemy" to destroy the enemy, even though he is a bender himself. I thought this was an interesting when compared to olaces like the USSR and the degeneration of workers states.

Then again, don't expect too much from an american show. They cant go around glorifying commies. All the villains boil down to "good intentions, but [system] just doesnt work, better reform". Well, except for the crazy Theologist. They didn't fully glorify the capitalist guy though.

If anyone on that show is /our/ guy, it's Zaheer. He was actually dedicated to revolution in an almost necheyev-like sense. Zaheer actually managed to kill the earth queen and start revolution in the most populated country of that world, the Earth Kingdom. If he actually managed to kill the avatar like he planned then he probably would've been able to help defeat the counterrevolution that would eventually morph into Kuvira's fascism. One of pic related is socdem Korra blaming fascism on Zaheer even though he was imprisoned the entire time and they purposefully encouraged Kuvira to crush Zaheer's revolution, in a stunning reflection of how the SocDems killed Rosa and encouraged the Freikorps to crush the revolution, but always try to deflect the blame on the communists for not being willing to work with the ruling class that fomented the very conditions that created the current situation.

Thank you. As a ant I can see clearly what the text on those pics is.

But Zaheer was pretty based, apart from his whole anarcho-budist "chaos is the natural order" bullshit.

pic uno:

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Also, Kuvira a qt


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Kuvira a shit, I can't forgive her for being a blatant ripoff of my waifu

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Was she /our girl/

you mean they had nothing to do with it?
both cell phones and computer chips are attributed to american inventors

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This, pretty much.
Amon's "revolution" was deliberately nonsensical. Everyone was just in it because of some personal grudge (apparently benders killed everyone's wives). But a revolution needs a political objective (for example the legal system refusing to prosecute benders and allowing them to run about killing everyone's wives, or if non-benders weren't represented in the council) and none are ever formulated.
A revolution cannot fix a problem which is not political, which is why the neoliberal ideologues push so hard on the idea that markets, austerity, etc are a state of nature. Amon (the character, not a person, but as an artifact of inept writing) is the natural cancer that emerges from our current ideological landscape.

Well the council was kind of a dictatorship considering its governing body was only made up of four people who are all just representatives of the four kingdoms that rule the world and from what I know they were appointed by the rulers of each nation.

Hell it shouldn't even be called a Republic considering how it has no form of actual democracy in it when it comes to how its actually run.

So in that sense it could have been a legit revolution if its goal was to bring about an actual democracy or like you said pretty much any form of political change instead of just committing genocide against benders because "muh equality".

Nope. Korra was a gigantic disappointment.

Disgusting. Shit they even forced the MC to be a lesbian so idpol fags could claim that it was "subversive."

I really wish that they didn't put a Star Wars-style "literal good vs evil affects the material conditions of society" element in Korra. It really ruined the show for me.

Watching the show, it occured to me that this might be the case and would explain why there was a bourgeois revolution. Especially in the case of the industrialist participation in Amkn's movement.
But they never say anything of this kind in the show. No one says "benders are the only people represented in the council and that is why we must revolt." This would be a shitty slogan, but writers get paid to turn shit like that into punchy slogans, and obviously no one did so.

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