White women's logic

explain this


Attention is the female version of "sex" they're willing to do and say just as crazy of shit to get it as well.

If I had to guess, it's a brown grill saying she likes white guys even though they're dangerous.


Also women like danger.

Rememeber when we used to teach women how to sing, dance, play an instrument and cook?

How do we make this a reality again?
Why the fuck do all of these women want to work like an idiot instead of enjoying arts and raising kids? I would do anything to fuck the world and just enjoy my artistic side.

then become sugar baby for rich woman or gay man. live happy life of leisure as rent boy NEET

Get back in the factory Rosie and make me some NATO rounds.


They want to be qualified as a valuable girl so they also want white guys to pay attention too.

Other brown guys are the dangerous ones we'll drag them down or actually cause them harm and we remind them of their brown dads who they hate.

Nobody wants to be a nigger user.


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besides non-whites on Holla Forums and the like are always drooling over white women and saying "u mad white boi"

u mad white boi

You ever heard of selection bias Mr. Nazi?

Might be a bit over your head.


can't tell if Holla Forums or idiot

Free tickets to gulag for everyone on this thread

I'm not a nazi.

What I was trying to say is that brown girls like white guys because it's a free fucking lunch.



Just KKK?


I don't get triggered by it. I don't really care. You started it by calling me a snownigger for no reason.


this is only true for the aristocrats and bourgies

We the sexually fetishized dangerous super-male now.

Like said.

History and the lifestyle of back then primarily features on the lifes of the rich.
Peasant woman had to help out in the fields as always.



Makes me laugh when reactionaries idolise housewives and the nuclear family. Both are very modern developments and they've already passed their peak. All the women in my family worked or work.

Truly that was a golden age

Same as Holla Forumsyps who lust over brown and black women, horniness and mental gymnastics.

Holla Forums loves East Asians.

I think a perfect global world is one with a degree of ethnic and national sovereignty, but also global adherence to global policy. Protection of the whole for the protection of the parts. Protection of the parts for the protection of the whole.

I also swear 90% of war is fed be ethnic jealousy, inferiority and envy.
Imagine a world where we could guarentee ethnicity their existence. But also allow a degree of legroom to seek global goals.

Women respect confidence and masculinity little lefty sissy bois

You know all these brown girl sjw's secretly want their pussy colonized by the evil white conquer

In conclusion, women are mentally ill

The left needs to purge it's weakness user. so keep baiting, people might think different.

Why does that guy have piss stains on through his jeans? kek

I have actually thought about the psychogly of non white women in western countries when it comes to sex, its complete arm chiar bullshit.
But as a hispanic i have noticed things.
White guys are obviusly top of the totem pole ecnomically, and woman want a provider, western countries are also really fucking racist, these women want acceptence, so what better way to be accepted into white society than fucking a white guy.
I notice, that lots of left leaning brown or black girls who are all "super woke" and obsessed with their identity, a lot of them end up with white guys.
I really think they are over compensating because of their own self hatred created by western society.
Another thing i have noticed as that non white men will force their women to look more like white women, you see it more noticeably in the black community, lots of black women with fake straight hair, white women are obviously the global standard of beauty.

There is of course, also the taboo and fetish nature of being fucked by the oppressor, much like how a lot of ultra feminists will have rape fantasies.

I feel like despite all the shit men have gotten by feminism, at the end of the day, all woman want a masculine, stoic, leader, provider, not some whiney, passive, bitch.
And well leftism doesnt value masculinity as much as the right does nowadays.

My own personal views on femnism, is that in western countries it has become absurdist, getting mad at everything and accusing it of sexism.
I think masculinity is flawed, but so is femininity.
But i think masculinity still has values to be cherished, i think every human being has a both masculine and feminine side, and one side is more pronounced than others occasionally.

The left wants to kill masculinity, instead it should be reexamined for the good parts.

cause nigga you aint getting laid by being a self flagellating white guilt fagatron

Quality post. I agree.

Thanks for the laugh, Holla Forums




We should kill all white people. They are the biggest promoters of the capitalist system and of fascism. Sry for my englihs. I'm from Ghana

White girls are the worst, you should be fucking brown girls and doing your bit to destroy the white race.

user why are you posting these omega male socdem airshitters every thread?


I'd happily do that if I had a state issued brown gf

pls learn what the words you use actually mean Holla Forums

Obvious Holla Forumsyp

She has a fetish.

Muay Thai
Freestyle Wrestling