Trump Supporters on campus call for "Safe Spaces"®ion=Header&action=click&contentCollection=Politics&pgtype=article


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fuck you user I was just about to make this thread.

What a surprise, right-wingers have a persecution complex.

Wow, now I get to look smart when I do stupid things.

you already look so smart by posting a jew york times article. lad

it's because collage liberals are fucking obnoxious people

Best part of the article lmao.
Getting threatened with murder=getting your feelings hurt by college liberals.

In all my years in academia I have never met any of these extreme SJWs that right-wingers complain are persecuting them. Like, I know they exist, but I think the idea that they are everywhere is totally overblown and used by the right as fuel for their persecution complex. Maybe it's just because I am an autist who never leaves the physics department.


ten outta fucking ten.

You trump supporters are gonna get real bootyblasted when your guy takes office then

This is definitely it. These kind of people come to anthropology a /lot/, suddenly find that the world isn't as """respectful""" as they are, shit all over the subject, and leave. They're a fucking curse.

"The gold water is a credible news service" - Jim Watkins

People like you gave that same reasoning when an user linked an article stating that Trump won't impeach Hillary (this was fresh off the presses at the time, by the way). Wait until you see the heading pop up in dozens of other news sources around the globe.

When his four year term is up and he not only fails to delivers on your Holla Forumsyp dreams, but also makes the quality of life worse for everyone in the US via the actions of his cabinet, you will not be able to use that "0D Sun Tzu mancala" response anymore.

At least they're consistent in their classcuckery.

But a lot of them really are porky so is it really classcuckoldry?

Sometimes, yes. They have no problem with getting cucked by corporations.
Reminder they think big business is not as big of a problem as big goverment to them.

trust me, our idpol is best idpol

The right wing only complains about "political correctness" and "safe spaces" because they don't have an exclusive monopoly on them.

liberals are right wing, tho


seems like typical idpol to me

Respect my right to not be criticized you fucking facists! REEEEEEEEEEE

I ree-spec nudthing



awwww those poor little altright special snowflakes got triggered and need a safe space :( so sad


Not even wrong.

I didn't post the article, retard.
Then I guess Trump must be playing 56D chess by marrying off his daughter to a Jew and praising Israel. :^)


trumps tax plan will hopefully help white birth rates


Holla Forums.

Most of Holla Forums seems oblivious to what the actual topic of the board is supposed to be. They just keep shitposting thinking they're pissing off people they don't like when they're surrounded by people doing the same. They can't stop responding to obvious bait and that picture from Tinder of the single mom with "reply or your mom dies"… Holla Forums just does the same stupid thing over and over. I'm beginning to think it enjoys being dumb.

When we don't have this shit going on anymore I'll stop making the generalization.

I miss Brendan

A dead meth head makes the world happy.

Fuck Nicusor Dan, his autistic face makes me cringe every single god damn time I'm looking at him. Also, fuck USR's electorate, they are literally Romania's version of SJW/LGBTBBQ idiots.

Si-ar scoate ochii Bratianu daca ar vedea unde a ajuns partidul lui. O clica de corupti care merita pusi la zid si impuscati, in frunte cu Alina *inghit sperma de la un PSDist* Gorghiu.

PRU - PSD satellite 3.0, are you fucking retarded or what? Their leader was a former PSD secretary, Ghita and Ponta are shilling for them and they are literally in talks to form a coalition with ALDE and PSD.

Kill yourself, please.

You're right. Go make your boss some more money, moonchink. Hope you're not too tired from 14 hours of productive competition to go out for corporate hierarchy climbing drinks afterward. Truly your urban traditions make your ancestors look stupid and backwards.

Did he die from that?

Some UFO shit.

Dance and ethnic studies



What the fuck are you on about you dumb nigger?
Just fucking shank the bullies after school if they give you so much trouble. The dumb kid just wanted attention.
Kids are bullied for a reason, take this from a guy who was bullied for being an enormous weeb. You either stand up for yourself or change to fit in.


good job op

though you are a faggot for seeking our approval

There is still time.

Sorry bro them's the brakes

holy shit the jews are scared of pizzagate. they're all child fuckers

Money is their God

We don't want it.

We'd rather it sank, so we could be an island like the Brits.

Not clue. I was enjoying the spectacle.

spangled connotes that it is adorned with multiple stars

how simple minded do you have to be to get amused by a tv in a door frame?

Wikipedia never lies. What are you on about amerifat?

But the numbers on the pak 50 are shady. I cant stand by those.

Of course. Half of his supporters didn't even have enough age to vote anyway

Merry Capitalistic Yuletide Commercial Greed Orgy, Goyim! Now wish me a happy holidays or Chappy Chanukah lest you turn out to be an atheist anti-Semite or Self-hating Jew!

No real opinion. Seems alright I guess.


how can they be corrupt if none of them have ever been a politician?

He's in his 60s you shithead

one of us

Maybe the relative isolation from Muslims in the US compared to Europe is the cause?

she's great

like I really want to propose to her and I've never me ther

got me again you sneaky bastard


There are no words for this stupidity

Funny though how 'conservatives' so quickly forget the moronic evangelical southern baptist when passing judgement on others though.

I think that's what OP wants to know

the irony in the fact that the whole site is archived. and he will be aiding the police

Western Europe and North America (without Mexico)


any pics?

I believe OP asked for an imageboard, not a social network add-on.

I don't get it, he is rich as fuck, why is he so desperate over healthcare? Didn't he admit it was mostly his fault like 2 years ago because he took too long to get checked after the first symptoms started to show?

Actually, they're considered white because Hispanic aren't identified as a race. There's Hispanic white and non-Hipanic white

no no economic migrants are refugees. they need to help these poor able bodied young men get free shit and whatnot.




You realize people can be both white latinx and nonlatinx as well?


Is your name Ron Swanson?

To be pro-Israel is to be pro-ethnostate
To be pro-ethnostate is to be racist.

Are you a racist Jewboy?


Controlled land releases.

One word: Intelligence Quotient

i can socialize, but i just dont want to

Well, I must say that the days of CTR were probably the most exciting to me, at least.

Being unable to protect paying tourists from terrorists.

Kill yourself

Jews have decided to pump stocks up right now

turkroaches arent people

"chemtrails" as in "secretive attempts to disperse chemicals to the populace" not the geoengineering shit you can buy into.

Holy shit it's like you conflated "secret nazi moon base" with "moon landing". Are you retarded or drunk?

You're an idiot. No one would let you post this on NIPR from the N2C2. What system exactly did you see this on?

I think the liberals laughing at this aren't making fun of safe spaces, they're making fun of triggered conservatives that make fun of safe spaces until they find them useful.



Let the right wingers have a monopoly over safe space idiocy! Then maybe the rest of idiots will start to challenge the whole idea of safe spaces.