Is he one of us

is he one of us

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National liberation and localism are left wing, yes, he politically identifies with left wing ideas.



The singer of Linkin Park

For girls or anyone that has had a threesome:

How do I find a girl into it? My gf wants to try out a threesome but the rule is that it can't be a friend or even a friend of a friend. Where could I find a girl willing to do it with us? I'd rather not use CL and I don't know if Tindr would be any help either.


Szörnyű érzés valóban.

The Left should have 0 tolerance for people who wear their politics and turn everything into symbols and fashion so we can filter out all morons like this tbh

4th year med-student here, I can make some recommendations. What is your background in regards to biology, chemistry, physics, math?

when will it be ready?

Word filter

c-cancer is still an underrated meme that the normalfags haven't gotten a hold of.

Is there an easier way to get the torrent link without having to save it?


It seems you feel once again into my deceiving schemes. Now I will be nice and say that anyone could go for such an stupendous trick, but all in all *I* was wearing a condom


Sage, Report and Hide 'scenario' threads.


Imagine being as lonely as OP and replying to your own thread in anger


White people aren't diverse

He has genuinely lost his fucking mind.

Wishful thinking, eh? He dropped the case, move on


Niggers were free in Philly in 1786

Carpet bomb this shit with "citation needed" warnings.

So Kek, Can i please have a wonderful 2017 with a f

they don't call him Mad Dog and Chaos for no reason.

I miss Tedposting

Im not pro-life because i dont want a larger nigger population

Buy the book niggers

It's fucking great. I've only read a few pages so far and I'm telling you this shit is worth it.

You should have let the Ataturkists win their coup. This is the price you pay for letting islamists control your government. Good luck, turkroaches.




RIP white wolf

Still too much of this scum in my country.
But now they become the niggers of the Arab Hordes imported by Cuksel.

that was a "what if"


If this guy had any self-awareness he would have hung himself like 4 years ago.

Watch the documentary and you'll see perfectly clear and plainly what Jewish supremacy looks like to a Jewish supremacist.

you don't let them in, this is pretty simple
now you're talking crazy
OK now I know you're trolling, good job, you got me going


Agreed, that's incredibly fucking ridiculous.

They're not transgender, they're gender fluid. Silly Breitbart.

no one cares

1) rename it to "Islamism"
2) make "Islamism" defined as a political ideology like nazism
3) use existing anti-nazism laws to suppress it
if people complain, compare them to nazis

muslims can keep their cucked postmodern Islam just like christians have their cucked postmodern christianity

Every country that is not "diverse" will be red pilled.

I wasn't posting on Holla Forums for Ukraine because it was too ugly. but I did work with Kazzura on occasion and we shared info. I'll see if I still have means of contacting him.

What happens when the workers are shit? What happens when Jose doesn't complain about working night shift, but Tyler complains keeps asking for days off because he wants to attend anime expos?

Pro: Culturally pleasant.
Con:Never seem to do anything significant on the world stage.

I'd like to see the sickly jews without a media shield now that no one listens to the MSM try to take on the part of the population with almost all of the testosterone and guns.

white knight for tay

They live under the aegis of the united states, they have no responsibility for their own defense under the current world order.

If you asked any of these questions while sexually interacting with a woman she would immediately be turned off.

What channel was he supposed to delete? The 50 mil channel is still there.

I ain't giving them no clicks nigga

Free speech and science are essential you gap toothed semen guzzling burger.