Will there be cigarettes after the revolution?

Will there be cigarettes after the revolution?

Also opium makes menial work a lot more bearable, 12 hour shifts just zip by when you smoke opium, will distributing opium to workers with shit jobs be acceptable?

It should, if it doesn't start cutting into production and starts being used as a way to control there is no reason workers can't use drugs.

12h hour ships after the revolution? are we back in 1860?

why bother when you can have weed

12 hour shifts? Damn son. You should aim at 8 in underdeveloped nations and 5-6 in developed ones.

I seriously doubt anyone is gonna be working 12 hour shifts under Socialism. We're all gonna be working a lot less than we are now.

But yea, all drugs will be legal and available under Socialism.

Which revolution? There is no revolution. You mean a future revolution? Maybe it'll be a nazbol revolution in which case no drugs, or maybe it'll be anarchist in which case probably drugs.

Stop your Utopian speculations.

How about the…Marxist revolution?

Were all drugs legalized in other marxist revolutions? You can really answer this question yourself, you seem smart enough. Just looks like an excuse to dream about fantasies that will likely never happen in the iteration you want. You have to deal with the world in front of you.

No, drugs are a detriment and while a disease that should be treated cannot be tolerated. You take from the whole with your selfishness, the exact opposite of communism.

Seriously, why do bourgeois fags even come here to give thier lipstick lesbian version of a communist society?

No thank you. No developed country should have citizens who have to work more then 6 hour shifts.
To answer your question, yes, but with highly educated and happy citizens there would be next to no demand for such items.
Weed would probably be in high demand though, which would be fine.


Do you wanna stop being so condescending?

Anyway just because Marxist revolutions havnt before dosnt mean they wouldnt in the future. The reason drugs are illegal today are because of Capitalism - mainly political reasons that stem from the current mode of production.

Firstly under the party system we have now, no mainstream party would ever risk loosing support from that many spooked voters over drugs, nor would they want to be known as the 'drug' party. Obviously under Sociaism people would have more autonomy to just decide for themselves without having to worry what everyone else thinks.

Secondly the war on drugs was pushed extremely hard as an excuse for the US government to attack certain parts of the population they didnt like - anti-war hippies, blacks ect.

These again both stem from the way our mode of production is structured, are literally the only things in the way of being able to have a society ok with drug use. It's ridiculous to say a society with a socialist mode of production would even be able to sustain drug prohibition for an extended period of time even if it wanted to.

Smoking should be banned in public and heavily discouraged.

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I wasn't being condescending, the opposite. If I was being condescending I'd know it :^)

As far as I know most voters are in favour of legalisation.

American society doesn't really fit into this. You didn't specify a country. Which is one of the reasons why I'm so hesitant to answer your questions.

There is just no point to this thread, sorry. It's nothing but fantasising.

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What? God no. People on the internet are in favour of weed being legal and after decades of fighting for that from certain groups, as it's no longer profitable to keep it illegal (hasnt been for about 100 years but capitalism is slow) and there isn't a drug war to fight anymore, that one's finally getting through.

But all drugs? Fuck no. The voter base is not the internet.

Is there a leftist thinker or group that favors full legalization, for that matter? And by that I mean people with a modicum of influence, not Youtube pundits.

Cigarettes made from pure un-aldulterated, non-GMO tobacco? Sure, why not. Current cigarettes with ~600 chemical additives? No, I don't think so.

As for opiates, the potential for abuse is far too high. Marijuana is perfect for helping one unwind after a long day's work without impeding your ability to get up and do it again the next day.

American spirits taste bad

What if people want Marlboro?

Realistically they wouldn't if marijuana was legalized, but selling that deadly cocktail of chemicals masquerading as a cigarette would be prohibited by the state just like chinese baby food with lead contamination is.

There's no reason as far as marxism goes that there wouldn't/couldn't be, but as far as crops go it's very expensive and time consuming to cultivate. I would expect people to shift to marijuana because it's much less shitty for you and arguably a more enjoyable drug.

Speaks for yourselves. People like to light up for the nicotine and not get mind blowingly high everytime like with weed.

"I like weed therefore everyone else will too when they get they chance"

Christ you fucking 420 types are insufferable and autistic.

Do neither

Personally I dont like weed but I see the appeal.

MDMA on the other hand everyone would objectively like. It should be distributed for free.


We could probably already have 20 hour work weeks for everyone if we were actually able to make use of automatization and labor efficiency.

I mean, just look at how the hours worked/crop yield for farmers has increased like a hundredfold since a few hundred years ago, one farmer can provide food for 100+ people

Maybe you should reconsider your political choices.

maybe you should reconsider your choice to live.


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THINK faggots! With 12 hour days you can work less days a week but provide equal labor!

I don't really consider OP's life to be fun. Just monotony with drugs to prevent him from killing himself.


Wow so much fun.

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yeah, drug usage would be perfectly acceptable in a full communist society. Do what you want as long as you're not exploiting others and harming anyone else. I think that rehabilitation programs, needle exchange programs, and such would also be widely available for people who are ready to get clean.

don't use drugs or you will end up wanting to kill yourself like the last time


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If Opium is your drug of choice you are scum bag. Do whatever you want in terms of what you put into your body. Don't expect healthy people to take you seriously

All drugs will be free and widely distributed.

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Computers can actually write news articles now.

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