Krispy Creme sells out NJ gun owners

Chris Christie Gives NJ Residents 90 Days to Surrender Bump Stocks in Final Act as Governor

Chris Christie (R) gave New Jersey residents 90 days to surrender bump stocks – or else – in one of his final acts as Governor of the state.

Jan 16th, 2018 by Awr Hawkins
on Breitbart

>No crimes committed with bump stocks in New Jersey were cited. Rather, Christie signed the Democrat-sponsored ban in light of the October 1, 2017, Las Vegas attack.
They knew they wouldn't have to defend the maneuver at all.
Most notable point of the article: Christie cited the Las Vegas attack, which was otherwise a flop for gun control. Whatever powers Christie is tied up in, he had to sell his final act as governor to them and they are part of the same entity that wanted to use LV for gun control.
By that conjecture, we might investigate Christie's recent ties and movements to discover what groups might be related to LV.

Just another step to disarm the people in an already blue state.

Kikes also burn his bum for pretending to be pro gun at any point.

We didn't buy it

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kike free bump

So… cheap bumpstocks on gunbroker and armslist soon.

njfags had it coming anyway

He looks like Harvey Weinstein brother

And this manpig nearly became our president. Shocking for a Wrongpublican.

The only issue I really disagree with him on is the Guantanamo one. Thankfully, President Obama won that round and closed it down immediately upon assuming office, just as he said he would. Meanwhile, Drumpf hasn't delivered on a single campaign promise. How's that for predictability?

You’re incorrect.

Talk about a Shithole state! I would rather be in Pennsylvania or New Hampshire tbh

I'm sure there are plenty of people in Jew Jersey who would be fine with counting this as the last straw, but then that would just be used as evidence for more shit in other AIDS-riddled states.

when they come for guns give them lead

all two of them? what would they be attached to? a 30-30 fudd gun?

we're full

I hear you. We're full too. Full of groid and beaners shit. This state is way too overpopulated

Come get me, nigger.

full disclosure;
PA is on it's way to the crapper. Supposedly "Red" counties have abandoned all pretense of "low taxes/limited gov't". One of the few good reasons to live in small-town PA was low taxes. If things continue on this downward course, these local faggot politicians will see how little revenue retirees on fixed incomes and nigger HUD transplants generate, because I won't stick around to get (((fleeced)))

Since using them was illegal,how are they going to enforce this? Break into everyone's house and search it head to toe for one?

it's not a gun grab, just an illegal part grab! :^)

Yeah, New Hampshire is nice, but the liberals are bringing in weird Nepalese and Africans, along with random homeless people. I have no idea why homeless people would come here when our winters are so fucking cold; so the libtards must be offering them something.

blankets and cheap liquor attract homeless people like flies to shit

I fucking hope this shithole I live in gets nuked first, growing up in NJ has black pilled me to the point of neurotic indifference. I'm surrounded by Pajeets, everything costs too much exepct the gas, but that's probably going to change soon and our gun rights are a joke. The demonic communist government that runs our state is about to enter another layer of hell with this new Goldmansachs-Governor Murphy. Some days when walking to work I wish a Jew York pajeet taxi driver will run my ass over and finally take me out of this fucking hellish soul harvesting farm of a state.

Stay strong anons, because I'm close to becoming catatonic

then why the fuck do you stay there?

Dopes pretty cheap in those parts, isn't it?

I cant leave, I literally don't have the money to attempt escape. I have no relatives or friends outside of the state, my family used to have some wealth way back in the 70's we had a pretty large farm but we got fucked over by kike land developers and the state. I've been living in a shitty apartment for 3 years and barely have enough money for food and rent, which costs about $1,300 a month. I'm looking for a job which pays a little better so I can start seriously saving, but there really aren't any good prospects right now.

PA fags are fucked user (this applies to nearly every state) but go look at your underfunded pensions and the deficit that PA has been running. It's bad. Few more years and things will really become obviously bad. Brace for the storm and no matter where you go stay armed and we'll stocked on supplies. And if you decide to stay, get ready for some insane taxes on top of the insanity you already pay. Polite sage

I fucking feel for you user. Praying you get out of there and find some stability one day soon.


Please. You stormderps stand no chance against LWDS.

Molon labe

Does anyone consider bumpstocks as a serious tactical advantage? They're just toys right?

Trigger cranks? Sounds like the tommy guns of old, tat, tat, tat. I want one! Chris Christie, #1 trigger crank salesman.

I wouldn't use one, if I need to shoot, I need to hit my target. Bump stocks sacrifice accuracy for, uh, looking cool?

I wouldn’t say so.

Come on Holla Forums, this is the real issue.



Bump stocks were conceived as a way to vastly improve the cycle rate for semiautomatics in deliberate avoidance of federal laws against such devices. They're only barely legal on a technicality; the court case that would've come out of Vegas under President Hillary would have easily seen them banned outright, along with guns altogether.

That, stormderp, is the real issue. Ignorant, womyn-killing manpigs flouting established law so they can plan massacres.

i think you mean $900 FIRM OR TRADE 4 SVD memestocks with homemade stippling and duracoat jobs.

Reported, hidden, drown yourself in semen.

All jews will be killed in due time.

All jews will be killed in due time.

All jews will be killed in due time.


I get it, you're a long running Poe
Always hated this fat piece of shit. Being slightly overweight is one thing but this fat ass is well beyond obease. I would never in a million years hire someone who can't take care of their own health to the degree this lard ass has let himself go. Even post stomach snip he is still disgustingly huge.

No, rachspammer. Bump stocks are literally just a tube. Literally.

No. Zero other candidates from either side of the coin nearly became president.

He'll be drained from the swamp and drying out in Gitmo before anyone gives up their binary triggers.
"shall not be infringed"

WRONG! Gitmo is still open, retard. Obama lied about that, and just about everything.

Here's an interesting pattern to observe: the agents which run this site, the omds, they prune any thread which introduces operation ideas. That's because control here is 100% by the CxIxxA.

all is botnet

I'd be surprised if anyone in NJ even owned one. I'd be surprised if anyone anywhere owned one before Las Vegas actually as it seems hardly anyone had even heard of the device before the shooting, and that includes gun owners.

Cut off the power and heat to the homeless shelter during the coldest hour of night in the dead of winter and they all die. It's beyond retarded to ship homeless people to an area with such a climate.

Don't discount NJ. Have a few good friends there who train with a local group, etc. It is just clandestine because of the urban climates. NY is the same way in the rural regions.

why don't you just post gore? it would be just as nausea inducing

Don't forget to comment on the ATF's Bump Stock ban before it expires

This just in: Republicans remain controlled opposition

More at 11:00

NJ resident here. Our new libtard governor is going to make our already draconian gun laws even stricter. We are literally going to become worse than California in a few short years at this rate. I cannot stress how cucked my state has become, we are full of kikes, spics, niggers and muslims and its only going to get worse. I am trying to get my mother to leave the state with me but she is insistant on the "lets wait and see" thing.

Oh well, at least you're fine with millions of new atheist Arab immigrants flooding into your shithole of a state.

join us at >>>/polk/

that's the reason they cited for the rolling tax increases. Apparently my county hadn't been putting money in them for almost a decade (during the Obama years), but once MAGA started it was "TAX ALL THE THINGS!"
They were going to scale back the pension terms with the current/new hires, but the county worker's (((union))) threatened a lawsuit… of course the county had no problem fighting it out in court when the property tax reassessments were contested by the very taxpayers that voted them into office.
they later stated even the non-union personnel would be getting the same benefits…it's fucking goofy

of course, they want to build a new 80 million dollar school on top of it all. Completely retarded considering the future is in decentralized education, like cyber charter schools (and the buildings were already have are adequate for the meanwhile).

Like I said above. Good luck funding all that with just retirees and HUD voucher inner-shitty transplants. Everyone who actually pays is looking for an exit.

NJ user here,

Literally just bought a AR15 here a month ago to prevent our new faggot governor from screwing me and making me buy some commiefornia tier rifle. I fucking hate it here but I cant leave just yet. Its difficult to save money living here.

You can lay prone with a bipod and simulate basically what an LMG would be doing for an infantry platoon.

But that's only with someone with enough skill to figure it out.

All jews will be killed in due time.

>Filter + all cockroach posts
Hey it's a normal thread. Gets rid of newfags too.

Reminder, in order to end militia culture in America, they have to drive the idea that we are an unarmed public into the hearts of every American. Part and parcel of communist jewish insurrection.

wew kampy you aren't even trying at this point