There are people who unironically believe pizzagate

This is one giant grasping at straws event. Hillary probably has no sex drive. Why would she be a pedophile?

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that instagram account was incredibly creepy though, regardless if there was anything actually bad happening or not.

How many pizzagate threads do we need?

You mean to tell me allllllll these famous people who all know each other, none of them knew the others were pedophiles, by the way that list is nowhere near exhaustive.

I don't need those emails to tell me the rich and powerful are diddling kiddies on mass.

quads speak the truth

Roman Polanski wasn't a pedophile, he was an ephebophile.

Did Charles Manson do the right thing by killing his wife?

A kiddy fucker is a kiddy fucker

The poor and powerless do a good job keeping up with them in that regard.

The desire for power isn't confined in wanting to win elections.

Well, this mouthbreather from North Carolina believed in it. I hope it was the worth the jail time he's facing.

You can't put anything past the ruling class. I wouldn't say I believe in the Pizzagate allegations but it's not as if I would be surprised if it all turned out to be true.

Yeah, no individual case is one that I would fight to prove to people but none of them are unbelievable.

Yes, but you're a god damned moron if you think they are using pizza related code words in open email exchanges to talk about child sex trafficking.

This seems to all stem from the fact that Obama apparently spent a lot of money to fly in "pizza and hot dogs" from Chicago. If Holla Forumsyps had more than 2 brain cells to rub together, they might realize that Chicago is famous for its pizza and hot dogs, and that Obama is from there, and that he very likely chartered a jet to bring him some pizza and hot dogs from his hometown for a party he was having.

I understand logic is not the average Holla Forumsyp's strong suit, but come on…


where do you think you are?

Oh I agree with you there. There'>>1120093

This. at worse it was some money laundering thing.

"Open email exchanges"? These were emails from Hillary's private server, weren't they? And a child sex trafficking ring has to organize somehow.

Big gubermands acomin lolbertard. Better check the police scanner noises coming from the airvents

I'm a communist you fuckstain. I was asking a question because I was pretty sure but not completely sure that this whole thing started with the Podesta emails.

You're a moron.

Take your paranoiac schizoapophenia back to Holla Forums.

There are probably pedos in the US government

But I don't think they're using coded pizza language and having satanic rituals

Nigger what? I don't buy into pizzagate, I'm just pointing out that the dismissal doesn't really make sense. If these people really were habitual child abusers, they would have been at it for a long time, since well before Wikileaks and the like started happening. People are really bad at changing old habits, so even if they were security conscious, they would probably have lapses. We're also talking about the ruling class here. They think they're untouchable because they pretty much are. For fuck's sake, Nixon's presidency ended because he wasn't careful enough to keep his crimes hidden. Hubris is nothing alien to politics.

Are there pedos in the US government? Sure, probably. Did pizzagate find evidence? Circumstantial at best. The reallly crazy thing about conspiracy theories though is all the people who are anxious to refute them, to the point that they'll call people who don't even believe in the conspiracy theories crazy.

Instead of the voice of conscience, [the paranoiac] hears voices; instead of inwardly examining itself in order to draw up a protocol of its own lust for power, it attributes to others the Protocol of the Elders of Zion. It overflows at the same time as it dries up. It invests the outside world boundlessly with what is within itself; but what it invests is something utterly insignificant, an inflated accumulation of mere means, relationships, machinations, a grim praxis unilluminated by thought. Domination itself which, even as absolute power, is inherently only a means, becomes in untrammeled projection the purpose both of oneself and of others, purpose as such. In the sickness of the individual, humanity's sharpened intellectual apparatus is turned once more against humanity, regressing to the blind instrument of hostility it was in animal prehistory, and as which, for the species, it has never ceased to operate in relation to the rest of nature. Just as, since its rise, the human species has manifested itself toward others as developmentally the highest, capable of the most terrible destruction; and just as, within humanity, the more advanced races have confronted the more primitive, the technically superior nations the more backward, so the sick individual confronts the other individual, in megalomania as in persecution mania. In both cases the subject is at the center, the world a mere occasion for its delusion; it becomes the impotent or omnipotent quintessence of what is projected on to it. The opposition of which the paranoiac complains indiscriminately at every step is the result of the lack of resistance, of the emptiness which the encapsulated subject generates around itself. The paranoiac cannot stop. The idea, having no firm hold on reality, insists all the more and becomes the fixation.

Because paranoiacs perceive the outside world only in so far as it corresponds to their blind purposes, they can only endlessly repeat their own self, which has been alienated from them as an abstract mania. This naked schema of power as such, equally overwhelming toward others and toward a self at odds with itself, seizes whatever comes its way and, wholly disregarding its peculiarity, incorporates it in its mythic web. The closed circle of perpetual sameness becomes a surrogate for omnipotence. It is as if the serpent which told the first humans 'Ye shall be as gods' had kept his promise in the paranoiac.

spookposters btfo


You literally just proved Adorno's point.

Wow, it's just like criticising Israel on any conservative website

Again, proving his point.

Seriously, if there's one book you deluded Holla Forumsyp's absolutely need to read it's The Dialectic of Enlightenment. Get to it.

He is right that it's begging the question.

Adorno isn't a Jew. Fuck off shill.


What point? Is there anything in there backed up by actual evidence or scientific study? Seems more like the usual word-salad to prove a conclusion he's already arrived at, i.e. the tired Jewish argument that anyone non-Jewish critical of anything a Jewish person or persons does is inherently insane, therefore there's no real need to consider any argument put forward by "anti-Semites"

Even though he may not have been maternally Jewish, Judaism was important to Adorno's identity

A partial ethnic "status" can only have an immeasurable effect upon his life and philosophical works. Adorno, whose Jewish father converted to Protestantism, while his mother was Catholic, had little interest for Judaism en nom collectif.

Only insofar as rejecting that identity. There's a reason why he critiqued Benjamin for being too Judaic.

Seems more like the usual Holla Forums anti-intellectualism.

Yet it still had a major impact on his sense of self, and his (and the rest of the Frankfurt School's) obsession with "anti-Semitism".

Why? There's nothing in there backed up by any sort of evidence accrued through actual study or observation of persons with "anti-Semitic" tendencies. The conclusion was arrived at already ("anti-Semites are paranoiacs projecting their obsession with power on Jews"), everything that follows is word salad expanding on that previously-derived conclusion.

I mean given the times I can understand why the Frankfurt School still took Freudianism seriously, but science has moved on since the days when anyone in the field of psychology took Freud seriously

Tell us about your obsession with "anti-Semitism" and "Jews."

I mean I can understand why Jews act the way they do, if I was the descendant of a historically persecuted minority I'd probably attribute any suspicion or criticism of my actions by non-Jewish individuals to be based purely on "anti-Semitism" as well

I'm convinced this """controversy""" was deliberately constructed to distract people from real bad shit done by the Clintons while being able to (rightfully so) point at anyone who believes it and call them batshit insane.

Perhaps you are yourself a Jew.

You forgot Ian Watkins, negroid.

They were talking about things in a really strange way. They even talked about "wetwork" in one email, which is code for hired killing. Then we have the fact that both Trump and Bill Clinton have been on Epstein's Pedo Plane, undeniably in the flight logs. And Podesta's favorite painters do basically make creepy pedo shit.

Does it all add up to a provable thesis yet? Nope. But it's not like this paranoia came out of nowhere. It's feeding on little bits and pieces of elite weirdness.

Elite pedophile rings are real but this pizzagate stuff is not an example of one.

Not even self-hating Jews are particularly critical of Jews, sorry to disappoint user

Then you have not been among many Jews.

tbh there are enough dubious allegations and connections among international ruling elites that suggest that many are involved in child sex trafficking, but pizzagate seems to be grasping at straws.

The real scandal is that the ruling class are involved in the systematic exploitation or abuse of children and other vulnerable groups. It’s called capitalism and/or imperialism.

Conspiracy theories are a fictionalized and paranoid way of telling a basic truth.

Gross generalization. Many certainly are this, but many conspiracies have indeed occurred and have been correctly theorized about. Capitalism is not a conspiracy, but many capitalists have engaged in conspiracy within capitalism. Blanket dismissal of conspiracy theories is a tactic used by the ruling class.

You are correct that this is much bigger than "pizzagate" and why this name was chosen, who knows? But the conspiracy was born form a lot of emails talking about pizza, cheese, sauce, and a bunch of other words.
One line in an email was "Do you think I'll be able to play dominoes better on cheese, than on pasta?
Cheese little girl, Pasta little boy?
Then there were more and more with this apparent code, and maybe it is for something else. And honestly so far there is nothing directly tying Hillary, but plenty of "evidence" to say that a FORMAL investigation should be done.
But truly pizzagate is so far passed the connection between Podesta and the pizza owner James Alfenatis (or however you spell it). Now we are stuck with a stupid name that doesn't really quantify what is being "investigated".

This. It's unbelieveable how eager people are to call "conspiracy theorists" crazy for simply pointing out that pretty fucking simple basic pieces of evidence.

Also a lot of past information is being looked at again, that didn't get the serious attention it deserved.
Documentary "Conspiracy of Silence" is a great way to see how this was SOOOOO before "pizzagate"
I just don't want you to think that this all just about a stupid pizza place, because it definitely is not.

The whole thing started when people noticed some code-speak in the Podesta emails revolving around pizza, and because a couple specific pizza shops are suspected by the conspiracy theorists to be fronts.