Hoffer was defeated



Van der bellen is an idiot.
But nothing will change, as the president has next to no power in austria.

t. butthurt stormfag

Then why were you banking on him to win


pretty much this.
"Nationalists" will never get a real stronghold because 2013 was too early into the migrant crisis and 2018 will be too late as th SCW is ending in the next 6 months.
Polish plumbers will still come and go and nothing will change.

This is one of the reasons why I hate most of Holla Forums. Always siding with the liberals and socdems alike whenever it is convenient and makes Holla Forums even quasi mad.


I'd point out that liberals are clearly preferable to proto-fascists, but seeing as tankies are closet fascists anyway it would be pointless.

proto-fascists are better, since they tend to rise up just before the revolution. Just look at Russian Empire and China before the civil war.

I fucking hate you autists getting overly emotional about bourgeois elections.

Literally a left-wing version of cultural marxism.

Not in any shape or form since it is definition of ideology and not some spooky conspiracy theory.

The tendency to use the word liberally is what concerns me.

Any word with the word proto- in front of it tend to be too extensive definitions that can be used liberally.

I don't think you know what liberal means and no van der Bellen is not preferable because people like him tend to hijack left-wing rethoric in cultural matters and subvert leftist opposition which ten times more dangerous in the long run.

And the far right tend to tank economies, if we want any resources to be won we should be opportunistic


Syrian Civil War.


grow up.



wait a second are you trying to trick me again

Something doomed in every possible way, strategic and economic

This is the level of shit talk you're capable of

This is clever to you

You are behaving naughty

ok Holla Forums

"After Hitler, Our Turn," amirite?

they're not even funny anymore

Please stop appropriating the black raised fist as it is a black power symbol. Thanks,


ok Holla Forums

I find this very disrespectful. Please check your privelege. Thanks,


ok Holla Forums

Checking your privlege is nothing to be ashamed of. I dont care if bith of you grew up assuming you can put black on the side, when in truth we should be running the socialist movement.

This is basic

ok Holla Forums

You'd rather a reactionary?

Ok angry white person.

Thank your for acknowledging.


Who the fuck is this T. guy? Doesn't he know that t. is a meme 'round these parts?

Like, shouldn't he be signing like
"t. T."?


T is the first initial of my last name, not my slave name but my Muslim name. This is how I distinguish myself from other posters. I dont know your memes im hear to talk about socialism and what we can do to further it, particularly for black communities. Thanks,


What part of "don't care" do you not understand?

Hey Holla Forums whatcha doing?

if a fascist nearly becoming a head of state doesn't make you care, go back to Holla Forums

not really actually, that position means jack shit in Austria (or Germany). Actually they were both shit but at least the other was eurosceptic

have to agree for once


It's not even pragmatic. The fact is Hofer would have been in our interests.


I'm afraid not.

As an Austrian, let me tell you that vdB had almost every party behind him. It's a victory for liberals. Not for us. We dodged a bullet by not getting Hofer elected but the fight still needs to be fought and liberals are not on our side.

wasn't the winner anti capitalist though?

kek no they aren't fuck off. Because the fascists at leats are proud to admit how shit they are, they don't hide their believes.
The liberals are as bad, but they have pc speeches. Look at fucking Obama with his beautiful speeches yet has blood on his hands

And the reason why i hate tankies it's because you turds are capitalist apologists. USSR had currency, USSR had a central bank. You tankies are part of the problem and you need to go to you own tankiechan or wtvr.

Where did you get that idea from? vdB is capitalist. Just like all big parties in Austria. Hell, even the KPÖ is welfare state capitalism right now.

I'd rather ally with a fascist than a liberal.

Explain. Preferably without masturbatory fantasies about Stalin.

The wall awaits.

it's not always about instant revolution

the far right has been on a roll lately, this was a setback.

Would have hastened the collapse of the EU, and thus the ECB and its austerity tyranny
Pro-gun, which should be a standard tenet of any respectable revolutionary
An end to the influx of millions of culturally and ideologically backwards people that wish to leech on the labour of the working class
Member of an anti-idpol party


they're nationalists, that's the pinnacle of idpol


No it wont. I'm half german/half austrian and can tell you two important things:

1. Our president doesn't have that much power. He has some in theory, and definitely more than the german one, but it barely gets used. It's more about the winner can give a signal to the people and politics in general.

2. VdB is not communist, lmao. He's a liberal and nothing will change.

You should rather look forward to our parliament election, this will be funny. Either FPÖ (right wing party) will get 40%+ or they'll get BTFO by neoliberals and socdems. Yeah, it's not a good time to be a communist in austria but well.

Perhaps one of the only acceptable forms of idpol.
To specify: Anti-Social Justice.
There, happy?

….SJWs are annoying but I'd rather them than nationalists

Nationalists can actually be dedicated to their communities (See Rojava)
SJW are mostly useless and rarely contribute anything of value. They destroy anything and everything in their relentless quest to be affirmed as special snowflakes.

Always to good to see other Austrians here.
Well, according to Strache he is. He's also a Marxist! McCarthy would be proud of HC.
Don't think that they'll get BTFO. They'll get at least top 2 (who even votes ÖVP anymore?). It will be interesting to see that in case they get the most votes, vdB will keep his promise and not accept Strache.
It's quite okay in Graz.

there's a difference between national liberation/left-wing nationalism and ethnic-nationalism in capitalist states

The difference being that any nationalism anyone attempts in the developed world is reactionary and bad right?

most of the time, yes. when is nationalism ever used except to stop a loss of bourgeois power?

Well you've got me in a bit of a hold here lad. I reject the globalisation bullshit that has been picking up pace the past 20 years, but I don't think communism/socialism are practical. So essentially I should just shut my noise? And you and your ilk have no qualms with paining me racist and getting me sacked no ensure my silence. Nationalism offers SOME defense against globalisation, much more than 'educating and agitating'.

So you faggots finally admit to being neoliberal globalist socjus lunatics.

Thread was clearly made by someone who isn't Austrian. Calm down, nerd.

Its not a victory.
Its just doesnt matter that much.
The elections that actually matter arent here yet.

lol damage control

Oh shit I just can't help it but your faggy little symbols just make me cringe and laugh. Every time I see something like in OP's flag I can only think of ADF. What a cringe fest you guys are, seriously.