The Origins of the Nazi Masturbation Machine Myth

This video/article reveals the origins of the Nazi Masturbation Myth



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I'm not clicking on any of those links although the second one looks like a decent source given the site's name alone. Come on OP, put some effort in your posts. An analysis or just a summary would be nice. Or a hooktube or webm if you're lazy as fuck.


This video goes over an article about Bernard Holstein. Holstein wrote a best selling book called, "Stolen Stole," in which he claims a Wolf helped he and his friends escape Auschwitz. Holstein also claims that the Nazis used masturbation machines on Jews during the holocaust.

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The masturbation machine is an obvious lie but the wolf saving them is really what cements the fact that it's bullshit.

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Its a hoax. Holstein never left Australia.

When is someone gonna make a collection of all the crazyz holohoax stories into a vid that even normies can watch?
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