Holla Forums feelings on jews

What's your feeling on them?

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They're based.


More cinematic than any kaiju movie I've ever seen, just edging out Goji '54

It was a movie about the human condition, how our ambitions are hampered by bureaucracy, but also how that bureaucracy is necessary for our society to function. Godzilla at his most unstoppable, his most powerful, defeated not by masers or robots but trains and buildings and construction equipment.

I have criticisms for sure, but this was a good movie. Not a good godzilla movie, or a good kaiju movie, but real, evocative, engaging cinema.

Depends, they are the master race if ur from Holla Forums, they are spooked if not

They make up a disproportionate portion of the bourgeois.




Forgot flag.

Never met one. No strong opinion on them either way.

A lot of them supported October revolution, Soviet Union and communism.
Ironically, a lot of them are pro-capitalist too; just look at "AnCap" intellectuals and Zionists.

I personally associate them with the New Left and therefore strongly dislike any leftist movement that openly associates with them.

It's a religion. It serves basically the same function as other religions. It advocates some good things and far more odious ones (massacre the Amalekites, it's a mitzvah! Obey the king,le happy merchant meem said so!) and I hope it will disappear after the revolution.

(And on a lighter note, no child should have to grow up eating matzah eight days a year. Shit's disgusting.)

But singling it out as a uniquely corrosive or conspiratorial faith is lunacy, and racial anti-semitism is hyperspooked nonsense.

i hate identity and anyone who takes identity seriously. that includes jewish identity. unfortunately, in the view of most people, that makes me an "antisemite." so, basically, i don't like jews, but then i don't like anyone according to their identity

just like the irish

Because the Jews are people, yeah.

That's fucking stupid. Identities are made from the outside just as much as the inside, and they are some identities that have to matter to someone because of the way other people treat them. To say you "don't like blacks" matters even if you mean you "don't like the fact that the black identity exists".

As an irreligious Jew, that doesn't matter so much for me, since I'm a member of a wider American society and people don't really assign the identity to me so much. But for black people, or Jews in some countries, it matters a hell of a lot.

This is one of the best left-wing variants of the good ol' "I'm not racist but," statements that I have ever seen. Good job.

Same as people of other religions

no. that just means those "other people" need to stop believing in identity. that some other retard thinks a certain way about you doesn't mean you must assimilate his ideology

work on your reading comprehension

Good. Duterte dindu nuffin


then don't 'convince' them. use violence to make them stop

Finally, the real story is told.
t. /commie general/

Well you have to pick which dissonance you want:

You can either view it as you being gay all along and this is what you wanted, or you're not gay and you got violated by your cousin.