Homo so-called Phobia is very often simply a reaction to the visibility of the stereotypical camp homosexual effete...

Homo so-called Phobia is very often simply a reaction to the visibility of the stereotypical camp homosexual effete male, and the stereotypical camp homosexual butch female.
This is similar to Trans so-called Phobia. It's a reaction more to the cartoon of the woman as portrayed by the m2f than it is to actually switching actual gender.
In order to emphasize the desire and the difference, the members amplify those qualities of the idealized cultural norms of gender, that have nothing to do with actual sex differences.
Instead of transcending gender, they have turned themselves into cartoons of gender, and than people react to that, call it obnoxious, and then we have problems as it escalates to outright and real abuse and from there to physical violence.
Could you imagine how it would feel to talk to someone in a You costume, acting like a hyperbolized cartoon version of You? How would you react? Well, maybe you'd be tolerant of it, perhaps you'd be flattered. But most people, they've had this done to them by bullies. Mocked and ridiculed, is what it feels like.
This is why people end up hating you. You're mocking them, even if you are trying to simply mimic them from a place of honest admiration as means to express your inner self more clearly.
Perhaps we should ask the following question: Are we allowing ourselves to become cartoons? Mucho Macho is a thing, so are Girly Girls. These are cartoons. These aren't real people, they are idealized cartoons representing people, the way a Bugs Bunny represents a rabbit.
We've watched so many idealized forms for so long, that we have climbed inside and live every day in the trashcan of ideology.

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The problem is that this is precisely the excuse for 'transphobia' that comes out of women who are themselves caricatures and who add to the artificial notions of gender that one has. Perhaps they see something terrifying of themselves inside this (hypothetical) transwoman and seek to preserve gender from additional influence, or to reify their own gender norms by relating, and embargoing from certain aspects of the 'gender', their opposite, men.

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Occam's razor: maybe people hate gays because they act disgusting in public, spread AIDS, and become violent and obnoxious when you try to discuss the two issues listed above.

Probably not due to the retarded armchair psychology garbage you posted.

Race relations were uneasy before Brown v Board but were progressing. The court decision caused a social upheaval which lit a spark inciting racial violence which set race relations back fifty years and would have repercussions for decades to come.

One of the "authorities" the supreme court used was the 1500 page sociological text "An American Dilemma" by Gunnar Myrdal. The writing of this text was funded by the Carnegie Corporation. Myrdal, a swedish socialist and former head of the swedish eugenics program had over sixty associates working with him on it. This text, cited in the majority opinion, calls for population control measures against all peoples (so fighting over resources wouldnt cause racial tension), abolition of the constitution, extending population control to blacks more than whites and for blacks to cause "social disturbances" so in the name of ending chaos the federal government would grant them equal rights.

Several of the people who worked on this text were eugenicists. Eugenics had always been seen as BS science by ordinary people, but people were forced by popular media to see it as legit. WW2, a war against eugenic madman Hitler ended up causing eugenics to lose legitimacy altogether in America. Brown v Board gave legitimacy back to eugenicists, rebranded "sociologists" whom would use their "social science" to choose what was best for how people should live.

youtube.com/watch?v=UsxwRJZfmMM Go to that video, go to 32:30 and watch for five minutes.

An American Dilemma was compiled by Donald R Young. He encouraged Stuart Chase to write the book "A New Deal," which FDR stole the name from, calling for socialism in the US and executing profit seekers by firing squad.



My problem with opposition to gay rights is about the hypocrisy of it because these same people preach about the importance of small government and civil liberty, then complain like children when they get it. If you base your political views off of feelings of repugnance towards simplistic pop culture caricatures, it only means you lack the discipline to have an informed opinion and no one should care what you think about anything.

I mean, really, if some blue haired SJW said their views were shaped by experiences with straight up stormfag xenophobia, would anyone give them any pity? No, they wouldn't. Don't give me any bullshit.

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Friendly reminder that the election isn't over yet. There's still two months left before the president is decided.