This shit must end now

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You know what this means. Time to force the system to guide them into watched lands.

What a convenient app.

I was wondering where to put the land mines, but now there's an app for that.


Don't really need help for most of these countries. Just walk on in.

Let it happen

(((they)) don't hide it anymore
1 - this sort of app probably already exists
2 - this must be flaunting the law, but globalists are selective in application.

That activated my almonds user.

Bump to save Western Civilization
This is the kind of thing that needs an op.

This is an op just waiting to happen, and I see two major possibilities.
Just make a bunch of fake accounts and start fucking around, adding a ton of drone and camera warnings to build a fake wall of security to scare away the spics
GPS spoof your phone and intentionally walk into areas with security cameras and armed guards
Either way this is gonna backfire and Holla Forums will be responsible for it.
=We Border Patrol Now=

shame if someone scraped the strava heatmap from the inevitable (((human right's activists))) who will help them cross and leaked it to ICE

Why didn't we think of this first and make the ultimate honey pot?

Absolutely under fucking rated

How about an op where anons go to the border and put up land mines signs written in Spanish?

How about an OP to mine the border without signs and keep them guessing?

Do we have a law on the books that won't allow us to mine our own border? We mined the DMZ and Cuba. Seems like it would be cheaper.

Yes goyim, go out and plant indiscriminate explosive devices that can main your own men, women and children, wildlife, cops, border guards etc. It's worth it for the slim chance of stopping an immigrant!
Don't worry about tackling the root causes of immigration, just lash out at the symptoms.
This will surely further the cause of White Nationalism.

What would our people be doing in a lawless no man's land where mines are located?

We could easily counter everything they do. Just compile all their efforts here on Holla Forums and then hand it over to ICE. We the NSA now.


Because that could kill people on our own side. That's why you have to fence around mine fields. If you're going to do that put the mines on the Mexican side.

I never said put actual mines there, I said put signs there.

Again, moshe, what would OUR people be doing there? I don't give a fuck about your kind. Whites should be able to follow simple directions like, don't go here. Mining on THEIR side would be illegal because it isn't our land. They pulled out all the stops today. Even got the tards working overtime.

Placing mines and hunting spics?

You're might be a moron, a spic, a kike or all three. If you're going to go vigilante and put mines anywhere, put them in spicland.


Did I ever mention how much I hate progressives? It's like they're just trolling us now.

bet that!

Why would you put warnings on the land mines? That defeats the purpose of a land mine.

Lucky for us there's also an app that tells ourguys where to avoid because land mines.

It's the same app.

I believe it's a crime to aid in breaking federal law as well, perhaps the courts can convict the app developers. Just keep them away from any cohen judges.


baiting on taco feilds is legal i hope

Minefields are not a good idea. Would it deter most invaders? Yes. Would it give a lot of ammunition to cucks? Hell yes. They'd fake some kid dying there even if they couldn't find one, nevermind the many more kids who'd die by allowing violent animals in.




Maybe the border patrol and ICE should be downloading this app.


Oh look, it's the "FISH BOL/PRO-WHITE IS ANTI-WHITE/YOU ARE BEING BLUEPILLED" agent shill again.

The same laws that don't allow you to booby trap your own property.

However, I'm sure if the land on the border was federally owned they couldland mine it legally. Citizens doing it is a felony. Don't get caught.

And you're absolutely right. I don't think they would need to fake it; a kid stepping on a landmine would happen eventually.

We Just Need To

Who's to say some user didn't think of this?

Too bad the normies will report this into oblivion.

Giving a fuck about what cucks think is where everything went wrong in the first place.

Why would you persist in that folly?

How is shit like this even legal!?
This people deserve a bulled in their heads, nothing less.

A beaner steps on a land mine. The cucks will lose their minds and all the sane people will gather up and support it. Just be vocal next time. The only reason Trump won was his unfaltering vocals.


Brazen fucking spics.

Isn't this illegal to begin with? Assisting in illegal immigration and people smuggling?

Why? Americans love guns so why not just enforce mandatory border patrol?

Place 'Tainted Water' in an area, and then promulgate that area as a safe route.

One thing to keep in mind is to prep /our/ routes before running with them. Fucking with already active trails means you could run across LEO or Traffickers, neither of whom you want to encounter.

Phone Numbers, Emails, Contacts and How-To Guides For Reporting Illegals.


ICE operates a 24/7, toll-free, confidential tip hotline for the U.S., Mexico, and Canada at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). For people in other countries, the ICE hotline number is 1-802-872-6199.

Like ICE, Customs & Border Patrol operates an anonymous tip line. The number for this hotline is 1-800-BE-ALERT (232-5378)

If you want to report kidnapped or exploited children, call 1-800-843-5678 to submit your report to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The information you provide will be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for further investigation.

Immigration & Naturalization Service 1-800-375-5283 National Service Center

(201) 645-2240 Newark office, for New Jersey
(205) 591-0920 Birmingham office, for Alabama
(207) 780-3440 Portland office, for Maine
(208) 334-1824 Boise office, for Idaho
(210) 967-7035 San Antonio office, for Southern Texas
(212) 264-5923 New York office, for Southern New York
(214) 905-5807 Dallas office, for Eastern Texas
(215) 656-7195 Philadelphia office, for Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware
(216) 522-4774 Cleveland office, for Northern Ohio
(303) 371-5028 Denver office, for Colorado
(305) 762-3610 Miami office, for Southern Florida
(307) 772-2040 Cheyenne office, for Wyoming
(312) 353-4465 Chicago office, for Illinois
(313) 568-6042 Detroit office, for Michigan
(314) 539-2538 St. Louis office, for Missouri
(317) 226-6202 Indianapolis office, for Indiana
(319) 364-3280 Cedar Rapids office, for Iowa
(401) 528-5532 Providence office, for Rhode Island (also 528-5545)
(402) 697-9154 Omaha office, for Nebraska (extension 627)
(404) 730-2841 Atlanta office, for Georgia (extension 346)
(405) 231-4595 Oklahoma City office, for Oklahoma
(406) 449-3991 Helena office, for Montana
(407) 855-4418 Orlando office, for Eastern Florida
(410) 962-7449 Baltimore office, for Maryland
(412) 395-4463 Pittsburgh office, for Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia
(414) 297-1571 Milwaukee office, for Wisconsin
(501) 646-4722 Ft. Smith office, for Western Arkansas
(502) 582-6953 Louisville office, for Kentucky
(503) 326-7475 Portland office, for Oregon
(504) 589-4120 New Orleans office, for Louisiana
(513) 684-2412 Cincinnati office, for Southern Ohio
(518) 431-0325 Albany office, for Northern New York
(601) 965-5878 Jackson office, for Mississippi
(603) 625-5276 Manchester office, for New Hampshire
(612) 313-9040 Bloomington office, for Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota
(617) 565-3100 Boston office, for Massachusetts
(619) 557-6011 San Diego office, for Southern California
(702) 388-6414 Las Vegas office, for Nevada
(703) 578-4901 Washington office, for District of Columbia and Northern Virginia
(704) 672-6938 Charlotte office, for North Carolina
(757) 858-7502 Norfolk office, for Southern Virginia
(801) 265-0136 Salt Lake City office, for Utah
(802) 527-3191 St. Albans office, for Vermont
(803) 727-4422 Charleston office, for South Carolina
(813) 288-1226 Tampa Bay office, for Central Florida
(816) 891-8350 Kansas City office, for Kansas
(860) 240-3346 Hartford office, for Connecticut
(901) 544-0256 Memphis office, for Tennessee and Eastern Arkansas (extension 136)
(907) 474-1025 Fairbanks office, for Alaska
(915) 540-1736 El Paso office, for Western Texas and New Mexico

South Central Florida Area INS 4
360 North Lake Blvd.,
Suite 107 West Palm Beach, FL 33410 Attn:Investigations

Northeastern Florida Area INS
P.O. Box 35029
Jacksonville, FL 32302
Attn: Investigations

For further information, please visit the U.S. Immigration and
Naturalization Service (INS)
homepage at:


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What an interesting choice in countries.

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Pretty much this, and obviously if some random beaner can use it, the US government can access its information too.

What a nice person.

guys make sure you record the placement of the mines because we'll manifest destiny eventually and we dont want to have a bunch of unknown landmines in the wilderness for our future people

Knowing the potential risks and rewards, I suggest that when using this to go kill spics, there is some degree of opsec and teamwork employed.

Some basic common-sense things:

1) Instead of having the people on the field use the app, have someone communicate (by using non-kiked communications) to a team where to go. This reduces the likelihood of the system compromising the strike teams.

2) Avoid ICE. If ICE is near you, the work is being done. Moreover, a bunch of people with guns near a border is kinda suspicious - they'll think you're drug dealers, at best.

3) Don't trap lethally - no land mines, no spike pits. ICE might get caught. That is no good.

4) Scouts are important. You need to be sure that you know when ICE is coming, and you need to bounce and go to where ICE is not going to be.

5) Communicate with other groups of people doing the same thing. You don't want to have too much overlap in your spic killing areas, this causes administrative issues ("oh shit ice is coming, oh wait nvm that's one of ours.")

Moreover, I'll suggest that flooding the app with false information is not a great idea, unless done surgically. I don't think random people should do this. This should be done by people who know what they're doing, and who know where our guys are.

I think the ideal team of people for using this to slaughter spics would look something like this:

1 Commander, tasked with manipulating the app to funnel spics into certain spots.
1-2 Administrators, tasked with relaying commands to people on the ground and giving everyone supplies (food, guns, binoculars, bullets).

Scouting Squads:
3-4 groups of 1-2 Scouts, tasked with relaying correct information (location of ICE, location of spics) to Command. This squad should have no guns and a reasonable excuse to present to ICE if they get caught.

Shooting Squads:
2-4 Snipers, tasked with shooting some damn spics.

To put it flatly, this isn't a one-man job. I'd suggest that a group of at least 10 people as above would be best suited for this.

This will be the greatest Holla Forums Op in a long time. I can already feel it.



Easy fix, just charge them with aiding and abetting criminal activity.
They literally say on their website they're intention is to help crossing of the US States Boarder illegally
They're intention as stated is to get people across the better, more effectively. Thus their intention is to aid, increase, or assist in the crime of illegal entry.
By offering location data with the intention to "provide real time information for the best immigration routes to cross the U.S. - Mexico boarder" the first time someone uses it, they have concretely asisted them in the criminal act. To the extent that by their stated purpose it may have possibly not occured with out them.
Again all it would take for one person to use the application in crossing illegally, or even proof by the real time submissions and tracking data they would have, that could be seized following a criminal case, proving a use of the app, and the criminal offence.

Their little social approval bux grab of a shitty start up won't be so fun when they're sitting in prison with felonies.

guiding illegals to their doom would be pretty fun

Naw son. Keep track of the numbers, maybe, but don't bother with the locations. Just put up a sign saying "Free Buried Tacos". They'll find them all eventually.

Jail them right next to all the "sanctuary city" mayors and governors.

If you want to let it happen, get an android emulator, download the app, make a note of all possible openings and notify ICE. That is, if you're a burger.

Good lad.