Cringey Right Wing Youtube Videos?

Cringey Right Wing Youtube Videos?

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I mean, I can see why he would try to connect him to Socialism due to full name of Hitler's party being The Not Socialist German Workers' Party but why would he call him a liberal? He was a fucking authotarian dictator. Is Stalin also a liberal according to Crowder? Geez.


A bit ironic as well since liberal socialism was the philosophy espoused by Carlo Rosselli, who was assassinated by fascists.

Synogauge of Satan

PragerU + Steven Crowder for the purest ideology that has ever existed

Introducing Pragerpedia!

Salutrians, dude.

The entirety of Common Filth's channel

I'm not even bother to get the youtube link, to not cringe again.

The last son of the West

Holla Forums is so smol >:3

Hunter Avallone is always good for cringe

that could be used as a Holla Forums gif

"We're coming, bucko."

Holy shit they're retarded. Not only will it encourage right wingers to not read (as if they read anything beforehand) it will compel liberals to read and refute any of these shitty arguments.

what the flying fuck is this shit

it can't be real

what's with his outfit?

is that his mom?

so many questions, so few answers…


The saddest part about this is that they appropriated the idea from stormcucks.

They are not merely unaccustomed to thinking for themselves, they are repulsed by the thought.

My god, the sheer stupidity.

It's brilliant, in a way: flood people with so much bullshit that they cannot adequately respond.

You will never see something with more cringe I guarantee it. The best part is how there is 0 irony in the whole trainwreck of an anime.

Oh, sorry, I did without checking

Jesus fucking Christ this is pure distilled autism.

I only watched this up until about 5 minutes, and for some reason I like the art style. I like the surrealism of it. A strange choice, as rightists are usually complaining about how surrealism is degenerate.



Do you think the author of this video has read Nietzche or Marx?

Fun fact, Steve Crowder was once the voice actor for The Brain on Arthur.

Of course not.

I made some webms.





Molyneux needs a fucking therapist


Can someone explain the gist of this video? I don't even understand what point he's trying to make.

Basically an hour of insane rambling about the themes of Frozen when viewed through a Randian lens

But he also projects a lot of his personal family issues into it

Seems like a good idea. I would like to download it and study their facts to refute them, but I'm not sure about giving PragerU my number.

There's more here.
I'd love to have some answers too.

Only the man who exudes mental illness like it's a good character trait would make a video titled that.

The Dadaists, years ago, were forced into the medium of collage not because of lack of artistic skill, but because of WWI-era rationing. These otherwise paintbrush-slinging artists discovered collage because of necessity.

Murdoch Murdoch used collage not out of necessity, but rather because of his complete lack of artistic skill.

Ey shut the fuck up you mouth breathing jabroni fuck JERSEY is the big nut state. Go watch duck dynasty