As much as i find our escapades on Holla Forums entertaining, we have to realize that they're pretty much useless

as much as i find our escapades on Holla Forums entertaining, we have to realize that they're pretty much useless.

we need to spread our message.
social networks seem to be the bast places,
news websites would be grate.

i don't expect to convert tha average Joe to a tankie, but if we manage to stop bleeding normies to idpol that would be a good start.

while the threads on Holla Forums haven't been successful in converting the locals directly, the word Holla Forums is now in the air, so we can expect some publicity by association

I agree we should instead focus on reddit, FB and the like though

Reddit is infertile ground because it is already inhabited by autistic malcontents who wear the label "communist" and fart out pseudo-Marxist verbiage between authoring Steven Universe fanfiction. We would be better off targeting the comment sections on news sites or using social media to reach the public at large. The time and effort it would require to gain a foothold on reddit is excessive. We don't need to struggle against mentally ill moderators when there are so many better things we could be doing with our time and energy. Remember, these people are not our target audience. Our target ought to be unionized workers. Our target ought to be the unemployed and desperate. Even gun-hoarding paranoids would be a better audience. These people are not on reddit. Fuck reddit.

well, there are already leftist organizations in real life working with these people

we are a shitposting board that exists mostly on the internet and should choose our targets accordingly

No one wants communism besides the people that already want communism. Capitalism has polluted their minds and the red scare is still spooking them.

really makes you contemplate

we're like a little monkey playing with a bear's tail.
they outnumber us by a long shot, and if they decide to raid this place its gonna be ugly.

We should go to facebook and tweeter


They're unsalvageable. Any of them that are aren't going to read the polluted generals.
Aggravating them is fun, but gets us nowhere. We should pull out.

We aren't trying to convert them. We are trying to shift the board culture. There are already 4chan leftists and people from other sites getting involved.

I get that you're trying to push them out but I have doubts that's going to happen either for the same reasons I stated.

It starts with breaking the echo. We're acoustic foaming them right now.

well they're actively resisting with the stupid fucking "let me post a bunch of pictures of antifas while forgetting to sage" shit right now.

whatever, i may remain skeptical but godspeed

Talk about how corporate welfare, IP and regulatory capture takes taxpayer money and protects big business.

Both conservatives and libtards should able to agree on that.

I agree in that these are some good talking points but talking too much about the government will take people to lolbertarianism

FB algorithms make it so that people only see and hear what they already agree with it.

It will be impossible to get a radical article trending on FB.

God you faggots are worse than CTR

We can stalingrad it, it's fine.

If they knew their shit they would.

So you are against propaganda?

Could it not be that they like their lives and don't want communism as a result?

Could it not be that they are smarter than you?

We don't want to raid you. There are about 5 of us here now trying to figure out why this one Swedish guy and his British friend are raiding us.

Ultimately, and I don't say this to be inflammatory, you are pretty fucking insignificant, and no one has any interest in destroying you. We get raided by someone every second day. Every fucking 3 minutes during election time. We don't have the time nor interest to raid fucking leftypol.


People arguing with you isn't a raid.

Stop getting triggered by people disagreeing with your identity politics

This had better be a facetious statement.

Not everyone wants the same end as you, so of course they will disagree with your means.

This game is more about persuasion for you guys than it is about facts. We are still trying to convince people that niggers are bad. All you guys need to do is appeal to emotion like you have for a good century and a bit. You don't understand economics, and you sure as fuck don't understand the human person, so you need to be pulling on people's heart strings.

You can be butthurt about it, or you can take my advice.

I don't know if you were there or not, but it isn't good an honest discussion. It's spamming several bait threads at once. It's a textbook raid, buddy. I'd say I know a damn sight more about this than you do.

Nah if they understood class society they'd want the same ends. It makes whatever racial differences there may or may not be, entirely irrelevant in comparison.

Get used to people disagreeing with you.


I'm happy with my life. I make money, and I life comfortably. More people want what I want than a revolution. Revolution is hard and uncertain. Climbing the ranks in a capitalist system is hard, and certain. It also doesn't result in any death.

People don't want what you are selling.

Your elitist disregard for the wants and needs of the people will make damn sure you will never get anywhere buddy. We pander to the people all of the time. They hate the left wing telling them they are racist, so we tell them that it's okay to be racist. If that's too right, we tell them that they actually aren't racist by the classical definition. If they hate immigration, we provide arguments from economics that state that immigration will lead to a decrease in wages for low skilled work. And so on an so forth.

There is a reason your movements stagnate while white nationalism rises. We are better at this. You need to adopt our tactics, like the Alt-Right adopted the SJW tactics. You need to take what we do well, and make sure your people are better than our people.

No one ever agrees on Holla Forums. You'd know that if you left this place. It's spamming the same thread constantly that is the problem.

The problem is you don't leave Holla Forums not vice versa

I come here a lot.

And even if I didn't you'd still be wrong by dint of the incorrect understanding of Holla Forums's constituency and it's workings.

You aren't even presenting an argument. You are essentially just calling names.

I really don't give a shit what friendless losers who larp as nazis think

Not surprising.

Your stupid, like all feminists. I understand that.

But you will never attract a following to your lil cult without dealing with people you don't like.

I come here, learn what I can, and in so doing, I know my enemy. You don't know your enemy. I know so much about you and this board, while you don't know shit about me and my board. Hell, I'm even giving you guys advice. I'm training you to fight before we come to blows again, but you are always as fat an pathetic as our last meeting every time I turn up.

Little cult is interesting because everyone with friends is some shape of radical leftist at this point

Normal well-adjusted people are centrists, actually.

Turns out when you've got bills to pay, a mortgage to think about and children to look after GAS THE BOURGIES CLASS WAR NOW looks a tad immature

This is an opinion from ignorance or insulation.

I'm Australian, and I rarely ever meet leftists. I meet people how don't care about politics and racists. And the amount of people that visit Holla Forums you find is rather surprising. The point is that we both are insulated by our experiences.You are insulated by your friends. This insulation is commonly manifest in confirmation bias. There is a reason Trump won, there is a reason nationalism is rising, there is a reason Brexit passed.

Honest to god, you need to re-evaluate yourself. Know that your insulation is the enemy, and know that the most convincing liar you will ever meet is yourself.

If you live in the Midwest and hang around people over 28 sure


This. Radicals need to learn to appeal to the moderate. They need to rid themselves of absolutist notions. We do it all the time. As I mentioned before, we don't tell people in most cases that it's good to be racist, we say that they actually aren't racist, and that it's the government that is racist. Things along that vein. The public is very receptive, and it is the public which both of our ideologies should pander to.

Reread what you just said

Yes anfem, tell us more about your radical band of drug-taking dykes and how they're changing the world one Rated PG Parental Guidance at a time

Okay I get it, you are an insulted little girl with no real world experience with the outside world, and the strategy of the long game.

You are so fucking stupid that when I spoon feed you, my weak little enemy, advice, you just insult me.

You know what. This is good.

You are an enemy that never learns.

We will keep electing Donald Trumps.

We will keep voting Brexit.

We will keep voting far right.

And you will still believe that you are the majority.

lol. literally no one here believes that

lurk more or fuck off

Fuck that was actually a good one

I know a fuck of a lot about real life you don't actually. You should learn more about it because you're even surprised at even a large population of marxists

I mean specifically this anarcho-fem cunt.

She isn't being hyperbolic. She is an idiot.
She isn't being facetious. There isn't a trick to it.

She is insulated. All of the left. They will keep calling people racist and paradoxically sheltering themselves in their own elitism while the country revolts against them.

Basically what I am saying is that the pathetic feminist cunt that wraps herself in her ideology will predictably remain oblivious to the outside world. She probably believes that she represents the majority.


You take your identity politics far too seriously than you really should and nobody should be forced to respect your lack of responsibility.

Stop writing short "definitive" sentences like that. I know you're trying to sound both deep and harshly realist but this is ridiculous.

I got into politics in middle school because of my parents being nationalistic fuckers than I changed late in high school for the better. White nationalists today are laughable at even basic tenents of nationalism

There is no large population of Marxists.

See what I mean?

Perhaps he is correct then.

You conduct yourself like an idiot. I can give an idiot all the stimuli in the world, and he won't tell you anything useful. You might have experience, but from it you need to intelligence to extract wisdom.

You are yet to present any arguments I might add.

You take your identity politics far too seriously than you really should and nobody should be forced to respect your lack of responsibility.

This should be two sentences, not one.

Where is that included in the references post?

You don't even know what these words mean do you? Nothing about responsibility is being talked about. You are doing your best to use big words but it's failing to make you look good.

Isn't university age a bit old to be basing your politics on a rejection of the politics of your parents (aka FUCK YOU DAD)?

Not in the deserts of internet apocalypse Australia

Elsewhere in populated places with universities there are.

makes sense

ITT. Anarcha fem provides evidence as to why females shouldn't be involved in politics

Learn to string a sentence together darling.

So your critique is my wording and phrasing? Am I debating a middleschooler?

Fucking hell…

Learn to read

People doing it are having fun, people not doing it don't care.
Isn't an ocean of piss the best place to go piss if you feel the urge ?

I don't think a population more inclined to committing suicide should vote

We can straw man all day

Nobody cares about internet war go to bed

I'm not the one debating you, I could critique other things but I criticized that. Why wouldn't it be a good thing to point out ? I mean it's really not pleasant to read you when you roleplay like that man.

And 90% of self-avowed Marxists in universities will move to the centre when they get careers and families, with wistful memories of their days as an edgy revolutionary

I'd be more disturbed with an absent of radical politics at universities, honestly

Pathetic societies majors might be marxists, but they are unemployable children. You might as well be telling me the rats in the sewers are Marxists and expecting me to be afraid.

Would you be terrified if I said their were are large population of Nazis in my house?

This isn't even a good criticism of the miopic issue you selected. Literally just name calling.

Is this the kind of autistic shit you get up to on Holla Forums? You know you will be irrelevant forever if people like your are the brains of the operation, right? People are REVOLTED by petty shits like you.

Not every population will simulate the baby boomers

Before them the opposite was true

You're thinking of people getting into programming for the paycheck who find themselves out of a job. Humanities can offer a huge assortment of jobs.

I'd advise anyone to either get into humanities or go to medical school

But that's really beyond the point of you talking about how lived you are while falling for the most basic stereotype of college students high school students are capable of making


We aren't here to convince nationalists that they're falling for think tank spew. It's really entirely up to you but nobody has to respect your ideological choice to be a white nationalist

the few anfem posters on this board are a continuing source of debate and disagreement. a lot of people just want them banned. whatever the case, their being such a tiny minority on this board should be enough to discourage your thinking them representative of this board

Calm down. I just said your way of writing was annoying and sounded arrogant. Is it that much of an issue to you ?
Or are you mistaking me for some other poster ?

Are you not aware yet that you are the perfect stereotype for the cuntish woman who dyes her hair and thinks she knows anything about anything?

Some humanities fields like history are okay. However the kind of people that take gender studies and other collections of nonsense are pathetic subhumans.

I don't think that they are representatives of the board. Sure, this place has a hell of a lot more cancerous morons than most, but most of you are alright. I even enjoy talking to some of you.

The three things I listed were separate. Trump isn't Brexit, as much as voting far right, isn't Brexit or Trump.

You won't get anything done unless you get people on your side.

To you, because you are my opposition, perhaps. I'm not going to change my language for the opposition.

No, you dumbass, it's an issue for you, because only you were retarded enough to bring it up.

All Asian women are like me, sorry.

We're built not to give a shit about uppity whites.

What other ""Far"" ""Right"" votes have happened recently? Unless you mean ISIS, which in that case you'd be among compatriots.

Because capitalism is in crisis again and the right misleads people. Plenty of left wing populist movements around. Don't delude yourself.

Well then I hope a nazi friend (?) of yours point that out too some day.

Yeah it's an issue to me, I thought it was annoying. Now you went as far as saying "You know you will be irrelevant forever if people like your are the brains of the operation, right?"
I mean do you realize you how much you blew that shit out of proportion ?
Anyway this has been way too long.

I've never met an Asian woman who wasn't in the retrace or right wing.

Asians, especially first generation Asians, are very socially right wing. The Chinese are told to hate sand niggers, and the Japanese are often rather xenophobic.

Well… You kinda need white people to agree with you to get change done, what with them being a majority in western countries.

Le Pen in France for example. Similar is happening in Austria. Hungary has a right wing president. German far right parties are rising (we're coming back). It's happening all over Europe mate. The left simply shits on the poor people over their with immigration and suppression of speech.

Those left wing populist movements are free to permanently remain in obscurity, while the right ACTUALLY WINS ELECTIONS. And you can call conspiracy all you want, but it's not. It's the people having enough of the left. They are sick of the left, and the one thing the left needs to do is realize that. But no. They are stuck in their ways. You people need to realize that you aren't gods, and that you are not always correct.

The trannies or the actual women?

Define "speech."

Or perhaps you are wrong and a bit of a fussy cunt?

If picking apart phrasing is your go to when we are talking about politics, then yes, I stand by it. You are either myopic or an idiot.

The actual woman and the trannies, I consider both of us real. Asians make good traps too.

Neither really give a fuck about you anyways w/e



Look at this thread


That I just found!

"the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds."

I'd also like to include freedom of expression.

"the action of making known one's thoughts or feelings."

In Germany, for example, criticizing the immigration policies of the government can get you jailed for hate speech. If you don't believe me, look it up. You also can't deny the holocaust. There are many other infringements of freedom of expression and speech taking place in Europe. All you need to is find the stories. They are everywhere. Hell, the cops were literally silenced during the Cologne sexual assaults, which you """FEMINISTS""" failed to speak out on. It was the WHITE NATIONALISTS that spoke out against this. The left basically told those women to fuck off.

The only one you've won is Trump and he's immediately turning into a neoconservative shill. Right wing populism is built on sand. Hofer lost just yesterday.

Perhaps you should get yourself a bill of rights.

We ALL know that feel

It doesn't matter what Trump is doing. I don't even like him. The fact is that the right wing is lashing out against the left. If you want a chance at winning an election, you need to realize this. I'm doing you a solid here mate.

As much as any other populism. The whims of the people are as fickle as sand. What the right is better at is compacting it. Which is why the right is surging. We are only in the first few years of this surge. The left took decades to rise. Your biggest mistake will be your arrogant disregard for the long game and it's players.

Okay. Is this statement supposed to be clever or? We are pushing for that. It's the left that opposes us.

I still can't get over how much I keked when he made that speech.

The left doesn't have a fucking clue what's going on anymore. It's bleeding out in America and they still think they are as young and spry as ever.

Who here was /economicrevolution/ here :)

It was almost a mirror image of what Holla Forums went through with Trump, re: "every questionable decision Trump/Sanders made was really a genius 360-d chess move, just wait and see!"

Retard we elected Ronald Reagan and two people named George W Bush

Nobody is playing politics in the short term here.

Booms and busts and unrestricted Capital will rip Capital to shreds by the end of my lifetime

"Freedom" of "expression" is a silly notion, anyway. If you were allowed to just garbble up your nonsense, like an infant, neonatal, everyday of your life, you could not successfully communicate. You would not have learned a thing, but only "identified" your stupidity.
No, I am not trying to be clever. The Bill of Rights, is an Anglo-leftist anti-Federalist, tradition. You cannot appropriate this. It is not ((­(­yours))­) but it belongs to the People. The 'left,' whatever that means, does not oppose ""us""; no, the left stands for more than mere rhetoric of what is this and that bigotry, the inversion of hatespeeches and so on.

If you have a Bill of Rights and you did not utilize it, you did not study it enough to have control over your freedom. Therefore, you have no business speaking to me, or anyone for that matter, about what it means to be unrestricted, unhampered, and without the debt of capital nor humanity's little failures, such as yourself.

Yeah, but you've got to admit most revolutions end up with a lot of innocents dead though

Yes, Nazi Germany, and the conservative revolutions had great mass industry, complete productive capacity, but many had to die for it.
Of course, violence is something imbued in Man.


White America knows what's best for the world and themselves



Sanders was a dumb old man. Trump said inflammatory shit, got free platform from the media to defend himself, and then shilled for his brand of politics. Sure he said some dumb shit, but it didn't hurt him. He did well. He talks ab out similar tactics in his book.

Trump isn't an idiot. He is a man who wants to be a rockstar.

They are both right wing.

No, it won't. It's not in a net decline. Capitalism is grains of sand. It will be displaced, but it will fill itself back in. Booms and busts won't do anything. Prolonged stress over a very long time could cause destruction.

You are making excuses to sit on your fat ass and wait.

In America you can do exactly that.

And the bill of rights is not leftist. THe founding fathers, for example, were right wing socially. They were libertarians, which is essentially the American center right.

What's wrong with hatespeech?

Jesus… Your comment is a train wreck.

Look. Bottom line. No one has the right to suppress your freedom of expression. That's what I am saying. I don't understand your leftist buzzwords.

You go on to add attributes to it, so you have in your mind what it is. See, little mistakes like that make it hard to read your drivel.

Just fuck off mate.

With the amount of Vietnamese people killed and raped that I never knew had the war not happened, I have a hard time empathizing with the richest white Americans. Even McMansion fuckers, I really don't care if they lived or died.

It's all just insects to me tbh

That's why the free world is terrified of you.

After you.

The free world doesn't know what their governments do, if they did they'd be terrified as we are of them.


Libertarianism is a left wing tradition and was one before it was appropriated as a term by right wingers. The founding fathers were not libertarians - they were liberals.


To be fair that's just the general Asian view of everyone they're not immediately related to.

Oh, I did not mean 'him' specifically.

Not really. I have tons of empathy for people who aren't millionaires.

Millionaires and upwards though

This is why you cannot have power. You don't care for the people, You are an evil creature who lacks empathy.

It won't be the rich and the well off against you exclusively. It will be poor people who want their freedom. It will be people who love their country and society. It will be people who want to be ruled by people who represent EVERYONE in their society, not scum who will kill a quarter of the population so the rest can live in squalor.

My government doesn't kill people for disagreeing with them. My government doesn't even arrest people for that. It leaves me the fuck alone for the most part. Of course I am more afraid of you than I am of my government.


The Millionaires and Billionaires aren't "the people". Henry Kissinger for example, is a large mole

Really now?

I'm a liberal for the most part. I'm also right wing. Liberalism is the notion that people should be left the fuck alone. Capitalism is a result of leaving people the fuck alone. You should be working to curb the government, not capitalists. Liberalism does not permit taking money from some people and giving it to others. That is modern liberalism. Classical liberalism is very similar to libertarian ism. The founding fathers were classical liberals. They don't agree with anything the current American liberals do. They didn't push for healthcare, they wanted the people to have guns, and they weren't progressive. Great men that I agree with on pretty much everything.


Disgrace to the flag 2bh

top kek

You said you don't even care about the McMansion people. Just because people are well off, you've lost your empathy for them. A human being that considers his fellow countrymen insects because they are wealthy isn't a person fit to rule them. Killing is wrong, mate.

Find me one example of the great government of the fine country Australia killing someone for wrongthink.

Yes. People make goods. People trade those goods. People give people goods in exchange for participation in their own production of trade worthy goods. Everyone become richer. A currency is agreed upon. This is literally what happened to the tribal peoples of northern Europe. They did it themselves.


You commies are shit at arguments. You mock your opposition non stop and then wonder why you are irrelevant all of a sudden.

They were far more progressive than those backward Irish cunts I'll tell ye. Besides, your flag does not represent a want for people to have guns nor certain ammunitions. And how queer the tie to contemporary, "progressive" liberals with animals rights ideology.

You aren't wrong.

Not an argument against my point.

Nothing to do with the topic.

You are one of the dumbest people I have ever met, assuming you are the one Anarcho fem Asian I am talking to.

Which was the point I was supposed to be talking about?

I am merely commenting that you are of the opinion, first, that leftists are pushing people to the far right. Secondly, your little flair acts as a mediator for your such topics and points or whatever you're railing against now. Are you then aware of how many people do not like Nazis? Like, it doesn't take much to hate a real, bona fide Nazi. And I do not just mean how such a word can be so popular, I am referring to real historical moments, that, if you associate with it, you cannot blame me for all the ridicule you'll recieve.

No, she is better at bullying than I am.

The founding fathers being left wing.

They are. That's the story I keep hearing from people who come to where I lurk anyway.

I'm not a Nazi. I'm not any of the other things either. It just tells you I'm from Holla Forums really. Although I'm closer to a Nazi than a leftist.

Many people don't need to know who is and isn't a Nazi. In this context, if they are too stupid to look past the flag, then they are too stupid to be on my level.

Again, you are veering off topic again. What does this have to do with the perception of Nazis? You are a very difficult person to communicate with.

She is a dumb cunt. She isn't good at bullying. Not the male kind of bullying where you roast someone anyway. Maybe vindictive and petty jabs, sure.

Anyway, I'm outta here.

Good job Holla Forums Even less actual arguments than usual. It makes me glad that you only ever get dumber.

Good riddance. Please kill yourself next time you think of coming back.

ITT: Feminist and Fascist, by their idpol combined, work together to derail an attempt to actually make a difference in the world

Why am I not surprised?

Anyway, if your aim is to advertise leftypol, that's one thing, but if your aim is to spread socialism, the best thing to do is get involved in something IRL, something local. Struggling people don't into empty theory, but they 'will' into a group who's actually making a difference in their community. The black panthers distributed food to the poor, they became fixtures of the community, they won the people. They were so successful that the FBI started shitting its pants at the possibility of an actual socialist revolution and began carrying out a campaign of assassination against them.

I know that "Let's emulate these people who got murdered by the government" doesn't sound like a good idea to most people, but they were among the closest that we've come to real change, and the shit they did worked. Also, it's Fred Hampton's death-day today, and it's got me thinking.

Also, please excuse my godawful reddit-tier formatting. It looks so nice in the tiny 400 pixel wide box I type it in, but turns into ass when I actually post the thing.

Rolled 826 (1d1024)
I don't know, but as a suggestion, maybe you can manage to get some converts by whoring out your skank boardtan. Nice synchronistic flag choice, by the way.

P.S Alunya is a SLUT


A reminder that you can radicalize people to the left without utilizing and legitimizing alt-right speech. Unless you`re trying convert edgy kids, which you should not.

We have lewd Alyuna threads all the time. Is this supposed to offend us? We've got a bunch of Alyuna porn on our booru.

in my experience theyre all rei types except for one asuka type that i know of on facebook (friend of friend)

I love that you describe all asian women as anime characters, but still don't know the archetypes you're referring to.

People always ask me why I still support eugenics, and it's because waifufags and degenerate anime still exists.

You're right. Gas all normies so concepts like waifu fags and degenerate anime melt away as they are all that will remain.

Speakign of based Hampton

Exactly. To get a radical article trending, the idea is to appeal to something people agree with but just dont know it yet.

Further proof that Holla Forumsfags think life is an anime or a video game

what about starting numerous websites, all linked to here (currently our CC unless I am unaware) that discuss variants of leftist ideas?
the only way to get normies to question the system is to give them a range of ways to begin the journey

tell that to those unexpectedly laid off

How the fuck can Holla Forums be so detached from reality? It'd be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

Yeah I'm that swedish guy. I have nothing to do with Holla Forums and never visited until it was being mentioned to me when I made my commie threads.

that's why we have five days worth of bans from your fellow autists in arms shitposting on Holla Forums


Welcome Swedish bro.

More than just that. They've been complaining non-stop to get us banned. They're that triggered.

I hope you weren't this guy. He seemed cool.

This. The only way people are going to wake up is through massiving hunger in first world countries due to a major economical depression.

You do realize your poking s hornets nest, right? The other Holla Forums Holla Forums is behind obliterated right now. As soon as they figure out they have the wrong board they'll decend on this board en force. The mods won't be able to keep up.

The problem is that you're not doing it to change hearts and minds. Word got out that you're trying to 'colonize' them and you're not there for genuine discussion. That's your posts are getting completely shit on and saged.

There are a lot of good posters here who don't deserve to have their board ruined because of internet tough guys think they're such badasses they can take over the hive mind of one of the most autistic shitposting boards on the web.

I say stop already. That board is alt-right to its roots and toxic as hell. You're not going to change their minds, all you're going to do is enflame an army of autistic boneheads and encourage them to destroy the posting pleasure of 90% of this community that you do NOT speak for.

But, hey I've been long enough to know how this is going to turn out.

regular 4pol posters are now commie shitposting and it will soon spread to other boards

Oh dear oh dear lads.


Don't be so naive fam, the cyclical has always been about having one thread up. It's the 80 Autism Level autistic stormfags that don't want their safespace invaded.


Just a handful of them posted the past few hours.

Holy shit reddit read the screencap.

This is what Holla Forums did with mainstream social media (and by extension mainstream media proper), and it won Trump an election.

None of them were the threads I mentioned.

Yes… meme magic and raids against normies who are easily manipulated.

You know as well as I that posters both here and 4/pol/ are not manipulated as easily. You trying to change their minds on communism is about as affective as them trying to convince you on Nat Soc.

It ain't happening. All you're doing is wasting your time. Just as they would be wasting their time here.


What am I, SMERSH? Use your fucking brain.

You're just as autistic as they are.

I'm a significantly better kisser though

Want me to show you? ;-*

This board is pathetic. We had the Un studying us. Million dollar CTR spam team against us, (CIA)Dan Gabriel's Applied Memetics. What do you really think you can do? This board is a joke.
All your threads are you guys jacking each other off while everyone else laughs at you. The only thing you are known for is getting rekt by KulturKampf.

Try not to sperg out too hard

The FBI made you m8, 4chan is a front like TOR

We had nukes and the world in global crisis

Who said anything about manipulating them? We just need to fuel ourselves with their impotent rage.

It's a foolproof plan that could only fail if they were decent human being capable of accepting the existence of other points of view, which, as we all know, is not the case.

Oh, I remember that, we had a good laugh about it; cringeworthy stuff.

The normals fear you because they don't understand you. We do. We are your elders, from the times 4chan was trolling nazis, not nazis that do trolling. And now we're coming to take our turf back.

you do realize how autistic your little speech sounded

About on par with Holla Forums standards.

its true then, Holla Forums is actually nothing more than a bunch of 15 yo trying to be relevant.

Lol a gay mod just banned me for "spamming". Well those were some fun couple of days. Swedecuck out.