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Britain and Australia should be nuked for their own good.

Among teenagers, being liberal used to be hip and trendy, and now it's old hat.

The problem really is teenagers
Everyone should hate the little fuck runts

pastebin or screencap please? it's behind a paywall.

tbf tattoos are shit but still

tattoos and gay marriage are shit though.
shit thread

Social rot comes with the dying of empire. The west is dying so the rot has set in.

I think im not going to make an account just to read a shite article.

How do you even quantify social rot. If anything this is what we had in the 20th century, these kids think is cool.

This. I can't even find the fucking study. Fuck this.


When social norms go in direct opposition to what was previously the held norm in a society. Or when society starts to condone vocally or through silent support actions that are "objectively bad. Like doing heroin, everyone knows coke addiction is bad but everyone in the US knows that almost every actor actress of political and public figure is on some type of negative drug. Thats social rot

Tattoos are simply disgusting anyway and makes someone look like a garbage dumpster with graffiti on it. Though it is a good indicator of a trashy individual and it would suck to have one of those visual cues taken away, the amount of people who get tattoos is disturbing, I guess because they have little impulse control and short sightedness

spotted the kiddo

seriously tho how the fuck did this happened? Annoying little brats the likes of which make up nearly the entirety of Holla Forums are so retarded they oppose having the freedom to do things. Just how the hell did things regress to this point?

t. No Fun Allowed

We already had a thread on this, It's meaningless. (the people interviewed are insecure 14 y.os, of course they hate trannies).

Right wing memes are too strong

How else are they suppose to rebel against societal norms and/or paternal figures?

Turn out to be gay? That's now accepted by most people. Gonna be a punk? have at it. Going to be trans? We'll support you.

The only way to buck the trend these days is to be a Christian conservative or a traditionalist.

Muslim immigration.

freedom is scary and hurts their feelings

Nah they're hot stop talking like your mother

Being a nazi isn't though

no. In a free society they are free to not live your lifestyle

Why don't we wait to find out what these people think when they've had some life experiences beyond high school. This shit is irrelevant.

Tattoos arent fun. Fun is like anime. Ever seen a tattoo in anime?

Who the fuck is forcing you to suck dick and get tattoos and wear can I thank them

Also the irony of a nazi complaining about tattoos

Fake as fuck

really causes cognition doesn't it?


Kind of this.
Tatoos are for fags

I didnt say any of that rebel without a cause. You are free to choke on that dick and they are free not to. But their lifestyle choices doesnt mean they are afraid of freedom

What irony?? I hope you're not thinking about American History X or something

Jesus christ do you think everyone here is a gay man tatted up with herpes

I mean that would be a funny joke but

Actual Aryan Brotherhood types, IE people you usually hide behind in a nationalist protest, they are tatted as fuck.

You're really just kind of a sniveling little suck up in the grand scheme of your "community"

or a leftcom

but the majority of course seeks out rebellion within the spectacle. This is to be accepted scientifically.

except the whole point is that your kind wants to ban gay marriage and tatoos. Kys skinhead

This + its punishable by death in islam(if you`re a muslim).

Hey check your pronouns sinner, did I say that?

The pen is mightier than the sword

the ones who got defense about it likely are

holy shit cant make this shit up

I have a few tattoos, I just find it funny you think its so body destroying. It's not even a big deal. I thought people grew out of this in the 00's

Yeah I have tattos to I just find it funny that many on the "new" left behave like the old right they have shock and disdain for people who do not live by their lifestyle choices. Freedom means you can do what you like it does not equal tattoos left leaning social norms or sexuality.

What was the sample size in this study?

I would not be surprised at all if it was just some isolated low income community

I suspect something like that may be the case and they're just selling this exciting story about a new generation bucking the trend toward social liberalism to get a few readers.

It doesn't help the only other place I saw this story was from the Daily Mail


across as in maybe in each impoverished community known for extreme conservatism?

Are you saying me that they are wrong for being form working class and holding working class values?

Who knows? But it's a very small sample size of Gen Z. Not something to write home about.

No, I'm saying they're wrong for being wrong. Kys fascist

Stop living in your class house above the sentiments of workers. You need to let that petit-bourgeois liberal inside you die.

yes, good worker, adopt the "worker" ideology of racism and nationalism, it'll cause lots of profi– I mean "solidarity"


There is nothing racist or nationalist about wanting to bash fags in their faces. In fact, homosexuals tend to be form non-working class thus they are already class enemies!

t. tankies

If this study showed otherwise, would it have been published?

If not, then how many other 'studies' were discarded for being too 'predictable'?

It is only a fact that they tend to be with class enemies. It`s only dialects anarkiddie.

so many triggered communist and anarchist scum in this thread


thanks for your contribution to the post-count

Gonna need some citation on that claim.

go home Holla Forums, you're drunk

They're like 5% of the entire population you retard

I wouldn't call the act of not spending immediately the 20 dollar bill your parents gave you for doing your homework "saving money" though.


Dhe 5% comes from the 1% :DDDDD DA dree of political revolution godda be liddered with da blood of da homosexuals :DDDD Eddy Izzard aka faggy lizard is not my commissar and probably bourgeois :DDD adam and eve not adam and steve okay

this tbh famalams

but dude gen z are fiscal conservatives, that's clearly the way of the future

To be honest, pretty much any tattoo just looks like a big dark, blurred blob after some time. They only thing they had going for them was that they used to be kind of edgy but now-a-days even kindergardeners and teachers have tattoos.

Tattoos are stupid.

Why so anti-racist? You seem filled with hate. Did a racist steal your girl or something?

Choose one


do you know what spooks mean?

Anything I don't like

Racism divides the working class and preoccupies them with meaningless cultural struggles when they should be uniting against their class enemy.

Everything divides people. Taste in music divides people. Sexual orientation divides people. And most of all, egos divide people.

Differences in preference are nothing compared to social constructs that are pivotal to a culture, such as religion, race, and gender. Wars are fought over the latter subjects, not the former.

Not in the same amount. People don't kill others for their taste in music.

moreover, religion race and gender have no reason to exist besides to divide, whereas taste in music is not something that is avoidable

Racism doesn't mean you want to go out into the world and kill every nonwhite. It's a preference. Why do you get to deny workers their freedom?

Music has lead to deaths actually.

Same shit as the "south park conservatives" of the Bush era.

Cool, come back when it killed millions and changed the course of history. Until then, you have no argument.

Religion and Race can be used to unite people just as easily.

How has racism killed Millions?

full retard

I guess germans made soap out of people just because.

I can see it now

It still divides workers and is used to prevent organization. More importantly, it is used to perpetuate economic stratification. People born into African American communities for instance are more likely to be involved with crime partially because of racial profiling for instance. However, this example of racial stratification is not nearly as extreme as how things were in the past: slavery, racial caste systems, genocides, etc.

That's been proven a myth as far back as the late 40's

Also, are you seriously using the "holocaust" as an argument? How childish are you?

The soap part may be. Still doesn't change the fact that it left 11 million dead.

Only a child or a retard tries to ignore the reality.

this one is true tho

How about imperialism? The congo, indigenous people of the Americas/Australia/etc, slavery, etc
This really isn't an argument you can win.

Niggers flailing around and trying to kill us in order to escape education is our fault now? White guilt knows no bounds

What? How the fuck does this have anything to do with imperialism? Do Holla Forumstards learn history from memes?

You're implying that deaths due to self defense were somehow in the billions and our fault

I guess ww2 happened because of Germans hatred for Jews and not because of Capitalism then. Seems legit.

nice meme

German motive for going into war was literally cleansing jews, slavs and other ethnicities and stealing their land. Capitalism created and supported fascism but fascism itself is to blame for war.

Yeah, Capitalism was in no way responsible for Nazi Germany. Oink Oink

learn to read nigger

Not an argument

nice meme

If you've actually ever read a book, you'd know that the Roosevelt administration and France were the ones who were responsible for Hitler and the poverty of the Germans. Also, Polish were attacking German citizens.

post tits

Complete retardation. I assume you meant to say treaty of versailles or some other retarded excuse, but germany did not even pay half the reparations.

False flag. Jesus, why is your knowledge of history comes directly from the lies of the fascists?

If you think defending yourself from savage animals who are literally willing to eat you because you trespassed on their sacred tribal grounds is "imperialism" and "racism", then I hope the day comes when a snackbar shoots up your neighborhood. Maybe then in your dying moments you can rationalize to yourself how it was your fault somehow.


The most passive aggressive form of "I HOPE YOU DIE FUCKING LEFTIST" the typical garden Holla Forumsyp utilizes when he's run out of arguments.