And The Ages Would Know Him As... Gobber Munt

His name is Gobber Munt.

From his creator:

He requires more power.

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this might be autistic enough to take off. where is it from?

Some shitposter on /liberty/ posted it as a joke.

I find the forced autism worthy of spreading.


now this is /our guy/

Sad that this is coming from an cap

Needs higher memetic power levels. Get rid of cat grill and make picture more autistic and easy to understand for normie faggots

I was there before it was cool

gondola is much better than cat grill for this

these are fantastic

what's with the name goober munt tho

I agree, but I figured I'd make it more relevant.

B-but you are an ancap…you support the existence of a central bank. You want a central bank to have control over you by controling the currency?
How can you have capitalism without a central bank? Who controls the currency? Who decides the interest rates? How can it be compatible with anarchism?

ancaps have a very dangerous mindset, because capitalism is bad enough as it is now.

я не понимаю

Q and A with Gobber Munt

Q: It seems to me there isn't much competition in elections. You tend to see several generations from the same few families holding key positions. Wouldn't you like to see electoral reform to shake things up a bit?
A: I am not sure you are a good fit for this nation with that attitude. You almost sound like a terrorist. Better keep an eye on you.

Q: Hi xD!!1 i love the freedom we get from gobber munt adn i love democrassi haowever we alredy got liek 99 % democrassi here so its hard too get even mor democratik so i thinked reilly hart about where to get teh 1 % for full 100 and i thnik we shuld vote on steet naems every 10 years for perfect democrassi!! :D

A: I rate your attitude a full 100! You're golden.


You claim to be anarchist, but by wanting an anarchist society with capitalism as economic model, who control the the currency? If there's a central bank like nowdays, they will have full control of everybody, because they produce currency.
But if you want an anarchist society with capitalism economics, does this mean everbody can start producing their own currency?

This is an autistic meme shitposting thread. Why you gotta make everything so serious, dude?

Also anything can be money if you want it to be.

Bitcoins, gold, and ordinary banknotes nigga

I think in Rothbard's books he has the origin of cash as certificates for gold deposits which people were leaving with goldsmiths.

The certificate to the gold has exchange value equal to the amount of gold there is

yes. is there something wrong with this that I'm missing?

Read Storage and Stability by Benjamin Graham. The currency could be linked to a basket of stuff, with businesses providing stuff that is part of that basket having a license to print money backed in that way. The prices of the parts of the basket would be allowed to fluctuate with the basket value being fixed.

i saved them all

Thanks Lori

Peterson won't sell to you directly so you'd have to find another site

yeah, I was a little surprised when making this. I think it might have to do with how hard Reimu and Marisa tend to landslide the popularity polls. Perhaps more part-time fans make non-lewd art because Reimu or Marisa are their favorites.

more bottom pov pls

I don't remember what exactly it was but it was something along the lines of "if I am not being tested on it I will not care and if you don't need to know it to survive who cares if it is real or not?" It's like a red state democrat or something.


Ember Stone

I'll be sure to torrent that shit.

Hope she starts eating again and gets Proxy Paige levels of thick too.

Don't suppose you would mind if we add some class tint to it, do you?

Do whatever you want with it

Do what you want cause a pirate is free


I'm 40/bi/OKC kik iconyc, no weed

I've bought this before. Wasn't bad, would buy again except it has a shelf life of like 6 months or something. Does anyone know why it should expire?

Wasn't French speculated at some point?


Welcome to the NHK with a disturbingly high number of Chinese and Indians