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because OP is a fag

I'm cross posting drunk, cut me some slack m8

old news, fuckoff

~24 hours is old now?

They're completely drawing a blank on this.


here's a free bump, kikestein

Congress states what we know so well. So is this the thread that is being slid?

Stop drinking fag

Yes, I believe so. This isn't something to take lightly, when congressmen come out on tv and say this kind of shit it means something. Especially considering gowdy is one of them, he just resigned from the house intelligence committee saying he was looking to be reassigned to a different (Perhaps new?) committee.

We will have to see. the Slide threads suppressing this one are the most blatant. It feels like new subjects.

the absolute madman


Bump, old news is the oldest excuse, we're onto something here folks.

I genuinely like him. He seems to have a backbone

Top Kek.

checked. Don't get drunk, value that mind.


Related note: all of our guys need to immediately cease all shitty habits, exercise, arm, go to the range. This is very important.

Get fit
Get gear
Get a list

I exercise and go to the gym, don't own a gun yet but I'm working on getting my license. I was drunk because I had just gotten back from my brothers birthday party.

The degeneracy of drinking is mitigated by the positives of good company and healthy socialization.

Quit getting drunk. You're ruining your own life and your relationships with everyone who cares about you, including us anons.

t. brother of an alcoholic

Two backup dubs whose authority I will borrow to reinforce our point.

Thanks for embed.

What is this delusion?

Agreed, but it's good for fellow anons to reinforce healthy practices. These days I only "drink" (more than one) a few times a year on special occasions/social settings. But you should start your own list, and if you don't know what that means yet keep lurking. I know you may have no funs, but I'm sure some of your bros do. Get an ugly cz83 for less than 200 with taxes and transfer user, no excuses. Honestly your OP is absolute shit, no idea how this got sticked unless you're a mod and felt this was important while drunkposting. I'm sage'ing this just to be autistic.

Is twitter still linking people to a mental health hotline when they tweet #secretsociety? I was in bed last night reading and wasn't ready for all of my almonds to be activated when I saw that.

Anyone else curious why gowdy is blinking so damn much?

It seems like this stuff always moves at a glacial pace. Let's hope that these guys can really get things going this time.


It's not.


Because he is probably telling the truth, under stress etc.

Well if they are russians then this is a true statement, their faces sometimes look like a truck on travel. But the women were nice.


how is this not politics you fucking mongoloid? its a state rep not just any state rep trey mfin gowdy is saying theres an unelected subdivision of our govt trying to overthrow an elected official?


Sadly you're not good company.

Congratulations on being dumber than the average Somalian.

Not even trying today at work I see.


Still having that shitskin shitfit.

Sweet fuck what a waste of digits

It's treason.

Short version.

sage negated, Schlomo

The shills are really getting worked up about this one.

yeah right, there's no chance shills are writing this script. Goyim we made our secret society only 14 months ago honest. The shills goyim, the shills don't want you to spread this info !

This is driving the shills wild, they're trying to desperately bury this. Post that hashtag boys CNN is sweating.


What a shock.

Bump for shits and giggles.

Look, here's the situation:

Obvious goon, or retarded shill?

yeah goyim, the 14 month old secret society covered up 911 and attacked the US liberty. Go post that hash tag around as many places as you can so we can track you and gather data. Fight the shills !

if it gets out that they called themselves "Dumbledor's Army" or something similar I will never stop laughing. what a collection of faggots.

The media are picking this up!!!!

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is saying that McConnell blocked Kang Nigger from warning the public about "RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE IN ELECTION"


Stop bitching about it. This is gold shit. This is literally the key to busting up these fuckers. This is "the smoking gun". Who the hell cares how vague it is? It constitutes conspiracy, intent. It's FUCKING GOLD.

Is the dailycaller a Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack site?

Baby steps you dumb fucking faggot. What a waste of dubs.


The problem is they could totally have done it of their own accord. These Democrats are crazy. You've met them. They flip out and start screaming and stuff. They really were affected badly, because the whites only voted for Obama because they were promised they'd get their woman president. So they've been waiting 8 years to see it fulfilled, and lulz nope.

The memo seems to implicate kikes. All the RINO kikes came out against its release.

Which is why Twitter is telling people they are mentally ill if they search for #secretsociety.

This is a big one folks, the Jews are scared. Gentiles always rise up, Boomers were fucking idiots, Generation Z is going to answer the Jewish question in an amazing fashion.

Not surprised they do this now.

Poopoo isn't actually in charge of Roosyah.

(((We))) thought killary would win so noone tried to stop the (((russian haxz9rs)))

Where? Got a screenshot? I couldn't replicate it, because Gowdy made it into a news item.

Hide* my bad, its fuck off hot

Never mind, I see the sticky

pic related

Thanks doc!

But seriously is there any other significance to this? Purple revolution… with a green (Pepe/kek) response? Am I being too autistic

Just a tad lad

Has anyone else had Holla Forums redirect a tab automatically to one of its filthy boards, in the background? There's some serious kike cancer going on here!

No, but I block scripts like that. What browser are you using?

Nigger, version 57.something-it's-fucking-updating-again

You might accidentally be clicking [cancer] instead of [catalog].

Dude, it's wild. I was on a different tab and it did it on its own. Fucksake.


Has anyone started calling that mental crisis hotline and giving them the names and numbers of commie scum?

That's not why. The reason why is that the CIA is engaged in an operation to implant thoughts of suicide in the WN movement, and in whites in general.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Anybody want to tell me why this looks eerily familiar?

Thanks user that literally made me laugh

That new apparently, what's with all the spic names? I'll go back to only lurking for some time after this.

Oops, lol.

youre scared, arent you? you little fucking rat. your bosses are about to get fucking indicted.

this "14mo secret society" you scoff at is obviously obama and his crew. it couldnt be more obvious what RG and ratcliffe are talking about unless they had BREAKING REPORT: OBAMA AND HILLARY DUN GOOFED running across the bottom of the screen.

to think that anyone would be stupid enough to not realize that obamas crew has been with him since he took power. you absolutely MUST be getting paid. hell, he probably has people that have been loyal to him, and pulling favors for him since the very beginning of campaigning as senator (im sure theres a ton of journalists/news outlet owners that fall under this particular catergory). and you dont just recommend someone who you aint real cozy with as fucking secretary of state. thus you also have hillarys crew of henchmen (comey and his gaggle of FBI fuckups, the pedostas and the pizza afficionados, countless paid-for celebrities and tv personalities, the list goes on and on). all they have to find is one whiff of conspiracy, or any real trace of a crime and its all ogre. im sure theyll kick and scream all the way to the cell, but either way, there is only one way that this whole investigation is going. they have been at this for probably almost a decade, and its going to be a loooooooonnngg list of crimes to have to pry into, but im hoping that we finally get to see that bitch behind bars before she croaks.

so, you bet your sorry ass this "secret society" has been around for a little while. and i would wager that whoever they have been paying, has been paying you. time to fire up that resume bud.

holy fucking kek, my sides have become new satellites of neptune. i can just imagine a couple spooks holding a gun to some government bureaucrats head, telling him to read off this completely ridiculous statement to the press.

theyre just fuckng admitting that they were tampering with the elecetion now? is that it? thats the last line of defense?

jesus fucking christ, i guess this war of attrition against the autists has really worn them down.

Here's one my autism noticed recently


Purple is not one of the colors of his HS, college, or law school.

Just remember
That's not fucking nothing. Theres been work going on behind the scenes for MONTHS. This an actual fucking happening we're witnessing right now fags. Buckle the fuck up.

Soon enough we will be able to do just that dubs, soon enough

I hope to god they RICO both the entire Obama and Clinton infrastructures over this shit. This is starting to remind of how they got Al Capone

No excuse to get drunk bud.

You can break down ethanol at about 1 drink per hour. You shouldn't have more than 2-3 drinks in one go. That means pace yourself at 2-3 drinks over at least 2-3 hours if not longer.

You can have a good time with the boys without being a degenerate drunk

This is looking to be in the same light as when JFK was hinting at a "secret society" in the web of the government and had his hat taken off shortly after by mere (((coincidence))). The rest was swept under the rug.

Will it be any different this time? Will the texts be "found" after being "lost" to prove such a claim?

It's a different era. Previously, people believed the media. Now people have learned about the #fakenews.

Checked. Nice post.


t. fellow fbi agent posting next to his coworker

These kikes need hanging.

What kind of "secret society"? Whatever could they be talking about?

It's also reminiscent of the secret society that was running the South Korean government. I wonder who could be behind such chicanery?


The Saudi's + Nazis who established their Jew World Order 4th Reich of course!

It would not surprise me, remember what CIA niggers are into

I like Gowdy because he looks like the villain in an 80s movie. Like he would be the CEO of the evil corporation that robocop has to take down or something.


actually user, it isn't happening until people actually start getting arrested
what it should be flashing at is, IT'S TOO LATE

natural and organic memes

yeah, but this time the president can into OPSEC
he ain't gonna die anytime soon

I only consume locally sources small batch memes.

It's not because he's into OPSEC user, it's because he's into ZOG. He's the most kiked president since FDR.

If he gets assassinated, the (((coincidences))) will be too much for the people. If his blood hits the pavement, people will be on the street with torches and rope.

Fuck off back to >>>/mlp/ CIA, your as transparent as they come.

FDR isn't someone to look up to.

The CIA poured funding into degenerate subcultures, such as the furry fandom, in order to study how information flowed through online social networks. These are the petri dishes in which they hoped to catch and culture the autistic before they became self-aware enough to be dangerous.
You are a virus that has broken free of its containment. Release the meme-o.

Gotta love the quality standards around here when we have a cuckchan copy/paste pinned on the front page.

Not all of us are on Tel Aviv time.

kek, that's tasty user. Some craft quality small batch meme'ing right there boys. Glow in the darks are only good at running drugs and murder these days. How long has it been since they've toppled a government? Few years? They know they can no longer operate with absolute impunity and their true cards are showing. I bet last time they rolled old grandpa bush through there he probably wept seeing all of the pozz that's taken over the once great agency he founded so many decades ago.

And a check back to you brother, nice Adolf dubs. Funny how my post was ignored until someone lent support.

user I hate to break it to you, but you know that you have autism right? Sometimes it helps to try and remember that when you're so far on the spectrum you sperg out in threads and shit them up. I'm not saying you're not welcome here, but try and be more constructive about it. If underagefag from the genZ thread can post in a respectable manner with well thought out and argued points so can you.

Speaking of the word you here's your (1)

Ill bite the d&c faggots.

When thread is visited by nervous kikes there is something to it.

ROWDY GOWDY, here's a thought. Sessions resigns, and Gowdy steps into the Attorney General spot like it should have been in the first place.

This is a coordinated effort, not only is the FBI "misplacing" text messages, the NSA recently deleted all illegally stored surveillance from 2001-2007. So we've just lost all info that may have proved that the U.S. Government, via GW. Bush, were colluding with israel in the attack on 9/11. Can we purge these fuckers, yet? Come on, kek, what are we waiting for?


Makes sense, the body language that these two are displaying, show that they are trying to lie their way out of it but are failing horribly to do so. They are sweating up a storm, making frequent stops when talking, and the expressions on their faces show signs of weakness.

Because there's very bright studio lights shining directly in to his eyes.

Sen. Ron Johnson: “A NUMBER OF HIGH LEVEL FBI OFFICIALS” Were Attending Secret Offsite Anti-Trump Meetings

Okay, the drinking has been covered by 90% of the posts in this thread. Let's move on.

Dont you know, its impossible to use a substance moderately and responsibly. You fucking degenerate scum.

The farther we go down this road the more Trump looks like the Savior of Mankind and not just Western Civilization.

I really really like your post.

Trey gowdy would be an amazing president.

Trump-line. Best timeline.





Western Civilization, otherwise known as “civilization”, and therefore mankind, otherwise known as “whites.” But no, there’s not much evidence of associating this with Trump. We are the saviors of civilization.



Freemasonry is a sect of Judaism. Same blood libelers, same child abusers.

Schiff and the DNC are cooking up their own memo, take THAT, Drumpf!

Vid related, I've been trying to figure out who Schiff reminds me of. But anyway I'd just like to point out how desperate this makes the DNC, and I suspect it's a tip of the hat to the Mockingbird fake news, so they can talk about "the memo said Drumpf did a bad" and conflate the FISA memo that Nunes wrote with this new foil. Pretty typical attempt to confuse the issue, expect the fake news to run with it.

Holla Forums is pretty redpilled.



Well sure they do. What's funny is that the DOJ is now claiming that they lost thousands of employee's texts as well. I bet that those employees are people who participated in this conspiracy.

All those texts will be recovered because the NSA has them and this conspiracy is international in scope, allowing them to retroactively unmask people who were involved from their archive of, presumably, everything.

What a rowdy raciss.


Wouldn’t the NSA have them?

How convenient.



jesus to think i'm going to be sharing a reich with you people. lighten up a bit, the jews aren't going to win because you have a couple of beers.

Welcome to the rightist version of virtue signaling.



I slept on this for 1day and just now read the link I posted yesterday in Cryin' Chuck Schumer thread.



Yeah? And Trump has 1488 ways at getting back at you, Cryin' Chuck.

I'm starting to connect things now…
Don dropped a tactical nuke with COMPLICIT
And it hit with surgical precision.
But I think there is a deeper message.
Is he reaching out to us? To help him/stand by his side?

DOJ office says it has found missing text messages of FBI officials
not sorry for shilling (((Drudge) )) alternative :^)


The paradigm shifts, Bergstein.

t. desperate CIA cuck

Donald Trump was elected President to build the wall and keep American families safe from evil, illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes against lawful U.S. citizens, Yet, one year after President Trump’s Inauguration, Cuck Shumer and (((the Democrats))) continue to put the interests of illegal immigrants over those of Americans. Our new campaign ad draws attention to the stark contrast between ‘complicit’ Democrats and the President for his full commitment to build a wall and fix our border to protect Americans from drugs, murder and other atrocities.

red alert guys we need to be on this so we can help him should it be needed

Okay, tell your fellow Q-LARP to stop spamming these images all over our fucking board, you stupid motherfucking yid.

There's more to this. Samsung is basically the national company of South Korea, and SK will be hosting the summer olympics.

Apparently people are "pointing and laughing" at this senator after his comments "imploded" on him.

I guess that secret society was just another crazy conspiracy and we should all stop paying attention to this guy huh. I dont want to get laughed at like HE did.

Full court shill press after almost dead silence for the past few days. As bad as I've seen it.

Text deletion story was a "Gamers are Dead"-tier screw-up.
It precipitated the Republican memo.
Schiff move was Hail Mary pass. Failed hard. Problem was at source. The text messages had to be put back on the table.

The moment those were "undeleted", the counter shilling started back up again..

This media tack will almost certainly cause them to speed up the release of the memo as much as possible, in order to prove the media wrong. This will have the effect of redpilling more normies about how the media's really a gigantic psyop on the American public. Their doubling down on nonsense and the blatant slant are two of the things that actually helped Trump get elected (so I think anyway) and this will just further the amount of damage they are able to absorb for their allies.

The media's finished. We all knew it years ago, but the general public now knows that they're mostly a bunch of liars and the proof mounts every day. It's going to cost them even more money, football revenue's down so far now that you can get tickets to a game for under ten bucks. Baseball never recovered from the strike, basketball viewership is down too (hmmm) and it's all because people are tired of their TVs.

What is this shit? When did this board fill with mormons? Gray areas exist, prudes.

Remember when they said Clinton had the election 98% for weeks before the polls even opened.
Then gif related happened and a fucking lot of people got a shake up that "professional political commentators" were so ass frontwards. Everything since then has just been a further erosion of soil that happened months/years ago but they are only admitting it now.

The 5th estate must and will fall, shit like MBMC and IOTBW accelerates this exponentially, more more more more

This was one of my favorite gifs to have made, ever. This made election day/night 10000% more satisfying

A list of wut

Secret society?


Beautiful. Thank you for posting.

Fucked up the second pic. Deleted

< upscaling a thumbnail

Without CSI Infinite Zoom plug-in

I remember user, I remember. Nice .gif BTW.

I realize this is unrelated but it's ironic considering all those masonic hand gestures Trump has made.

these are shitty and unfunny