Stalin was right

Daily reminder that Stalin did nothign wrong and had all right to starve out those millions of Ukranian women and children.

They were all filthy kulaks and probably future capitalists too.

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Those were all corrupted by materialism. They had to go. A true communist state can't be achieved without eliminating this kind of people.

Hi Holla Forums.

I honestly couldn't agree more, a dead white is a right white

It's gommunism.

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Holla Forums, why do you have to false flag to "prove" yourself right? Why be dishonest with yourself?

I like how people just conveniently forget that Stalin genocided jews too. Look, I support communism as much as the next non retarded person, but fuck. I get so upset at how often people just forget about the struggles we faced just because the guy who did it had the same political ideology as them.
I dunno, maybe I get too upset about this stuff.

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nice source m8

face it faggots as long as you deny the genocides you'll have as much political cachet as the holocaust deniers. Face up with your fuckups or begone to the dustbins.

No, he didn't kill enough

It's a fact that that story was written by a convicted fraudster and it's a fact that those photos aren't from the USSR.

You would think that if 6 million people died there would be a huge amount of evidence, as there is for the holocaust, instead there is none at all, no photos no mass graves, literally nothing.

That's just a soviet version of format18

will anyone deny,also, that he was a pederast?

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The vast majority of 'socialist' states in the 20th century did NOT have famines, and those which did had them for the same reason many capitalist states in the same period did - because they rapidly changed production from agriculture to industry. Then there was NEVER another famine in those places again.

Look up the Great Bengal Famine if you don't believe me.

This is now an Anti-Soviet Thumbies thread.



These are my favorites.

Fuck the Soviet Union.

No tears for dead Soviets.

You triggered adolf?

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Doing my part in destroying the Stalinist Anti-Communist Fascist dictatorship!

Long live Anti-Warsaw Pakt and Anti-Komintern movement!

b-but that wasn't real socialism
my professor said that any socialist country stops being real socialism when it collapses or does horrible things and can't cover it up properly
kill yourselves

Communism sure did a great job killing all of those top hat wearing porky farmers, factory workers and children. I can almost smell the equality through my monitor.

What a surprise.


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Hey do you know one of the key reasons the Russian tsardom fell?
It has to do with the fact that when there's a crisis of underproduction in a market, holders of large amounts of the product can horde it until it's scarce and drive up the price. Especially something like grain.
Not to mention, if you only care about yourself and your cattle/grain is going to be expropriated, it makes sense to destroy it en mass and fucking starve your whole community and other communities in the process


Killing capitalists is great. Fighting to uphold the state is not. Betraying anarchists and other leftists comrades is completely unforgivable. Fuck the Lenin, Stalin, and the shitty third world nationalist bullshit they created.

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The /jp/ thread is only bad right now because of people like OP deliberately shitting it up. Just needs some mod attention. The /int/ thread is permanently bad the subject of the board encourages people to blog about culture, politics, travelling, etc.


Stalinism and Marxism-Leninism strike me as, to borrow from another another, "pragmatism to the point of psychopathy"

Stay hurt idealists.

I support pragmatism, but only pragmatically

I'm assuming OP is referring to capitalism


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ASIO is substantially more believable as there was a very public recruitment drive about a decade ago now.

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This is my point. anuddah shoah's a term that ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€they๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€ have been fighting for a while in the media, saying it's a conspiracy theory.

If we can simply get normies to look at this phrase, they will start to connect the dots.

The UN can't possibly hide or remove all this evidence either.

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