How many people do you think it would take to make a small anarchist collective...

How many people do you think it would take to make a small anarchist collective? one just big enough to be stable but not so big things collapse in upon themselves.
As an anarchist myself while I know that most of what I want isn't feasible en masse I want to know at what scale could people like me have what they truly want?

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Go to Slab City OP

idk but i think we shouldnt ghetto ourselves

you need only the unique

I don't know but if you fucks start one I'll help

Do you just mean an income-sharing commune? 50. Depending on how much shit you want to produce yourself, that number goes up.

Here we go again!

Hop on to the Utopian socialist train!


I've been interested in this a while.

I'm still thinking we need to make up an urban collective, that actually produces and trades with the locals.

The only problem I've had in trying to figure this out is figuring out what an industrial anarchist collective would produce.

Technically speaking the internet is anarchist organization.



Technically speaking the internet is not an "organization;" technically speaking, it's a service provided under capitalism by the private sphere, with structures possible to co-opt for radical ends, but overwhelmingly reproducing the capitalist superstructure. Technically speaking, you are an idiot.


Not really. The infrastructure that allows the internet to exist is state or privately owned.

It does reproduce it.

But it also rejects it. We're not total robots.

Really the internet is more of a tool than anything, but not to spread ideology. It's usefulness will prove when the time comes.

That doesn't really change the fact.

That's kind of the point of political activism. You can already go live on a hippy commune in Virginia if you want. They've been doing their thing since the 70's with nothing to show for it.

What fact?

God forbid doing anything, be it for political reasons, economic ones, or both

Your fetishization of the net is so early 90's.

Organization without state.

That is everywhere you go outside the internet. You can't make the same argument that it's more or less here.

Don't tell me you don't block ads

How about instead of your pseudo-involvement you read some fucking books first to understand what strategies are fruitful and what are complete shams made to make you feel better or make you into a useless martyr?

Maybe you should invest your time with useful avenues of activism because I don't see how you shacking up with Moonbeam on the Mahkno Ranch is really going to accomplish much outside of satisfying your personal needs to escape society.