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Why are the ideologies on either side so shit?

Because the middle east has been fucked to hell and back and is constantly having conflict funded by people with anything but the best intentions. The closest thing to a decent ideology is the SDF and what may end up being an actual secular force in the region but the kurds involved could turn out to not give a shit and just want a country for themselves.

That Bana Alabed account has vanished

What's wrong with Baathism? Serious talk Anarkiddies, explain to me why Baathism is bad. It's not the fault of ideology that they are being constantly cornered by NATO and Israel puppets since 25 years. Liberals keep complaining about barrel bombs which is a fucking joke, they just use what's at their disposal, they can't conduct surgical warfare.

I hope Assad bombs the fuck out of the Turkish expedition force with thousands of barrel bombs after he's done with CIA and Saudi shills


Middle-East: the post

They found out who was behind the Twitter account. It was her english teacher or something. Not sure if he died.

Hezbollah as a fighting force are one of the best on this planet and they hold good values but as a political party they're neoliberals and nothing to be lorded over.

there's nothing "socialistic" about either movements, especially Ba'athism. It seems that Ba'athism was just a copy of European Fascism fluff with an Arab face, one of its leaders was an Iraqi Catholic, and it is essentially porky in its nature, and it ascribes "socialistic" values for populist appeal. I don't see any Marxist thought in it.

Seems that Assad is the last Ba'athist leader standing, but he's against the "the Zionists and the West" and is somehow anti-imperialist so that's alright. huh.

same kind of doubling down of logic can be found in the supporters of Putin. What a joy. Just porkie fighting amongst themselves, and their leaders numbing the brains of their surplus labour (Syria's population quadrupled since 1950).

tankies should realise that just because a people or regime are fighting NATO it doesn't make them good or worthy of any especially hardened support

but anti imperialism is quickly becoming its own separate ideology from socialism i feel

if their only "good values", is that they're anti-imperialist and anti-Israel, that's not saying much.

For one thing, they subscribe to a fatalistic theocratic ideology that is in power in Iran (i.e. it's a proxy party for Iran).

Second thing is that it seems to have endorsed The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a Russain Czarist fascist fabrication.

Goes to show what good values they possess. But of course they're alright, because there is no alternatives, rrrriiight?

I think the point is not that they're automatically good because they fight NATO but because being in such a precarious position imposes a few limits policies-wise. People in the middle-east should know, with every reformer being target of a coup.

Not saying this is the case of Assad though, just that the overall "culture" it belongs to was a conditioned response to a series of foreign challenges.

It certainly is, and it's amongst deluded denialists.

For some reason, people think conflating with being anti-West or anti-imperialist with being the moral choice and socialist laughable. Good fucking god.

It's like people don't read Marx or Trotsky anymore.

Anti Imperialism is an essential part of Socialism

Doesn't mean all anti-imperialists are socialist, which was his point.

Syrian Kurds are fully on board with the secularism thing. And they don't want their own state. The PKK leader recently called for Turkish Kurds to have their own state though, which is interesting because it goes against Democratic Confederalism, which they are followers of. The situation for Kurds in Turkey is a lot worse than it is for Kurds in Syria though so it's understandable.

No but it does mean that as a socialist you have to support people fighting imperialism.


Hmm… Do you have a source for this claim?

Are they as """""""secular""""""" as Assad is said to be?

They seem to be adhere mostly to Sunni Islam.


b)- Freedom of religion shall be protected. All religions and faiths in the Autonomous Regions shall be respected. The right to exercise religious beliefs shall be guaranteed, insofar as it does not adversely affect the public good.


At least Lenin realized how backwards the Russian Orthodox Church was at the time and dismantled it.

Assad is a porky who keeps his shitty regime afloat with state and leader worship, when he allows his wife to spend thousands of dollars at Harrods.

Hey would you say no to a 10/10 qt like asma

Why the fuck do you assume Trots? Trotsky fought english socialists who refused to oppose Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia because "both were bad", I doubt he'd be in the violently anti-Assad side today.

Turkey will break out into civil war soon i feel