== Susan Rice: Black is the new Orange ==



''Earlier today Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley sent a letter to President Obama’s former National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, about a curious email she sent to herself documenting a White House conversation between President Obama and former FBI head James Comey (pdf below).

On the day of the inauguration, January 20th, 2017; at the very last minutes of the outgoing administration; Mrs. Rice documented a conversation which took place on January 5th, 2017 between President Obama, Asst. AG Sally Yates and FBI Director James Comey. Vice-President Joe Biden and Susan Rice were in attendance.
On its face the Rice note would appear to be a CYA memo documenting a conversation in the larger effort of the White House in case the DOJ/FBI were discovered to be conspiring to create a series of false accusations, the “insurance policy” per se’, against the incoming president. Rice appears to be leaving a document trail in the event she needed to extricate herself from risks associated with the intention of the ‘small group’.
The substance of the meeting surrounded the “Clinton-Steele Dossier”, and how the DOJ and FBI officials were pursuing the use therein. The date of the meeting, January 5th, 2017,was amid a series of leaks from inside the FBI and DOJ toward allied media who were working diligently to frame a narrative of Russian collusion.''

Lil’ Miss Rice knew the Jig was up and tried to throw in a last minute CYA for her and King Nigger.
They all were sloppy, and she never got the chance to learn how to cover her tracks like others in the FBI/CIA. Lads, this could be the dropping of the 2nd shoe. Rice isn’t senior enough to cut a deal save for turning evidence on Obama. Barring that, she’s going to Federal prison. Not like Orange is the New Black prison. She will sing.

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Let us know when something genuinely happens, e.g. an indictment, an arrest, etc.

why the fuck did she wait until the last possible minute to send this? and it was sent at 12:15, wasn't the inauguration still going on? Did she write this email while Trump was giving his inauguration speech?

also from the grassley letter. Who the Fuck is Curtis Ried, and why would she CC him and nobody else on this email?

Checked. I wonder if she'll cry to try and escape the noose

Interesting. Does the Constitution define the exact moment the President becomes, well, the President? At the conclusion of the swearing in? Could this woman have technically sent the email during the Trump administration? Would that have any bearing on the consideration of it?

Wow, another inch closer to starting the decade long process of almost punishing criminal warlords. Good job.

I hope she cries and still ends up on the noose honestly.

I'm pretty sure as soon as the oath of office is finished the transition is complete, but I don't know for 100% concrete fact. I just remember King Nigger had to redo his because he fucked up the words during his second inauguration.

I imagine you're correct. I didn't watch the ceremony. Does anyone know if Trump had completed the Oath of Office before 12:15?

the oath of office occurs at exactly 12 pm, so she literally sent this email in the middle of the inauguration speech. As the outgoing National Security Adviser I have to imagine she would have been in attendance. Did this nigress really send a CYA email in the middle of the inauguration? That just seems insane to me

My guess is she didn't intend to send the email during Trump's Presidency. Obviously she hadn't been locked out of the system yet so maybe she thought We is still kangz n sheeit!

i need to find that Super Hi-res photo of Trumps inauguration and look for that monkey queen somewhere in the audience, just to confirm she was at the capitol. Because there could be a slight chance somebody else might have sent it in her name if she was there.

Perhaps. But even if she was in the audience, smartphones are a thing and so are automated mail dumps. Maybe she even sent it at 11:59 and the server didn't deliver it till 12:15. Other things are possible as well.

I suppose it's not a particularly big legal point regardless – the contents are.

yeah, i thought about that as well.


sorry for the direct link to CNN, but its the only way to get the picture to work. Ready for the worst game of Where's Waldo you've ever played?

crap. It doesn't even work on linux…

There is some really good democrat salt photos to be had

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You're right.

Can't tell if this was from a joke nearby or that this woman is absolutely blissed out at Trump's Inauguration.


I have to be honest, he seems a little tense.

Wait. The meeting was January 5th and Comey tells Trump of the dossier THE NEXT DAY? Trump later said he felt like Comey was "threatening" him with this info. That's sure fucking coincidental. cnsnews.com/blog/craig-bannister/comey-even-though-it-was-salacious-and-unverified-we-knew-media-was-about

His other tweets are from 2013 & 2014, and there are but a few. He seems to have wiped the account, but I don't know. Maybe he only barely used it…

It's DC. They make their living sucking America dry.

It’s been over a year since reddit decided to infest the board and they still can’t redtext

Things are getting interesting.

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You know we should probably get up a Where's Waldo shitposting thread for this so lots of anons could join in. It might be some fun for the anons who know these people better. I don't really, nor did I know about this giant picture personally.

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Just once, I'd like to see instantaneous justice. Not justice after 4 years, not justice after everyone involved is dead decades later. Now.