Remind me why I should care about communism or any political ideology

remind me why I should care about communism or any political ideology.

We all die in the end

anarcho nihilists go home

the anarcho nihilist's infinite regression

You're spooked by death

Not anarchist. I don't subscribe to any political ideology because I don't see the point when I'm just a meatbag with an expedition date

why don't you just kill yourself then?
do it. kill yourself.


Then why'd you waste BOTH our time by making this thread

Hate to say it op but

Has a point

The biological will is irrelevant

Straw Nihilist GTFO

The point was to see if anons can explain why I should care about politics

I can argue that the reason why you believe in communism is purely for survival. so how is it irrelevant?

remind me why I should answer any of your pointless questions

I just stumped you sorry. but do you realize political ideology have cause suffering around the world?

remind me why I should care about the suffering of others when even if they were to suffer for their entire lives it's nothing but flickering insignificance to the immensity of the cosmos

But I thought communist cared about others?

remind me why I should care about your uninformed thoughts of a political system you've admitted you don't care about

He's throwing your logic back at you, you sperg.
Apparently nothing matters but suddenly, if something could create suffering, it does matter?

Funny cause I never claimed nothing matters. I am claiming that being invested in political ideologies is fruitless because of our short life span. Meanwhile this very ideologies result in the deaths of millions.

so communism is not about sharing resources and not being selfish?

I literally cannot

remind me why I should educate you about something that doesn't matter

Again. I never claimed it doesn't matter that was the whole point of the thread. For a convincing argument as to why anyone should waste their time talking about politics let alone actively participating in them

have you considered anarcha-feminism, op?



Because if we get rid of capitalism then we'd all be rich.

Exactly. All ideologies are just spooks. Socialism/communism are the biggest spooks of all since class itself is a spook.

Hello, fellow leftist!


biology is a spook, nerd. Come on, if you're gonna do it do it properly

It's not a waste of time if your time doesn't matter. Nihilism consists basically entirely of these rabbit-holes, not because it's dystopian, but because it's utopian. Death is only
an issue if you want something absolute and eternal that absolutely and eternally matters. So basically, caring about politics – exploitation, violence, power; the conditions of your existence and the field of your possibilities – has nothing to do with death unless you're spooked m8

Do you think the Foxconn factory slaves read Schopenhauer? Do the Congolese coltan mining gangs study existentialism? Do the millions of tired, listless retail and manual laborers spend their time contemplating the futility of life?

Probably not, because nihilism is a useless ideology for sheltered white kids to express their vague ennui and lack of motivation while sitting in their comfortable suburban homes and shitposting on the internet. There are billions of people who are enduring real, physical suffering every day, but let's handwave all that away and forego efforts to fix that because "dude, nothing matters lmao! we all die in the end bro!!!1"

Why is the nature of the end so important?

You both produce and are a product of the species. "To say that man is a species being, is, therefore, to say that man raises himself above his own subjective individuality…he is individually the representative of mankind." Capitalism will destroy the species. If you were told you could preserve the species by a simple act of will, you would probably do it. But because wholly fictional barriers are set up between you and that goal by the propaganda machine, you have fallen into apathy and despair, which is what capital intends.

Is this how you imagined things would go OP when you thought you'd have a giggle and try to shitpost on leftypol

You cared enough to make a shitpost about it.

How's that an argument? Their suffering is irrelevant to the great scheme of things. Why should I care?

It's not an argument, so much as it is a confirmation that your pointless shitpost opinion can be safely ignored by actual leftists.