Let's discuss the conflict situations all across the world from a left perspective

Update on current situation:

Also post more militant Pepes

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google.com/search?q=afghanistan before and after&biw=1280&bih=699&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&pjf=1&ved=0ahUKEwiazYjzjOjQAhUD0xQKHTLcCBYQ_AUIBigB

Hizbullah is not leftist or in any way socialist just because it is "anti-imperialist" or against Israel.

Stop pushing this meme. It acts as an Iranian proxy state in Syria and Lebanon for pete's sake.

Bashar gave a recent interview saying there will be no autonomy for Rojava and they will be "dealt with" after the rebels are beat.

Fuck him.

They support social democracy in the style of Ali bin Abu talib's govt if I remember correctly.

Though I'm not a Hardline supporter, it's just a fuckin meme

Why can't arab socialism produce a leader so based?

As far as current wars go I'm celebrating aleppo and trying to avoid looking at yeman cus it's to fucking depressing

I doubt the Russians will let him do that

anyone with a brain would've known that he's nothing but an ruthless opportunistic dictator and sees his own people as a sociopath does: as nothing but pawns. Just wants to figure out ways to funnel money out of Syria so his wife can go on a shopping spree at Harrods.

big surprise.

Nasrallah is supremely charismatic and intelligent, and personable. Arab tyrants are always cold and autistic. Not something to really get behind.

I love watching his speeches. If only he was a commie.


theres is fucking nothing social democratic about shia radicalism

why are you fucking supporting the leader of a shia terrorist organization?

fucking liberals

Hate to break it to you Felix, but the russians cut a deal with the turkey so that turkey won't try and overthrow assad directly in exchange for all them going after the kurds later, the Rojava is fucking done for.

oh fuck off faggot
shia are /our/ guys

Because he's the lesser evil in Syria over headchopping rebels, it's easy to forget that Assad still is a very big evil. I've even fallen prey to forgetting that myself when cheering on the SAA in Aleppo.

anyway, ISIS are giving SAA a beating in Palmyra at the moment and it is in pretty serious danger of falling back into their hands

Is this general a thing now?
It's been a couple months apparently and they just got done quieting most of it but it still smolders for Months after

As you pass by on the road it like driving through thick black fog


naturally I agree, but the best course of action is for the rebels to get vanquished, and if Assad ever wins, that the West keep sanctions on him.

I think that's the best course of action.

hi Holla Forums

no they are fucking not

do you fucking suports an ideology that does this shit for having gay sex

fuking liberals

are you from Iraq m8


I can see how a tolerant multiethnic/religious state is pretty radical for Sunnis.

It isn't social democracy per say. Basically Ali ran his government with the principles of "I will eat hard bread until all my subjects can be provided with soft bread and I will sleep under a palm until all my subjects sleep under a roof"

I'm not from Holla Forums, but keep up the delusion. Assad dindu nuffin, he's a good boy, he has only the good intentions for his people. He just used brutal force on those protestors because they were all terrorists.

He said it can be resolved at a later date.


Still, people have to be realistic. If there is any chance he can re-integrate the territories through force, he will. Therefore all precautions should be taken to make this prospect as unrewarding as possible.
Luckily they are already well on schedule, with the formation of local militias and the arming of the local population.

If Assad however chooses to fight Rojava head on it will likely damage Syria beyond repair. The whole reason the current parties/cantons are rejecting independence (in favor of federalism) and refusing to export the revolution is because there is still a chance that it can be resolved peacefully. Once that chance is blown the revolution will spill over into the western territories, and probably Turkey as well.

Heh, I guess this is fine too…


It has rule of law while other countries don't
uh huh

All MENA countries are allowed to be shitholes only because Israel is bothering them all the time and is the big boogeyman in the region. They can't do any better because Israel is the bigger concern.

Is there a Nasrallah spurdo?

Are you really intent on going over there? Props if so.

Mosul and Raqqa will take a while. Iraqi forces are getting their ass handed to them around Mosul. I'd have more faith in the SDF doing a good job of Raqqa, but I don't want them to bleed for it at all tbh. It won't even be part of Rojava.

i dont care about sunnis either

then it isn't

that doesn;t make it ok to lash and execute people for having gay sex or for women driving

you can say that jesus also said something socialistic but if he din't let women drive he is just a nutjob


Yes but I live in India. Just returned home from a one month trip to Iraq

colour me surprised

Go away you fucking liberal

don't worry, deluded MENA people won't stop coming up with conspiracy theories and scapegoats to alleviate their grievances. Israel is everything wrong with their own countries and their regions. And in the same breath they'll accuse us of being Zionists and thinking that Israel has no flaws when we never implied that. It's like a vicious cycle.

LGBT isn't illegal in Lebanon. And women's rights are progressive for the region. You don't even know what you're talking about. Read a book.

israel hater is a /pol shill

colour me surprised

nice argument

Cool. Do you think Abadi is doing a decent job? How was the mood of the people in general whilst you were on your trip?

Holla Forums faggots falseflagging
nice try, the picture about your plans passed around here
stop messing up threads

go have to go back to your antisemitic shithole

it's very far from a perfect country but come'on
I hope people are somewhat ironic when they say that.

Lebanon is probably the next country politically in the region.

listen, lets save the Israel talk till they and Hezbollah start a war. Which will be soon. But not now.

Syria is fighting against US imperialism. Why'd they hold back when they're done with the islamist faction and not stomp out the ultranationalist kurds? Mercenary is mercenary. There'll be no mercy.

it is just Holla Forums leaking

newfag detected

they pray everyday for Israel destruction

Well I only talked to shias so it may be biased but they are generally satisfied with him. I heard a lot of talk about the pmu and the head general of the Iraqi army and how ineffective they are

When I came two years ago you'd see these martyrdom posters that they put up to commemorate people who died fighting were young men. But this time there were a lot of older people and when I asked about that they told me that the pmu is mostly middle aged men, scholars, and other untrained people, which I suppose explains the ineffectivity

Holla Forums operates on the contradiction of thinking jews are lizard men super villains but also supporting Israel because "mudslimes" are even worse



this is what you autists here really think
Holla Forums approves of israel not only because they blow up the retards around
Holla Forums is pro-israel -because- they want their countries to be the same as israel
fuck off retards


Holla Forums is full of shit. and they admire israel. why else would they vote yet another zionist?

were you there for Arba'een? that shit looks cool.

more like he's using that boogyman to inflict atrocities against his own people and people are lining up being apologists for his rule.

People are making mass peaceful protests against the regime because they want better living standards and less neo-liberalism? Might as well denounce them as terrorists and use tear gas on them. They won't stop? Might as well throw them in jail without due process. They're reciprocating with violence because your army started gunning them down? It's all the US' fault! REEEEEEE

They're doing all the killing and violence, Assad is a good boy, he's acting in self-defence! He dindu nuffin! He established a completely uncorrupt, open democratic system in Syria and was only trying to reform it to make it even better! It's all the fault of Western imperialism that he had to resort to such drastic tactics!

yeah the same as in lybia right
you sure showed us with your maymays

Sure thing, bud.

r8 my oc


good job :DD

they actually don't like israel

and also they actually don't think that trump is zionist

go ask Holla Forums and see how you are banned

been there

this doesn't actuall make sense because the eu, saudi arabia, qatar, isis, hates israel

on the other hand this makes perfect sense

Whoever made this is retarded.

No trips


special kind of autist are you

Mosul indeed appears to drag to a halt, and I don't expect Raqqa to go a lot better really. In fact, I expect it to go even worse with the supply lines being much longer and the SDF forces much smaller than the international coalition that's trying to retake Mosul. Still, for rebels in Syria it's the best means of cutting off the head of the snake.

And yeah, I've been planning now for the better part of the year. I can't say I'm not somewhat nervous about what to expect though, but this is also really a once in a lifetime opportunity. And it beats being a wage slave or a porky anytime. This is the closest thing we have to a revolution.

They're de facto allies through the US. Notice how KSA takes no position on shit like Palestinian liberation. And Israel has directly helped IS in Syria by shelling SAA positions under the stated assumption any incoming munitions are the responsibility of the Syrian government despite the fact that they know the country is in a civil war.

I think of it sometimes too. All the non Syrian/Kurd leftists who've gone there seem to be really happy about their decision and report very positively about the social and economic changes inspired by the revolution there.

Have you contacted the YPG and set up a way of getting there? RojavaPlan seems to be dead and Lions of Rojava seems to be the same. You should link up with PissPigGrandad if you get the chance kek.

Yes! It was very enjoyable

Only the north is. Everywhere below Baghdad and Baghdad are safe and functioning

not they are not

ksa and tunisia fought against Israel in the independece war, in the Six Days war, and in the Yom Kippur war

no they have not

they just started bombing IS

where would they be without the US

the memes just keep writing themselves

Are you implying Cuba and Venezuela are fascist? Not a big fan but I think that's a little overboard.

and yet isis has poured into every other country but israel is a no-go for them
and saudi arabia is seeking relations with israel

Fuck of Zionist scum

isis hate isreal so much they haven't once tried to attack them, co ordinate attacks with them and go to their hospitals for treatment

who? Israel?

they don't

pic related

what war was this?

That's because they believe Jews want to destroy the white race. Ignoring the obvious fact that Jews (except for Ethiopian and Arab Jews which regularly suffer racist discrimination in Israel) are white and have benefited from historical colonial white supremacy.
Holla Forums wants to emulate Israel, which is a walled racist apartheid Jewish State.
Some even go so far as to claim "WE WUZ ISRAELITES"!

BTW Judaism itself is a racist religion >>>1131748


Are you going to forget that the reason why MENA is a shithole is because the West and Israel did everything in their power to destablize it by promoting distrust between muslim nations, sectarism and reactionary salafism?

Here for more images:
google.com/search?q=afghanistan before and after&biw=1280&bih=699&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&pjf=1&ved=0ahUKEwiazYjzjOjQAhUD0xQKHTLcCBYQ_AUIBigB#tbm=isch&q=iran before and after
google.com/search?q=afghanistan before and after&biw=1280&bih=699&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&pjf=1&ved=0ahUKEwiazYjzjOjQAhUD0xQKHTLcCBYQ_AUIBigB

I'm talking about contemporary relations. Things change all the time in the ME. There were reports during the 2014 Gaza war that KSA was providing intelligence reports to Mossad. There were also reports that Israel offered to sell and install Iron Dome tech on the Yemeni border.

That's why their defense minister publicly said he would prefer ISIS in Syria to Iran. If you really don't think Israel would help Sunni rebels to destabilize Syria and to fuck with Iranian interests then you're pretty naive.

If I wasn't on mobile I'd link shit for you but you can always google it yourself.

They have never ever established official diplomatic relations, they just signal their tones towards the issues within their regions.

Now tell me how that's jovial relations. Saudi Arabia must truly be pro-Zionist just because both coincidentally don't like Iran at the moment.
Correlation != Correlation
ISIS isn't in Jordan, the Jordanian authorities must surely be funding ISIS

Correlation != Causation
I can tell you're just braindead. And Israel accepting ISIS members into their hospitals and treating them is bordering on conspiracy, which I see you're very fond of.

ISIS trying to establish a presence or even attacking Israel would be like walking into an open minefield. Even the Jihadist retards aren't so suicidal as to do that.

Its just a picture stop sperging.

No, ethiopian jews also suffer tremendous backlash in Israel.


Where did all these Israeli shills come from?



fucking trash

also 2nd pic disproves your idea that Israel was the one that destabilized the ME

maybe because iran have nuclear power?

for fucks sake

can't you get more retarded?

where are all this Holla Forums shills come from?

BTW Judaism itself is a racist religion

I know, that's what I said.

it's just the one autist mainly

I guess relations can't change in seven years.

You are the retarded. Rabi Dovid Weiss seems a very peacefull and intelligent persons who simply has the balls to say that a jewish state goes against the Torah.

Zio-Wahhabis get the fuck out we /shia/ here

Doesn't Holla Forums love Bashar?

this is not true

Judaism accepts conversion from any race


dude neturei karta are Holocaust deniers

they are a small fringe group, they do not represent judaism in any way



it's another episode of "everything that disagrees with me is a Holla Forums shill"
fuck off

Ali > Massive Power gap > Moses >>> Abu Bakr

that feel when absolutely no connection to or belief in Shia Islam but feel a strange affinity and connection to it

"it is dangerous deviation to pretend that the Iranian president is anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic. He is extremely friendly and he understands the difference between the Zionists and the Jews who do not embrace the state of Israel… We don't look at him as an enemy."

Jews are white as snow and have always been considered white by everyone except for a handful of neo-nazis and Jews that want oppression points.

The only Holla Forumsack here is you kike.



who said this?


also antizionism is antisemitism

maybe if you had argument we could discuss

but until the then you have to go back
>>>Holla Forums

no you fucking racist

that you have been so westernized to only see ashkenazi Jews is other thing, but Israel is majoritaly mizrahi and sephardi

you have to go back >>>Holla Forums

Hayhath min al zilla!

Support the struggle of the shias in Saudi occupied arabia and free the youth who be beheaded for peaceful protest

A holocaust denier is the prime minister of Isreal


this about sums it up. keep an eye on Iran, Eastern Europe and North Africa in the coming months/years

no he fucking isn't

read literally the first sentence

he didn't say that hitler didn't killed Jews, he said that the Grand mufti convinced him of doing it

listen to his un speech where he says that 6 millions Jews died in the Holocaust


and any hardcore right wing business bro if you give them enough alcohol and promise not to expose them on social media as anti-semites.

Very few whites have ever considered Jews their blood kin. Despite Ashkenazi having exorbitantly high amounts of Germanic, French, Italian, Eastern Euro blood within them

No, it's only easy if you're an autist that actually thinks Assad is the lesser evil. For those of us that live in the real world, and observe Assad's daily mass killing of civilians, it's easy to see him as someone who needs to see the rope.

best estimate is that around 5.3 million Jews died in holocaust, but almost 11 million slavs died in holocaust. something unfortunately Jews have not spoken about as loudly or proudly as they have spoken about mass killing of Jews by snow nigger scum


proofs pls



what? Where do I mention weed?

Duterte is model for other previously semi-respectable Asiatic island states to transform into fascist hell holes under auspisice of "muh law and order" right wingers are universally praising him as model for new political outlook in smaller global south nations. He is as dangerous as any other right wing dictator in the third world and should be being mitigate against

Shifting responsibility from the Nazis is holocaust denial, if a european politician did that they'd be destroyed.

Since Israel isn't a democracy obviously they don't have the same standards

It wasn't just Nazis, christfags, ethno-nationalist slavs and complicity of faggot limp wristed liberals allowed innocent jews to be slaughtered like cattle

This is literally what Holla Forums believes.

kek see instantly proves my point. Holla Forums literally believes this shit

I sure hope none of you are falling for porky's "progressive" rebrand


but for different reasons

it isn't shifting responsibility

learn how to read

he never said that nazis didn't do it

why are Holla Forumsacks so fucking desperate?

so pathetic

al Qaeda being evil has nothing to do with the daily evil Assad has inflicted. But nice strawman.

This is on the same level as Eichenwald saying "I thought Republicans said Clinton is corrupt? But Trump is putting corporations in the Cabinet"




Great strawman. I didn't say anything even remotely close to that (shit, I didn't even mention the rebels)

Whatever I post, you're just gonna say it's a "shill" source and drag me into a useless debate. So no thanks. Look through this stuff: doctorswithoutborders.org/country-region/syria

If you still want to slobber on Assad's cock, that's fine. But I'm not interested in arguing. Maybe you can find a refugee center that has Syrians, and debate them?

will be hard to find actual syrians and not Afghani and other shits going for gibs in the west



The entire country is hell. Even iraq has some cities that are relatively safe and hospitable unlike Afghanistan

why not stay in the next country across the border
why go all the way to western europe

Pakistan is kicking them out in mass

Sure sounds familiar.

Why come on a leftist board to defend settler colonialism?

There's tonnes of Afghan refugees in Iran. They can't take them all.


All of the JIDF in Holla Forums these days is a making me a bit anti semitic, I really would rather not get spooked by this shit.


So far you've called everyone who disagrees with you itt a Holla Forumsack


fuck off kike


Seem to be an awful lot of work and control and it's the elders choice whether they accept you into their tribe religion or not. And like I said it is not a guarantee that it will be recognized by another denomination, synagogue or individual jew.
In Christianity and Islam you only have to say one phrase and you're done.
You also ignore every other point from that post.

Antisemitism is a bullshit term. Semites are those that speak semitic languages like hebrew, arabic, aramaic, etc

You can't be a leftist and support a racist apartheid colonial state, especially when you praise all the killings they did.
Why is this shit being tolerated here?

They look like southern european "whites", but that's not the point because race is a spook, my point was that Jews benefited from historical western white supremacy. They were considered white by apartheid South Africa standards.
And ethiopian Jews are still discriminated in Israel.

nice falseflagging Holla Forums



How is Zionism not a spook and idpol?

This will be 50th youth Saudi occupied arabia has executed by beheading and Crucifixion btw

I saw the videos of it on WhatsApp. These people are no better than isis (Because they are their primary funders)

I love that they still pretend they won the 2006 war, while trying desperately to avoid fighting hezbollah again.

IDF got bodied by about 300 guys lmao

Israelis aren't exactly known for their physical prowess. Just look at how many Olympic medals they have (seriously, it's just about the most pathetic thing in existence). When I heard their soldiers literally wear diapers because they cannot stop defecating and peeing their pants I thought it was a joke but it was completely true. They are pariah state of oppressive cowards who can only hide behind the largest capitalist imperialist aggressor in the world.


How will Holla Forumsacks that defend Assad's atrocities cope with this? Will they be like Holla Forums when Trump revealed himself as pure establishment, and say "SHUT UP. BASED BASHAR IS JUST DOING 6000D CHESS"

They will definitely fight again, and soon. Coming off the back of winning in Syria, Hezbollah will be confident.

source. i gotta see this

Most anti rebel people don't support "assad" they support the syrian state as a whole, the guys who are into the assad cult already hate the pyd so they'll like this.

Mindlessly repeating lies from Russia and Assad and cheering the blowing up of hospitals makes you Assadist. Whether or not you literally self-identify as "Assadist" doesn't matter.

Nope. Plenty of "leftist" "anti-imperialists" are able to juggle support for Assad and Rojava, and manage the cognitive dissonance that comes with it.


>>>Holla Forums

Fake. CAtholicsm ask you to do catechism and islam also ask you do to a serious of studies in order to convert

exactly. and jet you still support all hose muslim arabs theocratic states were there isn't freedom of religion and literally conquered all the land they could by force

double standard much maybe?


what part of non white jews are the majority of Israeli citizens you don't get?

they don't

because they won it
at least more than hezbollah

lol Israel has won every single war

maybe because they just a tiny country that several countries are continuously making war with?


is not a coincidence that the countries that have more medals are the bigger countries


A near one for one casualty rate in an asymmetrical war? That's fucking embarrassing

seriously just fuck off back to Holla Forums you aren't left why are you here?


do you even know what Holla Forums is?

if you think that Holla Forums is pro Israel you are delusional

Wow can't believe Israeli academics would pretend their shit country didn't get their arse kicked


Fundamentalist Judaism is like Islam on steroids.

Are the Communist Party of the Philippines our guys?

So they don't support Trump?

All fascists love Israel, for the same reason that you do

Nope. It's not obligatory at all. One only needs to be baptized a catholic as baby, and one only needs to pronounce the shahada in Islam (unless you live in a shithole like Saudi Arabia).

Except for the fact that I don't support them at all. Not to mention that all of them with the exception of Iran (which is shia and allows transgenders btw) are all US and Israeli allies and partners in crime.

They would still be considered white in a southern european country though. Sephardi means "hispanic".

Still doesn't answer the racism against non-jews and "black" jews.

Israel is the far-right's role model of a country. They even have a wall. All european far-right parties support, praise and seek to emulate Israel. Only a handful of neo-nazis oppose Israel "becuz joos want to kill muh hwite babies and islamize yurop" which is fucking retarded because Israel is the one that benefits the most from the rise of the european and american far-right.

Confirmed for counter-jihadist Holla Forumsack.

But yeah, where it not for jews there wouldn't Christianity nor Islam obviously.

What is this bourgie shit? The land was from the people who lived there, you had no right to come along as a refugee, start a jewish state and displace and kill non-jews who lived there.

Because jews wanted to dominate the land. There was no need to create a jewish-only state in the first place, and most of that land was still largely inhabited by Arabs, just look at the actual demographics in the first map.

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Well that's quite a leap

Kaho is such a cutie, the pairing would be nice

Think you might like this piece: theintercept.com/2016/11/30/growing-far-right-nationalistic-movements-are-dangerously-anti-muslim-and-pro-israel/

israel is a disgusting fascist criminal state. at least saudis have the excuse of being a feudalist monarchy.

What do you mean by this

Anyone got any gifs


Why are there so many pro Israel leftists on Holla Forums? I guess its not a bad thing since an echo chamber would be boring.

Don't present this sort of false choice, it just plays into the hands of the JIDF here, we all know Israel and the KSA do back door dealings all the time anyway, look into the Safari club.

Are there? It seems like it's just one guy doing that.

Doesn't mean that stupid shitposting isn't stupid shitposting.

It's one guy arguing for an apartheid state.

it is. you can tell by his posting style.

sorry that i'm not in on your internet inside joke

Learn how to reply correctly newfriend


Ayy same

You should answer honestly when they ask. Let them know you weren't a satisfying boyfriend.

I only want Trucy ;_;

said it once and he doesn't have to do anything if the FBI convict and he'll look bad in the process if he encourages it

He interviewed Assange about the election before the "internet kill switch"




Hmm you're on to something #PattonGate

20 years is way too broad to define a generation; the people born at the very beginning are going to have a vastly different experience to those born at the end. I was under the impression Gen Y was anyone born roughly 1985-1995, and "Millenial" was anyone born 1995-2005. One of the biggest differences probably being that anyone born pre-1995 can remember not having internet, whereas I'd imagine that to anyone born after that, internet has always been present in the home.

considering mcgill for uni c u soon fags

Turn off ur vpn plz

>>>Holla Forums

find me a source that says that Israeli gives lashes to people for having gay sex or that doesn't let women drive

pro tip: you can't

no they don't
Holla Forums loves trump but not Israel
you can simply go there and find how people doesn't believe he is actually Zionist

they think it is just a facade

that's why confirmatin is
you have to do it

and islam ask more that simple saying a phrase


then you are just a hypocrite

hitler didn't consider slavs as white enough

no it doesn't
it means that cam from spain

and many of them came from muslim spain

because it is not true
alll chief Rabbis in Israel have said that it is forbidden to discriminate against them
bibi said that it is forbidden to discriminate agaisnt them
and non Jews make up about 20% of Israel population
and the third party of Israel is a non Jewish arab party lmao

how many jews live in arab muslim theocracies?
are you triggered?

no they don't far right party are antisemitic
they want to boycott Israel
confirmed for antisemitic Holla Forumsack
but they didn't invent it
non Jews culturally appropriated Judaism and made someshit on their own
so you think that texans are mexican now? lmao

you are confusing Jews with muslims


and yet antisemitic idiots are so delusional to think otherwise lmao

Who's paying you?

I could be wrong, but "war" isn't a left point of view. Its not supposed to exist. The causes of potential and current wars may be a good topic but why aren't you talking about the solution to all wars. The solution is easy, 1) let your elected official fight the other elected official to the death on youtub, OR, 2) we create massive servers to host continent wide REALLY BIG MMOs that include all affected people.

being a pacifist is the most bourgeois position to hold.

Some wars are not only unavoidable, but also desirable.

{{citation needed}}

"desiring war", is an inhuman concept even to those who fight them

lel what

I made this thread because I was tired of discussing this on Holla Forums where they knew nothing about shit and just kept repeating "shitskin mudslime"

I'm not really left wing, but I do agree with left wingers in the idea that conflict is 110% percent has a root cause in economics/resources. And that instability causes radicalization and not vice versa

Thank you for not being a total putz and actually making a thread for discussion.

yeah m8….


No problem.

Like liberals, Holla Forums operates in a fact free idealistic bubble. They actually say that the fact that Iraqis became even more sectarian after the iraq war is justification enough for the war.

And when I pointed out that the only people who helped in a real way (not just providing rice and tents like aid originizations do) was the mosques and the religous scholars. Ayatollah sistani housed literally thousands of orphans and widows and provided food and education.

Now if the only ones who are helping you are the religous, and you hate America for destroying your life, isn't it expected the resistance takes a religious bent.

But no, Holla Forums just says "I wouldn't become a durka no matter what haha". They seem to think people make decisions in a moral bubble separate from the world so that the only reason someone would do a bad thing is because they're a evil nigger/shitskin/mudslime/degenerate


Israeli media is peak propaganda.

actually kill yourself

:Israeli journalist Ben-Dror Yemini maintains that anti-Zionism is "politically correct antisemitism" and argues that the same way Jews were demonized, Israel is demonized, the same way the right of Jews to exist was denied, the right for Self-determination is denied from Israel, the same way Jews were presented as a menace to the world, Israel is presented as a menace to the world.[114]



It's widely known that Israel pays people to write pro-regime pieces online.

Comparing the victims of colonialism to a bunch of colonists is disgusting.

Hilarious how you only cite colonist fascists

The irony is the Israelis will constantly tell you Palestine doesn't real

well gee it's like someone comes into your house, sets up a "plan" where they get half the rooms and then cry foul when you hit them

But they are a made up people. The same as any other "people" is made up.


Genocide of hazara continues
Please stop engaging with the pro isreal guy so much, there are other things we need to talk about, and he's not to be convinced, clearly

Seems like the Saudis are on the back foot for now.


They're going to execute three more youth in a couple days which makes the total this year of people beheaded and crucified on false charges to fucking 50

The article mentions that 15 Shias have recently been sentenced to death on espionage charges.

ad hominem

the same thign wiith russians

yet it is stupid to think that evry pro russian on the internet is being paid

:implying it is coloniamlism when you were allowed by more than a hundred countries to be there


nice ad hominem

becuasee they aint

palestinians are like texans

the un aproved the partition plan

it was legal to so so

if so, then palestinians are also made up

I know. They've got thousands of such prisoners most of whom are awaiting execution and more are arrested every day. This one it's particularly egregious since these youth were arrested when they were teens and preteens.

Have you seen the Saudi Excruciation videos? It's brutal, you'd think it was an isis video instead of one of the most powerful middle Eastern states that has the complete backing of the usa

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We need new whistleblower laws for journalists too, for everyone so they can safely hand everything over without having to hide in Russia or in an embassy

Get out you fucking punitive invader you are massacring innocents.

i did

i was the one that replied it

ad hominem

Wew. Losing a protracted geurilla war is one thing, but losing a head-to-head conventional war against an irregular force is totally different. You have to be real shit to do that.

so generous 10/10 zionism forever

The 2014 Gaza war is also suspiciously missing. It must be really embarrassing to be repelled by the al Qassam brigade and while your retreating with your tail between your legs you decide to level one of the most densely populated areas on the planet in a ww2-esque walking barrage. Sad.

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implying any country in the world didn't claim their land because of wars

antisemitic tbh

None of that land in your map rightfully belongs to Israel.

Map should look like this.

Here is real map

Nice ad hominem

but I think the same thing about the American's land grab from the natives.

I agree! That's why we should wipe out the Albanians in Kosovo, kill the Turks, Exterminate the Bantus in southern africa, round up the Russians in Siberia, kick out all the whites in America, slaughter the Han Chinese in western China, gas the Poles occupying East Prussia, and cleanse all of North Africa of anyone that's paler than an Italian.

Oh wait. I'm not a pro-genocide irredentist.

It doesn't matter if taking the land was justified or not, they control it now. If you want to shit on Israel (or other "colonial" countries), use arguments that can be used to support realistic change.

Like ending the bombing campaigns against foreign countries, the second class status of Arab citizens living within Israel, the fact that the Israeli government does not allow Palestinians in the occupied territories (Area C) to construct new buildings or utilize the resources of the area, especially water.
It's delusional to think the Israelis will all spontaneously give up their homes or march into the Mediterranean because a bunch of people think they don't deserve to be there in the first place.

tbh sounds alright from where I'm sitting :^)


I'm sure they will give up on that, considering the jewish state was almost eradicated with arabs attacking them.

I'm more talking about bombing Syrian government forces in order to prop up terrorists.

The jews are above everything, the jewish state doesn't want peace! "I DON'T WANT PEACE!" they can't won't have muslims doing cool things. It's too much for the psyche of Israel.

There is no indication that their neighbors want to do repeat of yom kippur or the six days. They are living fine with Israel and it is Israel that is being so aggressive.

Of course they won't give it up, they'll have to be forced to.

The Arabs need to think long term, the history of that region spans millenia.
Yes Palestinians are suffering now and Israel looks invincible now.
But over a long period of time this will change again.
Thinking if they just have one more intifada maybe it will work this time is foolish.

Yes they are JIDF.

I support every revolutionary movement that have as its core objective dismantle capitalism. The end.