I know im not the only one extremely bitter for communist losses is recent history...

I know im not the only one extremely bitter for communist losses is recent history. The good guys are supposed to win not the primitive conservatives who only value days of the old and not progression.

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3rd worlders LARPing as communists are not the same thing as actual communists.

Stop being a faggot OP.

Im larping in 1st world and have decently educated by fellow marxists.

I know its that moralfaggotry inside me that cant handle the current situation. Still the globalist/internationalist victories make me feel good about the long road to full communism.


we own tomorrow OP

Tiocfaidh ár lá

They're USA tier - all they can fight are towelheads.


Globalism is imperialism for liberals

"Globalism" is a meaningless word meant to sound scary.

This, "globalism" fulfills the same role as "cultural Marxism": a loose conglomeration of negatives whose only thing in common is that they are negative side-effects of capitalism, boogeymen used by rightists to then in turn support their reaction.

FTFY. Globalism is a good thing. Capital can only truly be put down by a global labor movement. Globalization is the inverse, a situation in which the movement and activities of labor are constrained while capital is allowed to roam freely across the world.

You meant internationalism

thank you, dear user, from the bottom of my heart. i wish you much happiness


Potted meat and nachos.

read the filename

Why the fuck is this shitstain outing their private conversations? Shoudln't there be a mutual level of respect between the two, where they dont snitch out the other?

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John "virginity testa" Podesta

Jews are to whites what Jews are to blacks.

They've destroyed the fabric of the black identity and culture during the last couple of decades and they're coming for another race.

When I look at the moon, where is the moon ? is it inside my head ? Is the moon I'm seeing in the same location in space as the neurons in the brain which are processing the moon information ? are there two moons ? the one out there & the one in my head ? is it even my head ? maybe it's someone else's head ! if there's other people looking at the moon too, then are there lots of moons ? what if one of those other people is a possum ? Is a possum moon different from a human moon ? Maybe it's me who is the possum & the possum is me, thinking about the possum thinking about me looking at the moon ???

I just don't know anymore.

You god damned right he's building a wall.

These kinds of articles are why we in Australia will never be able to roll back on all these social programs that keep multiplying.

There might be a moon or it might be subjective. Some planets have many moons but our little planet only has one. Read Ayn Rand if you want to further the correct way of thinking.

Utah: Cultural Theocracy


You're a newfag. Anyone who showed up during or after Chanology is cancer.
Saying that, it was pretty awesome to witness irl raids on boxxys house.

im serious. If you are gonna spend time with this girl you are propably gonna spend time browsing Holla Forums while she is with you so you have to introduce her to it at some point.

Luckily my ex was red pill as fuck and hated immigrants and was into hitler etc. So she understood the concept of Holla Forums and red pill. But on the downside she had serious temperament problems so I had to leave her :(


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Not the best interpretation ever, but what can one do?

Best hymn in the world is Russia, by the way. But I do like mine.