Kill la kill

Only on episode 4 so far, but it's surprisingly redpilled.

Any other class-conscious anime?

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Ragyo did nothing wrong

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fuck /a/

Gurren Lagann is basically a metaphor for the USSR.

I'm guessing you didn't lurk or the board went to shit. Been a couple years since I left.

As much as I love TTGL, it seems pretty reactionary sometimes with the romantic rhetoric.

I left /a/ in 2007.

It's basically a shameless Kill La Kill rip-off

It's a show about peasants overthrowing a character with "Lord" in his name and going on to create a socialist utopia and then fighting off a foreign power that thinks they're a threat because muh human nature.

It has porkies, slaves and revolutions.
They all linger as a global background plot, while the strawhats put their marks throughout the world.

I used to love this when I was 13
I sometimes miss it

You have to read the manga. The anime went downhill, when they decided to do 1 episode per chapter.
Also their fillers sucks.

If you want to repick it, the Water7/EniesLobby double arc are absolutely top notch.
The current arc as well. They have to deal with literal Nazis


I stopped watching somewhere around ep 400. I see there are almost 800 episodes now, wew.

This anime set in the 1960's Japan with a god tier jazz soundtrack has a communist character.

KLK is full of imagery that is anarchist, atheist, revolutionary, and so on. However, it is also pretty classcucked, with strong class-collaborationist themes, and in the end literally everyone just gets a job at their dad's family business. not making that up.

good shit though.

Class collaborationism is inherent to Japanese culture. Metropolis ends in that note as well.

More Buddhist than atheist m8

Not sure there were many bourgs left to collaborate with tho

Legend of the Galactic Heroes actually gets pretty leftist in its rhetoric, being all anti-hierarchical, radically democratic, anti-religious, and extremely egalitarian at times. They also found a nice bunkertastic People's Republic, so it may be Hoxhaist.

I thing Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex migt have been class-conscious. All the subplots were about the Spectacle, state corruption, corporate evil, and (in S2) the tendency for private capital to profit off continued immiserarion. Hideo Kuze was also unironically a revolutionary socialist with pseudo-Leninist theory, which might actually bleed over into the new movie.

Skycrawlers too. Nice absurdist critique of society and entertainment, plus a fighter plane doing a 360 degree Tokyo Drift.

Theres stuff, but not a lot of it.

What's wrong with romantic rhetoric?

But the main character's dad is dead.

If the Jap communist party is so big, why is class conscious anime so hard to come by? Just because porky anime companies won't allow it?

Really fam?
Also, the JCP platform is not that radical, they think the material conditions for a "socialist" society already exist in japan so you don't need a violent overthrow of the current order and a painful transitional period.

Pic related if you haven't watched it already. nothing that class-conscious but the protagonist is alienated as all fuck and there is a bit where she gets a horrible job at a cake factory and you can just feel her pain.

Not exactly class-conscious, but Paranoia Agent builds up to the greatest condemnation of alienation, spectacle, spooks, self-delusion and lifestylism I've ever seen in any story.

LotGH isn't really very concerned with the capitalist/socialist-divide during the industrial revolution (although much of the Alliance, especially its æsthetic, is maximum commie), but primarily with the earlier authoritarian/liberal-divide back in the Enlightenment era. It hems and haws between the rank corruption that naturally festers within democracy and the inherent evil of totalitarianism, without really touching on a third way.

GitS seems less concerned with sociopolitics and economics insofar as it directly concerns the general run of the people, and more concerned with the way the "deep state" of dead-air obscure bureaucrats, high-security establishments and elites that accumulate within large stable organizations regardless of regime changes, tend to siphon power and pursue perverse agendas.

The JCP is pretty much just an extra-red socdem party, rather than an ML circlejerk. That sort of thing was stamped out after the JRA (Mautists who made the German RAF look like kindergärtners) got driven out of Japan following a string of bombings and mass shootings, whence they went on the run, eventually teaching the Arabs the idea of suicide attacks while on the run in Palestine.


Berserk is low key redpilled (lel). If you pay close attention it exposes the effete impotence of the ruling classes and the power of the oppressed, rejected working class to accomplish tasks of physical action far more proficiently than the appointed rulers.

Literally the one thing that would seal OP as class conscious would be what Dragons ideals are

TTGL is literally the most fascist anime ever made. KlK is as well lol. Trigger are legitimately fascists.

Are you retarded?
Not only is TTGL dialectics the anime but fucking KLK is explicitly anti fascist.

TTGL is about the masculine and the machine triumphing over all obstacles through the power of spirit and will. It's also about lebunsraum, being unjustly convicted of war crimes and being suppressed by external actors. It's the most aesthetically fascist anime. KLK is not anti-fascists at all– the leader of the gang, the woman with the black hair, is the ideal fascist leader.

triumphing over all obstacles through the power of spirit and will
This does not have to be fascistic at all. Berserk has this underlying theme as well and it is in no way advocating fashy anything. The main character is always protecting the weak, the vulnerable or himself. Never using his strength to steal from or dominate others.

Can you explain why sheer force of will is a bad motif?

Can we please stop saying "red pilled"

But ttgl is fascist– I'm phone postIng lel so it's hard to elaborate but it's ttgl emphasis on MOTION and MASCULINE ENERGY, on the pathetic failure and cowardice of the bureaucrat, and on the unimportance of real, material conditions in the face of SPIRIT. That's ignoring the fact that it's literally about the terrorific fantasy being forced to cull your own people sue to rules imposed by the terms of a treaty.

Japanese animation about alienation
Not traditional "anime"-style though but still good

I've noticed this is the mark of an idiot.

No one else says "I'm posting from my grandmother's house" or "It's very cold where I am" but phones are always an excuse.

Neither of your examples could affect your typing much though lol

TTGL is a story about a group of peasants overthrowing an autocratic tyrant who thinks he's suppressing humanity for it's own good. They overthrow him and essentially create FALC it isn't hatred of the beurocrat either rosio is painted as a cold figure who compromises too many of the ideals Simon and team dai gurren fought for. They go on to destroy anot emotionless mass of oppressive entities seeking to destroy humanity because muh human nature. The only things you can seriously point to as reactionary about it is the theme of romantic masculinity but that's about it and I'd argue it's hardly if ever used to put any female down in the show. Kamina is a bit chauvinistic but he still accepts Yoko as a person and Simon who carries the torch isn't sexism in the slightest.
You pointed out Satsuki is the ideal fascist leader. Did you completely missed the entire second half of the show basically shitting on her old world view and by the end she completely sees how wrong she was?

Kill la Kill's writer (and TTGL's co-writer) used to write articles for the Asahi Shimbun, which is seen as a left-leaning newspaper in Japan. There's no way in hell a jap fascist or even conservative would write for the Asahi. They also advertised Kill la Kill in it. So while they might have flaws, be it idealism in TTGL (which isn't inherently bad, though) or class collaborationism in KLK, looking at the whole picture calling them fascist is a stretch and shows how you haven't seen actually fascist shows that japs have shat out in the past (and recently, too).

Grandmother keyboards are often terrible and cold hands make it hard to type.

daamn, that was good shit


TTGL is about "brotherly combining" aka cooperation to overthrow technocrats. You couldn't be more retarded if you tried.

Satsuki is only "fascist" because she is training an army to overthrow actual fascists. This is revealed halfway through the show. Also, the "ultimate twist" of KLK is that clothes originate from alien parasites. In the climax the characters all get naked (shed the fascist aesthetic) as a form of revolutionary empowerment. You are maximally retarded.

i.e. direct action

i.e. agitation

Where is this ever?

…Kamina has all the spirit in the world, and all it does is cause mischief until he and Simon acqurie Lagann. The important thing is that the seize the tools that allow them to channel their spirit into something useful. Even after Kamina dies they keep winning because they now have the means to. Fuck, you really are retarded.

…that's only one of the significant characters, and it's strongly implied that living in a society like that fucked him up and caused problems later when he got into power.

they manage to slip things through occasionally



any comrade have that "FUCK ANIME" image?