Serious Question: How is communism would resolve the School Shooting problem?

Serious Question: How is communism would resolve the School Shooting problem?

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State-issued gfs.

Arranged marriages.

Castration lottery at birth
Tranny Gulags
Regular Gulags
State Issued Girlfriends
Suicide Booths
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Socialise the means of reproduction

they're a statistical irrelevance. more people are probably killed by gun violence each week than the entirety killed in all recorded school shootings.

if they're such a concern, an increased focus on youth mental health would probably have a positive impact. unfortunately most americans still oppose state healthcare services, so mental healthcare will remain expensive and underutilised

Easy. Complete segregation of schools by sex, and a fully revamped sex-specific curriculum, along with boys only being taught by men,and girls only being taught by women.

Also, having kindergarten through grade 5 being 4 hours a day of Scout-style socialization, bonding, and learning practical skills along with basic lit, math and sci would result in far less awkward spergs who can't socialize that are inevitably ostracized by their peers, denied hole access, and either kill someone, kill themselves, or live the NEET life shitposting on imageboards.

This. Focus on such nonissues is purely part of the spectacle.

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Good graph though

Nah, most of those are either preventable or only apply to highly specific demographics.

Do you realize how much gay sex that would result in?

That's the idea.


That's the point

There were no school shootings in socialist eastern Germany.


Define communism.

active search of people with psychological problems

Simple; make public schooling non-mandatory.

Segregate middle and highschool by learning level like any modern country should do.

Nerds can be nerds, have less bullying by underperforming kids, and underperformers can get the attention and lesson structure they need.

Also, ban CNN.