Somali Knife Attack, Claims Jihad:Watchdog Says Somali Youth Looking to Attack Americans

Somali Man in Mall of America Knife Attack Pleads Guilty, Claims Jihad: Watchdog Says Somali Youth Looking to Attack Americans in US

Mahad Abdiaziz Adbiraham, pleaded guilty this week to stabbing and seriously wounding two brothers in a Macy’s dressing room at Mall of America last Nov 12. Adbiraham had his lawyer read a statement in court saying attack was an act of jihad for ISIS. Even more disturbing were comments by a spokesman for a watchdog group who said more Somali youth in U.S. are looking for ways to attack Americans. Claim of jihad as the motive for attack has only been reported by KTSP-TV in Minneapolis. The rest of local and national media has not reported on it. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported on the guilty plea but ignored statement on jihad, focusing instead on ‘mental illness’ as the reason for the attack.

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