Is art subjective? is the quality of art subjective?

is art subjective? is the quality of art subjective?

Of course it is.


are you telling me that beethoven and some shitty /mu/-tier avant garde noise are both "art"?

Art is a spook


They're both music and music is art, so…

If you wouldn't mind waiting around for a little while, OP, I'll write a long-ass response to this. Else I'll not bother.

what type of art are you talking about ? what medium that is

no, the only good art is the one I like

Of course not that's bourgeois ideology


and spook is anything a person is uncomfortable or unwilling to discuss. something being a spook is irrelevant, my ego can deliberately choose to consider a spook to be important if i want to.

this makes sense

sounds like something a person with shit taste would say to rationalize liking generic pop-trap-dance-EDM shit music

that word is losing its meaning.

zip it, my property



No and no.

You take that back. There's a lot of great noise, classical music stagnated for many years. You can criticize art music for being aimless (which I disagree with), but the only art that I consider shitty is commodified art.

Degenera­cy. :v)


So is this Stirner shit just a meme or do people really place value in a belief system that can be boiled down to "I do what I want?"

Its 80% meme, 10% illiteracy and 10% taking ideas from stirner and re-purposing them