Can I still be a NEET after the proletariat revolution, or will I be forced to get a job?

Can I still be a NEET after the proletariat revolution, or will I be forced to get a job?

You'll have to get a job. It won't work otherwise.

You can be a NEET after we've achieved full automation.

You'll have to check in some basic labor, but it will be a lot more enjoyable than it would be now. You would get to meet other NEETs like yourself and maybe even find a man/women to spend the rest of your worthless life with, all of that while screwing a few nuts and bolts here and there and keeping the robots who work on the production line in good condition.

The idea of labour under socialism is that it will provide man with much more fulfillment and involvement in the decision process via workplace democracy, councils etc. It would be rather pointless if people just continued to mindlessly alienate themselves in drudgery.

This. You'll have to get a job, but it won't be a pointless, soul-sucking, dehumanizing endeavor that causes you to attempt suicide. Unlike my last two jobs.

And who is going to do those jobs?

You've made a grave mistake, comrade.

Didn't you know? Everyone has a choice I whatever labor they do under socialism. Don't want to do factory work? Teach. Don't want to do that? Do what you want! I'm going to be a rockstar when the revolution is over.

Seriously, imagine getting paid to smoke weed, drink, and drop acid everyday while practicing on my guitar. At night I'll perform to crowds of adoring fans and fuck sluts. You guys can keep your labor jobs.

If I can't be a rockstar (but I will because socialism makes it all possible) then I'll be the honorable leader of the council. I feel as if most people including my fellow lefties aren't as enlightened as me. I'd be doing everyone a favor.

Will you have a voucher system for your fuck sluts? How will you implement a fair and equitable distribution of the total value and wealth of your adoring fans?

I don't think your ideas match up to reality at this point.


You know, this raises a good point. Say someone does become a fucking rockstar, how the fuck are you supposed to redistribute the adoring fans through the entire band? Does the Singer and Lead Guitar get first dibs on the hottest ones while the Drummer and Bass are left with the ugly ones / sloppy seconds? Or - working with the example of four girls, two ugly and two hot - are they split evenly between the groups? If that's the case who gets the sloppy seconds between the Singer and Guitar or Drummer and Bass?

It might be appropriate to have a democratic institution or body that can timetable solutions to these general questions. One that involves fucksluts and rockstars alike without unnecessary recourse to representative mediation.

You should continue asking such questions until you find your answer.

With the glorious FALC system in place work will be absolutely minimal my dude. Might help break up the monotony of NEET life.

i thought you guys hated the "lumpen" and wanted to exterminate social parasites
i'd love to see the competing cookbook recipes you have for your FALC utopia sometime,
so all the non-technofetishists can recoil in horror / laughter

only some of the resident Stalinists and Nazbols really.

I was just having a laugh dude, I have no illusions that FALC will ever actually happen (not in my lifetime at least). Also the NEET problem is tied up in larger social issues and things like worker alienation, not just plain old human laziness. I don't fault them for the position they're in. And hell, we have a right to be lazy. Fuck it.

Wow how was I supposed to know you were having a joke i have autism commie scum what you think this is funny fuck you

W-well i mean given the nature of the thread and the 2hu anime OP pic….

Sorry, dude..

Sex robots I hope.

all lolifag NEETs will be up against the wall, comrade Stalin's orders

Considering you would now be free to achieve goals you weren't constrained to do in the past, I doubt you would want to be.

You would want to explore topics you love, in whatever academic capacity

No you can`t. Work is a duty under socialism, where as under capitalism is muh privilege. Why do you expect collective to contribute for your well being if you are not ready to sacrifice anything for it?

Form each according to their ability, comrade.

You turn everyone off to the ideal of communism please stop


When did I say I wanted individualism. You're so rigid to idealism then people you think are idealist.

We are building society for workers whom deserve all fruits of their labor. So why should someone who is not a worker and does not want to work get any fruit?


And first you have to consider systems inevitably collapse, and you want to deal with this two pronged problem with incentive to work to have fruits of their labor.

Why would you want to be a neet?

You can have FALC right now. Most of the technology exists just not the incentive to build it because of capitalism. Capitalism wont put out that technology till all human resources are exhausted and refuse to do thee work for a price equal to or more than it would take to make a machine do it.

Why wouldn't you?

its /comfy/

I already find my lack of purpose in my hard enough to deal with in the weekends.

What are you doing here if you're that classcucked?

You will have a job, but one of the big payoffs is that you'll be able to witness the fruits of your labor and will have the satisfaction of knowing that you work is helping other people rather than just lining porky's pockets.

Also, there's no guarantee how long your workweek will be but it'll be WAY less than 40 hours.

This, there are still systems where it costs less to pay a human a pittance than it does to pay for the costs of new parts and maintenance for machines.

kek, I love NEET pepes

As for NEETs, I think we'd have full employment under socialism, but you wouldn't be working much. And all your needs would be met.

Not him but I love my job very much, and I do it because it's fun to do, I couldn't care less if it helps anyone other than me or not.

When times are good, people can relax and do work that they enjoy while taking what they need (if not more) from the collective. When times are bad, people will be socially coerced or shamed for not working, if not outright forced by threat of starvation while necessities are rationed by either the community or state. As industry becomes more advanced and automation more common, the latter becomes less likely and eventually impossible.


I'm a NEET. I am not opposed to working. I just don't want to work for $8.62/hr 40+ hours per week when there is massive unemployment and the owners of the means of production are racking in record profits. Libertarians and conservatives tell me that I'm elitist. Yet they give trust fund kids and "entrepreneurs" who inherited wealth a free pass.

Your agoraphobia, autism and lack of motivation will be erased by euphoric joy you find within true freedom user. You will want to be outside or in the company of others more than ever. Trust me. Your atomized, isolated existence is the exact alienation engendered by sick minded capitalist dystopian society

Exactly. When people are able to keep the full value of their labour, they won't be working 40+ hour work weeks making slave wages. Living paycheque to paycheque. They'll be working 20-30 hours per week making livable incomes. And they will have voting rights within the organization they work for just like everyone else.

I was talking to some libertarians yesterday who told me that the minimum wage is too high. And that the working class in the west is too greedy. Yet they say nothing about the incomes and the greed of the rich. Why must the working class make sacrifices? Why not the bourgeoisie? This one cocksucker is like "I'm not a millionaire yet but I will be one one day."

Americans and libertarian cucks (this guy is Australian) see themselves not as exploited proletariat but temporarily embarrassed millionaires. Pure cuckoldry.

It's funny when libertarians play the "first world muh privilege" card to shame us for wanting a $15USD/hr minimum wage. Yet they say nothing about trust fund kids who never have to work a day in their life. Or the investor class who makes millions and billions of dollars… You want to talk about greed? Let's start with the ruling class first. Then maybe we can talk about our greed.

Admittedly first world working class people are greedy. I understand that it's anti-social for me to consume meat (very environmentally unfriendly) or to take long showers. Or to consume a lot of electricity and drive a car. Fine. But should we not point the finger first at the trust fund kids and bourgeoisie who consume more resources than anyone else?

Whenever we talk about austerity, it's austerity for the working-class. Not the rich. The rich ruling class are hypocrites. And libertarians who aspire to be rich and lack class consciousness are cuckolds.

Is that true? I'd probably still be a lonely virgin loser.

NEET socdem poster is that you? I haven't seen you around in awhile.

Yes. I haven't been posting here lately. Tried to engage in bourgeois day trading activity to try to achieve financial independence and maintain my NEET lifestyle. But that hasn't worked out. I ended up losing over $1,000. lol.

If you want to escape wage slavery, you either need a shit load of money (like say $1 million+) and invest in low-risk investments like the S&P 500 (especially mixed bonds/stocks mutual fund portfolios). Or you need to invest in high-risk investments and get lucky. I tried investing in high-risk investments and that didn't work out so well. lol.

If we don't have socialism or decent social democracy, I'm going to off myself eventually when my money runs out. I just can't go back to wagecucking. It's stressful and depressing as fuck. I have a lot of anxiety about my financial future as a NEET. But hiding in my parents' basement and sleeping 12 hours per day is preferable to getting yelled at by customers or your boss. And I hate the job hunt process. Spending all this time tweaking resumes and cover letters. Spending all this time rehearsing for job interviews and going to job interviews. Only to flunk the interview because I have autism. All for a job that pays shit and treats you like shit. Even people without autism struggle to get a job now. We don't stand a chance.

I get pretty much no joy out of life. I've been reduced to sleeping 12 hours per day. So I ask myself "why work hard to get a job? why wagecuck? I might as well kill myself." Nothing brings me joy. Junk food gives me temporary relief. Alcohol and drugs can give you temporarily relief but then fuck you up. Vidya and animu doesn't interest me anymore. Western women are bitches who want Chad. They don't want autistic guys. I don't feel any joy socially interacting with friends.


How about 50?

Thanks for the feel hug.

My family points out that I am depressed and anxious as a NEET anyway so I might as well work so that at least I'm making money. But my anxiety and depression would go through the roof right now if I tried holding down a job. At my last job I had a panic attack 22-23 months ago when a customer was chewing me out.

Humans are fucking evil. They smell weakness (autism) and prey on it.

I'm so mad at the normies. I wish autists had their own terrorist group. Like ISIS

You're the posted boy for socdem, and that's not a good thing.

Autistic lazy neet that refuses to better himself.

I understand your pain.

What does that have to do with the duty ethics of labor?

no you disgusting peace of filth
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