ITT: we pretend to be Nazis/Nazbols/Nationalists

*faps to countries flag* I'm so afraid of people with a different pigmentation than me. We need to build giant walls around our spooky borders so that this one world globalist reptillian conspiracy to genocide white beta males by denying us sexual partners doesn't happen. The jews are also the rulers of this conspiracy even though theres no evidence for this

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i hate anime, anarchists and fun in general. heil stalin!

Guys, I got my bloodwork done and it turns out I'm 1% Arabic. I don't wanna be a mudslime, what the fuck do I do!?

"Boy I sure love watching cuck porn ironically"


heil kim jong un


men have higher rates of suicide, nice attempt at empathy tho

I think the point when over your head about empathy

and you've got it backwards, we hate the left for what you did to transgendered people.

This went over your head too

Doctor told me I have autism. I'm told it's not contagious but I sure will try to make others catch it. I don't want to be alone.

even Trump has said he'd fund mental health

So what would you do to/for trans-gendered people?

Still going over your head

You know, there are actually worse problems in the world than people not putting up with men pretending to be women.

why would you claim women have higher rates of suicide if you knew it to be false?



I'm just amazed at how much of this is going over your head.

My point was most of you are mentally ill and hypocritical about your own flaws to spite the flaws of others.

You're hardly objective and mostly just as weak and self serving. If not more so.

That is my point.


women attempt suicide 7 X more
men just pick more effective methods

Nice word salad.

I wasn't the one saying it.

not parade them around as an icon of my own enlightenment, politicizing them while telling those who don't think correctly are broken, pretend to know the cutting edge science while being arbitrarily anti-science, arbitrarily support the psychiatric/plastic surgery industry, endorse child abuse based on spurious research, etc.

people naturally like being with their own kind. which is why we need to spend billions building and maintaining a border wall and we need to sperg out every time we see an interracial couple


If you can't understand my point about criticizing your own flaws, you're really proving my point here.

Honey, it's your fault for expecting reading comprehension from Nazibols.

yes women attempt it more, for whatever reason (attention seeking/borderline personality). men actually die.

God why is my joke being emulated

And, apparently, expecting self-awareness from Nazibols as well.

The White Race is the greatest race because we have higher Autism Level than nigger or spics but lower than gooks or kikes.

White superiority is so evident and our purity so strong we need a powerful state to force girls to fuck us.

I have over 30 GB of cuckold porn on my computer to show leftists how cucked they are.

Liberals are faggots who need safe spaces and Holla Forums needs to be a secure haven for white men.

I have an Autism Level of 145 so I spend most of my time posting recycled merchant on an anime board.

The Jews are the biggest threat so I voted for a guy who married his kids off to kikes and put a Jew in charge of the US Treasury.

Anarchists will always betray socialism so I'll side with white porky instead.

I'm honestly not giving them a chance, and they still surprise me

what's your explanation, then. women simply aren't good at it?
does BPD occur in much higher rates in women or not?
does it or does it not include self-harm for attention?

My explanation on why men kill themselves more often? They're like you.

Lapping up all this salt leaves a happy taste in my mouth, thanks guys.

On topic:

LOL. that empathy.

On a serious note. Their "movement" is dead.
It's all about worshiping Trump now no matter what he does. Every form of criticism is shilling, any self-reflection or reality check is defeatist astroturfing.
They're all absolved of any responsibility of initiative and fully expect the God Emperor to save them.


Who said I didn't show empathy to the mentally ill. I'm majoring in psychiatry after all. I have a medical grasp of these things.

Doesn't make it any less true.

psychiatry, you mean point of sale for psychopharma industry? tell me more about my kid's "chemical imbalance", and how cymbalta "'"may""" help. don't forget to prescribe children neuroleptics, because some shill gave you a free pen.

Alright so let me get this straight, before this post you were diagnosing all women with personality disorders but now you're against psychiatry


in what sense was I diagnosing all women with mental disorders?

some constructs in the DSM are more valid than others. doesn't mean your industry isn't one of capital's bluntest weapons against humanity.

Well then, what special snowflake variety of Marxist are you then? One so spechuul that your end goal isn't literally to end inequality?

I admit there's some interesting insight in the basic tenets of Marxism (the social analysis part), but you're being strung along by dense mumbo-jumbo and esoteric sophistry.

Straight up talmudist pilpul

Nazbols and tankies aren't leftist.

Leftists want freedom not hypernationalism, eugenic genocide and border locking

So now you're telling me what you know better than what I know in a field I'm going for degree in

And you're still proving my point

Please stop pretending you read

You do realize that non-Marxist turd positionists post here?
Or just because of the fact Holla Forums has turned into Trump's fan club and looks more like the front page of the_Donald with every passing hour.


mansplaining? you take this very seriously.

you've failed to even demonstrate the rudimentary knwoledge of your field that you will no doubt glean from Stahl before you hand out phenothiazines like candy.

in what sense do you think it's appropriate to post on 8ch mocking male suicide, in your capacity as a caring professional?

Fucking how?



Academic success is in fact not owning a business.

i asked what the explanation was for failed suicide attempts versus completed in these two cohorts? i offered one explanation that you took to be a caricature of women in general. you then asserted "medical knowledge"


Addition: You forgot to mention how it's pork's greatest tool against dissidents.

psychiatry is fucking garbage, sorry.
you may as well tell me you're running a hedge fund

I want an ethnicly white state

Except for slavs. Or greeks. Or jews.

I never said I read esoteric commie literature. Here's one of your main flaws, you think reading equals understanding. Your movement(s) operate like cults where you circle jerk over buzzwords, name-drop charlatans and pretend to appreciate post-modernist compositions. Your snarky comment there is just what I'd expect and I know your next move.

I wasn't mocking it. I was pointing out it occurs more often.

I'd like a reason why men are more likely not to have second thoughts about ending their own life than women.

But my point was that the mentally ill men here are more likely to throw the insult in general "mentally ill" to people they don't really care for.

The alt right does this often.

Thinking of psychology.

You're mixing this with psychology. Brain chemistry is not garbage. It is medical fact.

i didn't say that, i just said it was statistically higher in women, and one of its core symptoms is self-harm for anxiolytic / other reasons than successfully taking ones own life, that may be reported as suicide attempts by an emergency department, for example.

In most cases if you haven't read of a subject and want to comment on it you're the basic definition of pretentious.

That's more mentally healthy than self expiration.

it's been debunked, you're 30+ years out of date. tell me why you don't cheap urine test for monoamine metabolites, or do brainscans then?

Yes brain chemistry. What neurologists work with.

You are again, mixing this with psychology. Medical science has not been debunked.

You think we can undo this guy's button tie before the end of the thread, guys?

The people talking about psychiatry now are more than likely the same people to use "mentally ill" as a pejorative is my point.

Fuck, how does anfem do it, xir baits them all!


uh ok? what made you think there was any kind of value judgement involved?

the guys who think like who you have imagined me to be, are often mentally ill, and are quite often irl totally harmless despite writing mean things on the internet, even if not, you have a basic duty of care to them, despite apparently despising them.

no, i'm thinking of psychiatry, which is a front for psycho-pharmaceutical industry, which has been sued numerous times for billions of dollars for gross negligence in off-label prescriptions, has totally corrupted the discipline to the point they ghost-write articles and had your ilk rubber stamp them, look how conflicted DSM 5 was. how come when all the studies came out "antidepressant" effect reduced to almost zero except in a very small number of severe patients compared to placebo, yet it was mass prescribed? while they also concealed the side effects, which included, wait for it: increased suicidiality.
again, what brain chemistry?
you mean the monoamine hypothesis?
maybe striatal D2 in schizophrenia, even then, it's not exactly, just getting the balance right, is it?

We're on Holla Forums. When talking about mental illness, and women particularly, there's some value judgments.

Like right here.

Trust me the people who take the politics of themselves seriously while being utterly contradictory are really the ones here are more likely to be mentally ill / complain about their social isolation, which feeds back into the loop.

Really I have some empathy but it's not in my medical practice to care for nazis who won't care for themselves while judging others for if they might not.

Maybe if they tried expanding their thoughts outside of their own individual lives, I would care.

But it's not my place to empathize with the thoughts mentally ill people have, just the fact that they are that way.


and yet you felt i confirmed YOUR preconceptions.

It may be, but it also helps millions.

I am not part of the industry that creates pharmaceuticals, it's my job to make sure people don't commit suicide and get the little medical care America can offer them

Neurochemicals, hormones. Estrogen, testosterone, serotonin, dopamine. What influences your thoughts.

fugging ebin XDDDD
women btfo!!!!!11

ITT people don't know what serious Nazbols actually believe or think.

I reject your political beliefs categorically, I don't want or need to be up to speed and debate you on every little detail.

t. libertarian who refuses to read capital

Reading the material and studying it is not understanding every little detail. It's understanding it.

That being said, if you are against incoherence, I wouldn't support Capitalism in what it can be, or Not Socialism

I'm aware of neurotransmitters, obviously. i question your understanding of their relevance, considering you seem to be defending a claim about them in depression that happened to be proven to be marketing copy from pharma shills, rather than an accurate hypothesis, known to be flawed or false for at least 30 years…

You were saying brain chemistry in toto doesn't exist when that's such a bold general claim. Chemicals effect the brain on a regular basis, to the level of sugars.

Brain injuries can effect the way a mind functions. Even how we eat. Not by much, but the brain is like any other organ. It's effected by its own ecosystem of chemicals and how the body reacts to them. It is flesh, not steel. Organ, not object.

about leftists, not about women lel

i have nothing but respect for women, and see them as equal in every way worth considering.

leftists on the other hand…


So in other words I have to read the whole Marxist corpus before I'm allowed to speak my mind here? You're hiding behind your dusty tomes commie fags.

it's ridiculous to call it "chemistry" is what i was saying, as if it were just a soup that you could rebalance, a la humoural theory.

brain injury has exactly what to do with neurotransmitters, besides glutamate…?

No, but pretending to be an expert on the matter when you've read nada isn't doing you any favors.

Jesus Christ, I didn't think you were actually a libertarian that actually refused to read Capital.

Its an ideology that allows people to have edgy beliefs without the burden of being called a Nazi

The Germanic peoples have always been unified. That's why the Norsemen never raided he Anglo Saxons… uh I mean that only happened because they were corrupted by something. I haven't figured out what yet.

Another thread ruined by anfem shitposters.

well anyway, glad to give you a schooling in your own discipline haha. i'll leave you to your illustrious career of punishing sick teens by putting them on the medi-go-round for their asinine "political beliefs" posted on anime boards, i'm sure you'll enjoy hearing what astra-zeneca has to say about the preferred 4.6 average medications for the bipolar diagnosis you discern will be most damaging to these friggin nazis you're going to btfo of their global brain volume, grey and white matter, prefrontal cortical connectivity, motor control, cognition and emotion, irreparably, as you feel nothing. GL with that ^_^

What? How am I punishing sick teens?

guys I found a chart that empirically proves that I'm right to be an idpolled twat

When we gas the Jews and replace them all with Whites they'll stop acting greedy and fucking us over, right?


The gook anfem is the personification of every girl that turned down the stormcucks and is able to drain their tears with minimal effort.

Anarcho-Communism is a spook

I kind of like this spook concept, it strips the commies of their defenses which is more often than not "come back when you've read these 10 books and have written an essay on the concept of post-capitalist brutalism in the age of intersectionality"

I was never aware of any other option but to question everything

It gets pretty hard to question everything when every counterargument is a long-winded reference to some post-modern commie word salad

Come back when you've read The Ego and It's Own.

It gets pretty hard to question everything where you're too stupid to critique anything you haven't read besides describing it as "word salad"

My advice is stop having political opinions until you're mature and ready enough, educated enough, smart enough, or don't try at them at all.

how do you sleep at night lmao

I'm just in university for it don't get ass hurt, I have no real clinical responsibility yet.

Do you think medicine isn't a constant battle of questions and judgement?

It's the needlessly dogmatic and convoluted way of thinking I'm against, again not the specifics of any flavor of Marxism.

What is an Anarcha-Feminist by the way?

Really any form of sophisticated study is this, the study of economics on either side isn't not convoluted

An in joke. I'm just putting the flag on for the in joke. But I'm also both an anarchist and a feminist, what can I tell you.


I bet leftycucks are still assblasted about Emperor Trumps victory, I can't wait to hang those niggers to telephone poles, especially for defaming daddy Trump. They just don't get it yet, he's clearly playing 62D intergalactic pool, we'll be making making America great again and hanging those kikes in no time.

Almost over half of us wanted him to win for the purpose of his destruction of the US economy so

I love capitalism even though it completely destroys the national identity and traditional family unit that I claim to love so much, while also bringing in waves of low-skilled immigrants and outsourcing traditional masculine jobs

But point this out and I'll call you a cuck

Communism killed innocent people

Oh no

I didn't laugh once ITT, just came off as smarmy and Bill Maher tier strawmen.
Holla Forums really has no idea what Holla Forums believes and has dehumanized them to such an extent that empathy is impossible; a requirement to roleplay.

Who gives a shit about people who post on Holla Forums

The ideology that killed more than Hitler and enslaved all of Eastern Europe under totalitarianism should be shunned

you're just a niggerjew shill, .05 has been deposited to your account

Am I doing it right now

The "Everyone in communist countries hated communism" idea is truly funny because why did every nation the West fought had its citizens gladly take up arms to defend its rights to national sovereignty?

Capitalism has killed more, don't worry

Islam is not a religion of peace and there should be reasonable restrictions to immigration such as not allowing known terrorists to enter countries

Apparently this board and obviously this thread. A third of the threads are lamenting and reacting to Holla Forums and there's a cycling thread dedicated to spreading dank memes on half-Holla Forums.

It's safe to say that Holla Forums really cares about what Holla Forums thinks and does.

Not true, some of them are capable of something akin to civil discussion when they stop spamming facebook memes for 5 minutes.

It does in far less capacity then the people spamming the leftypol on .pl still lmfao

Capitalism is not a religion of peace and there should be reasonable restrictions to immigration such as not allowing known porkies to enter countries

Why weren't people allowed to travel freely in the Eastern Bloc and why did the DDR suffer from massive population loss due to people leaving to the west while they still could?

Because they knew they'd get killed for being fascist sympathizers.

Fair enough punishment

Don't do this. It's exactly how Holla Forums started.

I'm give you guys an audio book link if you want to better understand Holla Forums, this is the foundational book of not-socialists higher ups and a lot of casuals over there don't even know about it. Only author to be executed for the terrible warcrime of writing a book, many of his other works were burned during the postwar denazifaction purges.

Abridgment of The Myth of The Twenty Century by Alfred Rosenberg

Holla Forums users aren't materialists, they have a religion of blood and their political policies stem from that. Using materialists shaming, justification and carrying their enemy's flags won't ever work and just entrench them further.

We aren't trying to convince you. At least I wouldn't.

We just want you to shut up.

The guy was giving us a link to one their foundation books, implying he's a not-socialist is rude af chucklefuck femfam.

Being smarmy and dismissive like this all the time has only turning us into the new creationists of the internet…

Smarmy and dismissive is my MO

When your so fucking deep into the realsm of complete mental ruin that you make a game out of poorly strawmaning your opposition.

Face it. You guys aren't funny, your propaganda is shit, and your ideologies are weaker than ever.


That won't happen. Your memes are shit buddy. You don't have any power.

Fuck no oh my god

All my friends think I'm so fucking funny you better watch it you god damn communists I'll hit you with jokes

Our memes are legendary, boi.

Oh but let be guess, you weren't implying any of that?

Don't worry! I wouldn't expect any of your shitty memes to have any relevance to the topic.


Got a good kek out of that one.

The point is, we get tones of traffic, and the many ideologies discussed on our board are becoming stronger. The right wing in general is on the rise, and we basically own the internet.

You can post completely unrelated images and make shitty jokes all you want, but until you guys become relevant, you should try actually being convincing, because you will need a hell of a lot of people to start your revolution.

This is what I mean. People aren't going to come here, see an image like that, and want to come back. Not once has anything posted with the intention of being funny on this board make me laugh. Holla Forums has traffic because the propaganda is edgy and funny. Your propaganda panders to the side of politics that continues to alienate them, and is far from funny.

I mean, people from your site have been raiding Holla Forums for a few days now. And is it doing anything? Are the threads funny? No. It's a spectacle. You guys make your ideology look bad.

This is honest advice for you guys. Not that you are perceptive enough to recognize it for it's merits.


Whatever buddy. Maybe someone with sense around here will take my advice.


You don't own fuck all, you're just a bunch of obnoxious faggots spewing your garbage all over the place and making enemies with everyone. You are the new Holla Forums, except less funny and entertaining.

Your advice is "we have funny memes so we are attracting a large number of people". The truth is that you have edgy memes so you attract a fringe of edgy teenagers.
Your advice is shit.

Speaking of cranial capacity….

ITT: we make fun of our enemies in our own echochamber

triggered Holla Forumsyp detected



fuck guys trump is the best ever
im glad the establishment lost when we stood up to it by posting frogs and getting digits on our post numbers on our awesome free board of expression that bans leftist speech

just infiltrate the enemy! make them work for us

The countless socialist governments that have fallen into tyranny are a proof of the fact that socialism will not work and that establishing socialism will lead to tyranny

Define left and right wing
Neither do we