A white, male anarchist is a contradiction in terms

A white, male anarchist is a contradiction in terms.

We need proofs

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'Anarchist' used to be a word for violent subversives (or non-violent subversives cast as violent subversives). Proudhon (a white, male) was the first guy to refer to himself as an anarchist in the modern tradition that gives it its current meaning. If you have a point (whatever the fuck it might be), it's only in relation to your own weird esoteric definition of the word 'anarchist'.

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If you embody the phenomenon of oppression, you can't truly be against it. It's like Donald Trump talking about wealth inequality.

We need proofs

it's actually the opposite :^)

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If it's a score tally, why are the questions arranged in a line? Whoever did the graphic design for that needs to be shot.

hello Holla Forums

Chomsky is 88 years old today. This is now a Chomsky birthday thread.

Happy birthday Noam!

After Castro, I'm worried… Still, let's just take each year as it goes and take solace in the fact Chomsky still takes time out to btfo people like Melenyuh.

It's his birthday?
Shit, we should write him a letter.

Maybe we could spin him an invite. You never know…

Chomsky will accept an interview from almost anybody. Look at Molyneux and Alex Jones.

They're actually semi famous though. I meant more like to the board.

A letter to Chomsky
one word at a time plz








"You liberal faggot.

Sincerely, Brocialist"

Good job Holla Forums





I feel kind of sad that Chomsky probably has to die during a Trump presidency.

literally sums up the whole board in a sentence.


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All forms of hierarchy derive from class or other economic relations. Change those and you eliminate social hierarchy. What won't eliminate social hierarchy is telling fellow proles and class traitor bourgies that they aren't allowed to participate because of their gender or race. You are literally a useful idiot for COINTELPRO (if not an active agent for it).