Life in the cracks

Critique my essay, Holla Forums.

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OP, do we know each other from somewhere? Your essay aligns pretty remarkably with a lot of stuff I've mentioned or quoted on /anarcho/ and the IRC channel.

I don't have time rn to read through the whole thing and give a good response, but so far I'm both interested, largely in agreement, and also have a few points of divergence (mostly on the question of creating meaning). If you want to discuss this at length you should post this thread on /anarcho/ or get on the IRC channel on Rizon. I'm writing something myself for publication and I'd be interested to chat a bit. As you can see from the quality of this thread, Holla Forums is pretty much a total waste of your time.

Yeah we're under attack. Sucks. Will do, can't use IRC with my tablet but will check it out soon. I'm also negroyverde on leddit.

you have no influence on it, at most you'll die

I hope you develope atelectasis during your sleep tonight


Brilliant, except that Tiqqun and later the Invisible Committee had roughly the same idea sixteen years ago and it was tried. Slipping through the cracks sounds like a fun and brilliant idea until they find you; it happened to the Unabomber, Eric Rudolph and Joseph Konopka. The first two tried to hide out in the wilderness, Montana and the Great Smoky Mountains respectively, while the last one discovered and used a collection of storage rooms and utility closets he found while urbexing in Chicago's CTA and other places. They are all serving 25 to life at ADX Florence. They all had two things in common; believing that the system wouldn't try to dig them out if it wanted to due to costs and perceived difficulty of locating one man, and engaging in political direct action. The problem with this path is if you try to engage this path, the system knows that it is going to be in for a fight for its life, that is, the potency to project its own force and police its own territory is called into question, and that is unacceptable. Once a critical mass of people stops believing in it, that is the basis for a revolution. That is why security states take so much of their time and effort to devise new strategies of policing that take into account these zones of opacity and try to minimize them, and the ones that are too fluid to be corralled are under perpetual biopolitical siege, and the government keeps a register of persons of interest to identify possible agents based on personal characteristics who transition between the zone controlled by the government and the autonomous zones, which is why gypsies and TOR nodes are under constant surveillance, etc, and why any sort of meaningful resistance is demonized and swiftly and brutally suppressed, to send the message that there is no other alternative.

Staying transient works well only if you are able to avoid the system's patrols and able to utilize the ever-decreasing marginal areas and forgotten spaces; sooner or later you will find yourself arrested for trespass or B&E, but most importantly, tired of running. Moreover, living that lifestyle will not work well for growth; how do you propose to have offspring that doesn't have their connections to their surroundings destroyed? You yourself will be cutting them; that's how Julian Assange was brought up, and he barely is scraping by. Or operate or keep secure power or machine tools undisturbed? Places like Kowloon Walled City and housing projects are deliberately made both scarce and a hostile environment for the individual by the government. You will have to put down roots somewhere, and retarded libertarian projects like homesteading an oil platform will not cut it.

This is how biopower works; submit or die. Either you die from the stress of constantly running, or you keep your head down and submit. The commune down at Tarnac was an example of state power showing what it does to such a group. Either shut up and do something radical, and stay quiet about it, or risk getting caught by the roving spiders crawling the Web that the government uses to catalog dissenting media and individuals and be rendered impotent by surveillance.

Read this:

and this too

and some more

Thanks for making me depressed today, Rebel.


Not Rebel, again.

Whenever a christian commie mentions Tiqqun, it is not Rebel.

That being said, I wanted to share something that is pertinent: the game Watch Dogs. The first one, not the second.

I really like the fact that it is dead, and that no one really plays it anymore, for it allows the ideas it gave me to stay relatively fresh.

Basically, it demonstrates exactly what the essay and Tiqqun recommend as well as the endgame of it all; a competent hacker who runs circles around the society's security apparatus is nothing more than a homo sacer, a dead man walking. As you go through the campaign, Aiden has to fight off progressively harder enemies, all the while being potentially assassinated by someone working for Blume to keep the truth about ctOS quiet. This is even with Aiden's capability to hide in plain sight and ability to look around the next corner through hacking security cameras. In the public space, there is nowhere to hide; you have to keep moving.

This is especially true once you finish the campaign and all of the sidequests; there is literally nothing else to do except to fight off and escape your potential assassination, for the rest of your life. And in the Bad Blood DLC, there is a brutal autopsy done by the company Blume of all the methods of attack, hideouts and hacks you did in the main campaign. This is exactly what would happen after your first major move against the Biopower. Take a look at Julian Assange, Aaron Schwartz, Weev, and the general image of the hacker today. It's like they are still not fully integrable into society and the System knows it, so they are kept sedated or hamstrung. The most stubborn ones receive the most attention and the most extreme measures are applied.

You can forget about any potential hideouts IRL; everything is made to be secure, and the police know about infrastructure attacks. They will even do them themselves to have something to pin on you later and construct the evidence such that it points to you. Same goes with hackerspaces; Watch Dogs Bad Blood has one level that demonstrates the weakness of such open cooperative spaces to corporate influence

Why do anarcho-nihilists always have to stay in character?

You can forget about working any permanent spaces free from the scrutiny of The Man, government or corporate, especially in the West. In the Chicago portrayed by Watch Dogs, there are are numerous spaces that are essentially in an accelerated state of flux; a new building under construction, crumbling housing projects and semi-abandoned factories, quarries and the hilariously awesome junkyard that you fight your way out of in the middle of the game.

The silo has the same crazy feel for it as well, what with all the traps and materials littered all over the floor. You are constantly looking for new changes to the environment. This reminds me of how partisans and commandos used to completely avoid the conventional use of certain structures; roads were to be avoided, we are going through walls, we are going to allow our adversary dictate to us the terms and setting of the conflict, we will surprise him, etc.


The point is, the system is adaptive; as soon as you use one tactic, it is used up, for the detectives will try to psychoanalyze your motives and actions, and devise security strategies that neutralize your last tactic. It's back to the drawing board for every action, every jam, every last plan. It's literally going to end up as a war against the special services and the deep state, nothing less.

Here's a clue: they look for you at the crime, parts of you, your traces, your signature, your forensics. They have cameras looking in all directions 24/7 and have the storage to archive it to analyze you. You literally cannot have been there when they look for you. It must be mathematically impossible for them to prove that it was you. Eugene is your friend.

In your experience, does the system have much of a memory? Surely there we can use some old tricks after a period of time.

user, I have bad news for you.

It has a memory, and it will use it. Why do you think Richard Kuklinski alias the Iceman, probably the hitman who was the longest running before he was caught, froze his victims and was methodical and studious to never use the same method twice? He was always experimenting new methods to fool the investigators. He was called the iceman because he would freeze victims in an industrial freezer and thaw them out a year or two later to falsify the time of death.
This applies also to people who specialize in making deaths look like accidents. When you do something for which you could go to jail for life, you make sure there are no loose ends.
The only way you know when to move is to run yourself like an intelligence operation, and that will not happen unless you have people or the like inside the place that is investigating you. That's it. That's the only way. And that takes a lot of planning and effort, which means time, money and a place to plan this from that cannot be immediately disposed of. This is expensive as fuck both materially and psychologically. That's what Biopower is, making it so expensive to escape the system that it literally means one move and you are out of the game. It also conditions you to not do it through shit that makes you dependent on the system to the point where you can't survive without it.

Capitalism is only just a really good tool to keep you in line. They could have full employment in a month, maybe half if they really wanted to, at reasonable wages that are livable and keep the system running quite well, which was the Keynesian compromise, but they won't because the workers, once they get nice things, want more and more until revolution will occur, which almost happened in the 70s.

They then decided that reducing the ability of workers to bargain while breaking down the welfare state and dividing the workers across racial and sexual lines was much easier than keeping the state alive, so they decided to break the unions and loot the pension funds and escape to the Cayman Islands, Dubai, Lichtenstein and Singapore. Then they say that we have to fight inflation by paying down the public debt, but that part means tightening the belt for you and not for them, and the reduced economic activity resulting from reduced effective demand/real cash spent means a contracting economy and a much more worried workforce that is made poor by the terror inflicted on them.

It's all about keeping you part zombified, part terrified so you don't demand better conditions while your world crumbles around you, and don't you dare look past the facade or else.

Here is a good approximation of what happened with our welfare state:

I'm interested in what you write. are you available for corresspondence on Tox?
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watch dogs was shit

why do leftists always have the worst taste in video games?

Can you give me a rundown on what it is? I heard of Tox but never went on it.

Why do Holla Forumstards always miss the forest for the trees?

Watch Dogs was mediocre, not shit. It was overhyped, yes, but not shit. I look past the basic stories and retarded tropes to actually appreciate how real it actually became. It was like Megaman Battle Network, where that was also quite shitty, but very prescient in terms of the Internet of Things at least 15 years ago, where all appliances were internet enabled. I was too young for Deus Ex back then to understand the consequences, but this was easier to understand; how much more dangerous the internet has become due to practically all of the world's machines connected to it.

Look how Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex was received compared to the original manga and movie, how people didn't like the more serious themes, but they are really much more realistic in terms of describing the trajectory of the dialectic. The Laughing Man became Epic Fail Guy, and the theory of the Stand Alone Complex accurately describes real memetics. We look for lessons and morals to apply to our world ourselves, not be mindlessly programmed by some Fuhrer.

tox is a decentralized p2p encrypted messenger. it works much like skype.
get the qtox client here

I'd bought a book – The Essential Foucault – to try to understand biopower. The book didn't explain it as well as you did, ty. It sounds like quantity becoming quality in the sphere of surveillance and repression. Where to go from here…what you said seems to really dissuade the individual from questionable action, so look to mass action. But that is a whole other can of worms from disinformation, recuperation (even by Leninists and the like), and the fact that the mass doesn't have a unique qualitative character, it is a quantitative character. The qualitative character has been pared down to the quantitative by biopower, so we are only so many individuals to control…

He says after one reply has been made.
Fuck off back to your dead board.

It's the self-inflicted schizophrenia of those whose very ability to think, to reason, has been constrained by dramatic, incoherent sentence structures that resonate into madness from their own isolation.

Don't join that motorcycle gang OP, they'd just think you're a tweeker.

It took me two years to understand it, working, reading, working, having a girlfriend and losing her, and only until after it all came crashing down and I found this board did I finally understand it myself, as well. Ironically, I have Glenn Beck to thank for introducing me to left-anarchist treatises like The Coming Insurrection by the Invisible Committee, and later on I progressed to Bob Black until finally reading Bukharin and Das Kapital last year.

Biopower and biopolitical enforcement is literally that part of the system that forces you to conform to it or else; ostentatiously bureaucratic forms/rules/police orders, city infrastructure and architecture, cybernetic surveillance. For the better part of the last eight years I feel like I have been treated like a dangerous, if docile, animal and constantly drugged by the system in order to keep me pliable as a worker/consumer, constantly looking over my shoulder to see if I was watched. It has been my focus for the better part of 2 years to try to envision a viable path to free me from it. I did lots of research into industrial and agricultural production techniques, methods of bootstrapping subsistence production.

The collective at Tarnac in France was the most effective in terms of being able to resist the system. I have always been a fan of the aphorism, "living well is the best revenge." We don't need to break the system, but offer an empirically better alternative. The work that the members of the commune did, building a sustainable farm, a library/print shop and a workshop that kept a good bunch of like 20 people subsisting on their own labor with plenty of free time for their own projects to spare and forming their own lasting relationships was the most revolutionary thing that happened. It offered an oasis in the Desert of the Real. This was brilliant, except for one problem: it was too easily removable. They were surrounded, isolated, raided and burned to the ground by an opportunistic security apparatus. They made themselves look like the most illegalist crew around: surrounded by mountains, in an area known for being the first group of people in France to fight against the Nazis regardless of their being communists (They would not honor the Stalinist Ribbentrop-Molotov pact). We are going to be like them, crazy men in the woods and fields until there is at least 20,000 of us, except we will be everywhere, and not merely blowing hit up, but building it and pushing back against the system until we win or or end up like Waco.


Here is an article about them from Vice when it was still good; i.e. it hadn't been bought by corporate interests.

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The point was that they weren't illegalist at all, but the most normal native country Frenchmen possible, and it gave the French government a black eye that they attacked a bunch of people that wanted to be left alone in a country that makes wildcat strikes and kidnapping bosses a national pastime. They were able to survive because they had a good press that sympathized with their cause and were not scruffy-looking hippie-punks. THey were educated people wanting to leave the rat race, and the enforcers of the rat race pursued them there.

This sort of thing erodes legitimacy of the state as it happens. The water protectors in North Dakota only have to hold out a little longer and actually engage the security state to stop them. As it is, they are being made impotent, but they are probably trying to avoid a bloodbath. I honestly hate the intentional nonviolence, it makes you look impotent in the face of the state, but then they'd just do a Waco or a Wounded Knee, Ludlow or Blair Mountain. The people have no way to resist or survive if they try. They are totally dominated on their reservation. How do you organize against the American military-industrial complex?

So, everything… your transcendental illusion.

As far as we are concerned, we have nothing to show, but study theory and put it into practice. Bunker down and start planning. Learn useful skills, growing food, healing wounds building shelter, shooting straight. And above all, remember the first two rules of the internet:

1. Do not talk about what you personally do where and when,
2. Do not talk about what you personally do where and when.

Then there's this:
and the drama in this:

Seriously, no communiques. The worst thing Anonymous did was call attention to itself. It allowed itself to become a cultural ghetto of redditfag liberals that don't have any revolutionary perspective. Either shut up and do the heavy lifting or don't. This will require only people you really trust and who you know will help you. It is ironic that I say this else I would never have heard of it, or that I'm talking about it here, but the only way to do this is to put the work in yourself.

Fuck off nihilist

Fuck off valueist

Strike it at its key points. Terminate the researchers and engineers that make it possible. Assassinate the it workers that keep it running.

This thread and christsoc guy is the best I've seen on leftypol in a while, quality stuff.

It may seem like defeatism to want to run to the countryside, but that isn't your only option; urban farms, vertical farms, cultivation of wastes and preserve lands, local livestock and beekeeping happens all the time, just don't let it get spotted or overrun. It happens all the time near where I live on marginal plots of land cut apart by the interstate. You can do this on old brownfields, too but that's asking to get poisoned by the shit in the soil, let alone having enough land for anything viable. I have enough fruit from my tree in the city that, if preserved, would probably last me a few weeks before I ran out if I ate it exclusively. Preserves, if done well, can last for at least 2-3 years.

If you are into this, here's a new hobby for you if you live close to brownfields or vacant lots:
and a relevant torrent

Just sprinkle the spores into the ground, nature will take care of the rest. It decreases the amounts of PCBs and heavy metals in the soil. Do what you can. Learn, study, practice.
Some music for you as you do this.

and use this to get you motivated, this is the attitude you want :)

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