Communism = Catholicism

Communism = Catholicism
Anarchism = Protestantism

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What did they mean by this?


I fucking HATE puritans and everything they represent with a burning passion. Bunch of self-righteous witch hunting xenophobic moral panicking PSYCHOPATHS.

makes you think

t. witch

Based Puritans built the early Massachusetts colony.

Shame on user for not having respect for pathological asceticism

Atheism = Close to Egoism.

I think you mean

Gnosticism rejects materialism. It is not compatible with Marxism.


Egoism is apotheosis

Have you seen The Witch yet? I reckon you'll like it.



There you go

I don't think Gnosticism can be ascribed any anarcho signifier.

Mark Lilla presents a convincing case for Gnosticism being the root of all reactionary thought, actually.

Decentralized communes that share the fruits of their labor which have essentially no executor. Ok

That would be compelling if Gnostics weren't universally persecuted by the Church and the State which are the chief reactionary institutions.

Gnostics want to see the material world cleansed in fire. Literally.

They were rightly persecuted. Fuck them.

They want the human race to find union with Sophia the Divine Wisdom all at once and for the material prison of the Demiurge to be destroyed in holy fire (Big Crunch style)

This is the same wish as AI/Transhumanists fags who want to ascend via technology.

They were ahead of their time, just needed internet access

Don't be faggot. Go read what they had to say

t. someone who has never read Voegelin

Take your spooky reactionary shit back to /fringe/.

What did Martin Luther mean by this?

Communists have better meetings and music, and they both have shit theory, and the best theory predates both of them or lies outside of them? Makes sense to me.

No I have not read random secular fag

Lol defend xtians once and you are suddenly a reactionary

This is why leftism will never win

Stop talking about Gnosticism if you haven't read Voegelin, please.

I've actually read tracts from gnostic texts and conversed with gnostics extensively. Have you?

Why are you scared of destruction of the material world?

Do you think you'll find salvation here on Earth while porky rapes the species and the biosphere and you are powerless to do anything about it? You think that Commies would not nuke the Western Hemisphere to save the Global South from total ecocide given the chance? Total hypocrisy.

Your guy believed Marxism was Gnostic (it is). Marxists have no problem committing mass genocide. Why are you scared of pacifist vegetarians who lived on communes in mud huts?

Yes. Was heavily immersed in it for a few years.

Because spirit is a bone.

He was wrong about this. Marxism is more in line with Judaic Messianism, actually. Benjamin was on the right track.

take your filthy spooks out of my board

This is good

No, your perception of your bones and flesh is spirit

I am not going to debate the deep similarities between right hand path mysticism and all collectivist ideologies.

Just so we are clear they are all essentially collectivist (suffism, daoism, zen, gnosticism) generally lend themselves to redistribution of wealth, aescetic living, emphasis of the commune over the individual (god over man) and pacifism (respect for life)


Gotta say, Martin luthor could spin out some fucking amazing insult.

Yes, you are indeed a sophist. Thank you for projecting that Truth.

Yeah, you have no idea what you're talking about. Please go back to /fringe/.

Yes, society is controlled by "dark forces" (capitalists) and yes it needs to be redeemed by a "purifying/Messianic" force (the proletariat), but the world itself isn't some inherently evil place created by Sophia in the periphery of divine light, forever doomed to wander in the outer darkness, or whatever other nonsense is spelled out in The Apocryphon of John.

Lol union with godhead, pacifism, vegetarianism, rejection of the material world especially sensuality is somehow not right hand path you stupid faggot

I reject this man's understanding of the LHP/RHP dichotomy.

LHP=Apotheosis (Stirner: You are all my food)
RHP=Bodhisattva mindset (I will stay unto the ends of time itself to liberate the endless sentient beings from suffering)

LHP fags want to become living gods in their own universes. Very common Holla Forumstist belief system is hermeticism which is dedicated to this

RHP cucks want to find union with Nature, God, Wisdom. Generally feel respect and love for their fellow sentient beings and are almost invariably vegetarians or pacifists of some degree

There are exceptions with the Sikhi faith being a big one but in general this is my understanding of the matter after a decent number of years of conversing with and reading from these ideologies.

What's orthodox then?

Protestantism = reactionary
Catholicism = reactionary
atheism = socialism

atheism=infantile faith in human reason and rejection of organic connection with the universe



socialism=infantile faith in materialism and rejection of the importance of racial differences in civil society

See, I can do it too.

I agree with this notion tho. Racial differences must be dealt with a delicate, highly conscientious and non-violent (non-segregationist) manner. The idiotic notion that you can simply merge African-Asian-Euro-Latin American cultures together without insanely unpredictable conflict is infantile.

This doesn't mean that race is necessarily embedded in genetics or that there really are inferior races. Or that races deserve their own nations or that racial supremacism isn't repugnant.

That said Catholic Latin Americans and Cosmopolitan Japanese people will not commingle well unless certain measures are taken to ease them into each other. These measures are not talked about nearly enough in socialist literature especially internationalist theory.

The young left Catholic movement is pretty based tbh.

But why do you think they have to do so?
Multiculturalism is a result of neoliberalism and displacement resulting from war.

Multiculturalism is a result of neoliberalism and displacement resulting from war.
No its an inevitable result of human migration and the natural curiosity of sapient organisms

However, this does not mean we should not recognize and act in accordance with the innate ethno-religious differences within humanity.

The idea that North Africans will stop coming to Europe because glorious revolution has happened is nonsensical. Granted their living conditions will improve, they will still migrate en mass to the immediate sites of prosperity (AKA liberated regions with high tech or food resources)

Desertification won't be solved over night and it is secretly one of, if not the biggest reason for mass migration from Old World Equatorial climes and the MENA region

that conflict can only last for so long Holla Forums, white, asian and black male will only shitpost via twitter as long as they have enough food to eat

not Holla Forums faggot

stop with the non-sequitors its unbecoming

The differences between cultures (which exist empirically) are no surmountable the moment capitalism and hierarchy is dissolved. There are still stark variations between African-European and Asiatic cultures especially at the familial and communal levels. They can be dissolved over time and with great care. But, a violent and sudden mixing of the races and nations is a recipe for reactionary lunacy taking over and spreading like the plague

You have no idea what you are talking about.

The intermingling of cultures and races is inevitable and is the result of non-stop and well documented human migration and natural curiosity/wanderlust that's inherent to species that can philosophize and think abstractly

I know exactly what I'm talking about. People aren't just displaced because of le capitalizms

They're displaced because of natural disasters, population problems or simply a lack of arable land or resources (which is happening in West China, all over Africa and unfortunately in many parts of S. America)

This will not be stopped simply by ending neo-liberal capitalist globalism

and again, the base that mantains that lunacy violence is a result of people affording the luxury of becoming reactionaries, of having their basic needs met and realized

You can pretty much see this in syria, where the reactionary forces have to be mantained by foreign powers supplying weapons, munitions, aid along with trading with them, ISIS, and other radical ethnic and cultural forces can only exist as long as they don't have to ask if they should worry about infidels or if they should worry about what they are going to east tomorrow

the sooner we end with racial, ethnic and cultural divisions, the harder it will be for porky to use them as leverage to support the base-superstructure

tl;dr fuck your spooks nigga

Catholicism is explicitly anti-communist iirc. That being said, there are some good Catholics who do not follow that Vatican bs (liberation theology being the best group).

poor Luther must be rolling in his grave. What a shame

considering capitalists production both fuels the climate damage that intensifies them and creates and system where the land cannot be efficiently used, along with ever growing demand to increase profts, yes, destroying capitalism will destroy most economi migration

No its not, its a result of people's mind's (brains whatever) having hard wired circuits of meme-ideologies/behavior patterns imprinted into their genetics that can't be overcome in one generation. This is an undeniable scientific fact (i despise appeals to empirical data but this is an exception)

Yes I'd agree that both Assad and ISIS would disappear without help from China/Russia/Israel/US/UK/France (who are arming and funding both parties)

That said, the ethnic conflict between Sunnis and Shias. Alawites and Levantine Arabs is not reducible to simply people fulfilling certain criterion that allows irresponsible chimping out

Racial yes, ethnic and cultural (sadly no)

nigga fuck you for not grasping the intricacies of human psycho-physical existence.

Multiculturalism isn't the same thing as different cultures meeting by discovery.
Look at history, when has any major civilisation with multiple cultures within it, not been the result of conquering, either in terms of war or economics?

yo fight me boy.

Nope, desertification and ocean acidosis are a run away train we will have to hope crashes gently. You are far too optimistic, our scum bag forebears royally fucked us all nice and hard with their industrialist nonsense

Ancient China, Greece, India, Ottoman Empire, Islamic Caliphates, Byzantium

Do you even history bro?

all wrong lol

Hapsburg Europe

You have a very broad concept of multicultural.

sounds like fucking spooks to me, my father is incredibly reactionary and fucking spooked and here I am, stirner posting

If there is one thing Mao did right was the cultural revolution

here you are making a mistake, if you agree ecological damage is caused by global capital, along with other regional political crisis then you understand the cause of economic migrants has to be the economic system, not a genetic/cultural one>>1123808

omit the post quoting and the greentext at the end

Alexandria, Byzantium, Athenian-Spartan cultural exchange, Ottoman Jewish/Greek/Egyptian culture, Han-Mongol culture, Dravidian-Aryan culture

BTFO'd foolish human

I guarantee you have genetic mutations that correlate with individualism, critical thinking, aversion to authority and irreverence (guarantee)

No it was stopping the Nationalists who are actually only 3rd to the Japs and Nazis in terms of the RATE that they murdered at

Racial and ethnic differences are cultural and to a degree epigenetic artifacts of differing origins and histories

Human mass migration is always due to primarily war (which would disappear) and then ecological disaster (which is worse than ever and cannot be handwaved away by glorious revolution) all the damage is still there and CO2 levels along with acidification will continue to rise in the immediate future regardless of how we organize ourselves. We cannot escape what our ancestors did

Inherited the territories of Rome which conquered half the Mediterranean.


Conquered an entire empire.

Is a subcontinent. The Mauryan Empire was one of conquest though, as were the Mughals and later the British East India Company.

conquered the first on the list lol

attempted to conquer the first on the list twice

Doubt it, I used to flirt with "capitalism wiyh a human face" and even with Asserism

Philosophy, economy and the likes are simply too complex to be explained by mere genetic disposition, everything we know is the result of experience, take a loot at Molyneux's problem, blind people, who know how to differentiate between a sphere and a ball via tact, can't tell the difference visually, there is no innate knowledge

Where is Satanposter when you need her?

Out, you bourgeious systems of enforced submission! You have no place on a free man's board!

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