Stefan Molyneux: Why Human Rights Are Wrong

Stefan Molyneux: Why Human Rights Are Wrong

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I agree, let's start with getting rid of property rights.

everyday he goes deeper in the hole of classcuckery.

But let me guess, the right to private property is sacred?

I mean, he's not wrong.. might is right. Anything else called "right" is just coming from people who lack the force to secure the thing they claim right to themselves.
t.Max Stirner

Anyone who thinks "rights" are wrong is a untrustworthy opportunist.

Is there any point in getting a MIL or MOA reticle over a BDC when it comes to 1-4 or 1-6?

This is a comment section in 2016.

"Rights are wrong"

"Taxation is theft"

Okay Steph Steph

you know most people who hate socialism and actually look online to attack it have been the children of rich kids. Even the top influential alt right speakers all come from very wealthy families. It is pretty much just a class war.

you expect anything different?

But why the fuck would a libertarian say that? Aren't they all about personal freedom and the autonomy of the individual against government, which humans rights are essential to protect? It could make some sense coming from a conservative, but not a libertarian.

I'm starting to think that when Libertarians say they're against state they're not talking about the state per se, but the restrictions it faces. For example, they seem okay with the idea that a government can kill people, it's just the annoying legal procedures and civil rights bureaucracies that follow the killing they don't like.

Molyneux is pretty much a fascist a this point or at least knowingly makes content for a fascist audience.

Are you living under a rock? Most people who hate socialism are working class.

Molyneux is pretty much a fascist a this point or at least knowingly makes content for a fascist audience.

Source? I wouldn't be surprised, fascism is reactionary and elitist after all. All fascist movements were funded by the rich.


Enough! You talk of the people's rights. The people have only those rights which I choose to give them! And that's for their own good, believe me.

The socialists at my university hand out pamphlets and sell magazines there every day. They've never gone to an industrial part of the city.
''they arrested me"

When will this meme end?

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Tbh best post

If by socialism you mean the state taking control of and providing everything, yes.

If you are incorrectly conflating socialism with communism then here's one poor as fuck manual laborer that loves it.

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Maybe because you don't want to limit the wealth of your entire nation, dumbo.

Tchh! He's an engineer, He's making 🍀🍀🍀35🍀🍀🍀/hour, There's ALOT of crime money that passes through construction in canada, Especially Quebec.


He's actually not a Libertarian any longer. Pic related.


they were never any good to begin with.

i can feel how great 2017 is gonna be. Kek wills it.

I read the news article about this. Long story short the CIA has 'findings' that WikiLeaks got their emails from Russia. However their findings is classified and no proof is presented. Therfore could be taken as bullshit.

Senator's have called bullshit and the other Agency's stated that there was not enough evidence.

Finally something I agree with him on, though would have modified it to "Why Human Rights Are a Spook"



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why do people talk about politics when they don't have a fucking clue?




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Sounds like he read Stirner.

Well that's my plan for the evening anyway.

Also to stay on topic, Stefan belongs in a gulag.

If they're so wrong, then why do we call them rights?

He hasn't read stirner.

put a porky face on both govt and the capitalist

He's reverse-Jimmy Dore


Wonder what his mother thinks about him since she's still alive

The best part about this pic is the first two lines of Molyneux' red quote.

He literally believes anything people tell him.

we should contact her.

Wish I cared enough to try and dox.

Did Cenk seriously say that state control=socialism?
What a fucking tankie

who want to bet that his next video will be about genocide of minorities and how its ok to do it.

he's just prepping his audience for it.

human rights is the final lock.

It did not. The dhimma system was a tolerant system. Jerusalem was conquered by muslims and they didnt expel or slaughter them. Although that too, has happened, from both sides

all the recounts so far have actually been in trumps favor though. I think he just wants to try and calm things down so it doesn't get even more contentious when he becomes president in january

I love how he questions human rights but he's furious at how his mother just barely fucking yelled at him as a child. Make up your mind you half assed shave fuck. You can't say "human rights, off the table", "MY MOTHER TOLD ME WHAT TO DO AND WAS MEAN, I WANT TO KILL HER"

There's some shit going on in this man's head.

My friends laugh at me because they all drink coffee and I refuse to, because I believed anything someone needed to drink every day, every morning or they literally couldn't function was probably doing incredibly bad things to them.

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