This shit

Comrades, watch this video.
Seriously, this is fucking child abuse. This is the product of liberalism. I can't even comprehend how the modern left went from marx to this shit. Shit like this is why people go to Holla Forums. How do we stop this shit?

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They are like 11.

How the fuck are they even interested in sexuality and shit?


The modern left went from Marx to this shit because it was consumed by its own egalitarianism-at-all-costs theology.

Wrong board subhuman prude?

Spotted the pedophile Holla Forums falseflagging!

Nice spooks fag

I got your spooks right here

Nice gulag for you, filth.

look at the filename comrade. one step ahead.

Because everyone with an actual left wing opinion was arrested for being subversive, so these new age liberal retards filled in the gaps because no one would contest whatever they say.

replace trump with (you) and hildawg with πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€meπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

Is this the "get gassed, degenerates" of Holla Forums?

Liberalism's disgusting oversexualised cultural capitalism never fails to produce sadness and inflict harm on the most vulnerable.

Liberals will be the first to hang when the terror takes place.

Women are bigger consumers than men, which is why they push metro-sexual shit. Makeup in general is top consumerism. And pushing it on kids is even worse. Disgusting.

Video is disgusting

Shitting on make up in general is disingenuous because we all consume unethical.

It is not the fault of women for engaging in these traditions when the alternative is "haha look at the feminist without make up I bet she has arm pit hair".

This whole thing is annoying. Fucking pushing this on children is gross.

The comments are even worse.

Hi there my fellow leftist. I agree with you! Being pro-LGBT was a mistake!

Sad thing is, as gross as it is, if one of them was a girl, people would think it's adorable.



what if OP is a Holla Forumsyp trying to rev up some hate against "degenerates"?

does it matter? they're still degenerates

I like going on dates with ladies without makeup. Makeup make me no want to touchy.

I actually like make up. It's all about how you use it tastefully. Not over do it

To be honest I think we should go back to the time where both sexes used it.

I dont need Holla Forums's help to hate oversexualized capitalist culture.

Or to hate annoying pre-teens.

The funniest thing about that comic is that it was really Hillary trying to play 4d politics and it was her fucking up at it that got Trump elected. They wanted him to knock out the other Republican candidates but look bad enough to lose to her handily. Needless to say, it backfired.



It really is SAD

I've tried some coverup stuff when I was sensitive about pimples. Maybe if there was better shit out there, but petrochemicals in your pores is no bueno.

However, in the long run I believe it's just best to take care of your health and build a natural clear complexion because then you always look your best 24/7.

Well I'm Asian so make up here is about as normal and traditional as thanksgiving or whatever.

It's more cultural for me tbh. I enjoy it. I don't think it's about looking my best, I think it's more just like putting on clothes.

I get your point, but I take care of my face. Idk, it's a bit of everything.

Just because you don't notice doesn't mean they don't have any of it.




fuck off muke

giving a shit about homos in the west is redundant
nice strawman nerd

You know what fuck you guys. Honestly this is one of the most Autistic Internet boards I've ever been on. You guys are more like Holla Forums than I realized. With "muh fun" and "muh idpol." I'm a communist, but I wouldn't surprised if most of the people on this board with support fascism over liberalism, simply because it's not liberalism.

"Muh fun" not "muh fun"

Fuck Holla Forums changes degenracy to fun

Our dear guests from Holla Forums are generally too stupid to post on theory threads and such, but come out in droves when we make fun of them or when a topic their meme-addled brains can comprehend like idpol shit comes up. So they're more noticeable in threads like these.

Both liberalism and fascism are nothing but Identity politics paintover capitalist alienation and self_commodification.

Now that being said, these 2 fags are on the wrong, if they are too young too fuck they are too young too decision what is best pussy or dicks.
Why are you soo buttmad about it?

so if you are under the age of consent you can't have any form of romantic relationship or sexual interest because you don't get to decide whether pussies or dicks are the best? oh wait that only applies to gays right?

The only thing disingenuous is make-up itself which lies about a person's true look.

There is a difference between consumption of vital stuff like food and clothing and consumption of useless shit like make-up and accessories.

You're showing your insecurities. Nobody gives a fuck if a girl doesn't wear make-up. And if they do, they're trash.

Fuck that. We should create a anti-consumerist culture of frugality and honesty where people don't feel they have to falsely "improve" their looks with fashion, make-up or plastic surgery.


Sounds fucking boring m8. If communism doesn't have constant orgies with genetically modified communalized catgirls, I want none of it. Join a monastery if you want a frugal, honest commune fag.

Here you apply a cultural normality of your own, your projection is laughable my liberal friend.

So are you going to let your 11 years old boy romance another 11 years old girl?
Plz don't have kids you will ruin the next generation.

If i had a kid i will deny the existence of sexual relationship for him so he may suffer less before his comfy death.

How so? Do you need to buy useless shit and lie/trick in order to have fun? If anything, it frees time and energy that could be used having fun.

Frugality and honesty has nothing to do with whether people have sex or not.

Fuck off retard.

Implying I've never read Hegel or Marx

Also, you are implying that self-commodification and alienation have anything to do with sexual orientation. If you do then you are fucking retarded, because there is zero connection. Sexual orientation forms biologically, it has nothing to do with Capitalism. This is why many of you fucks are stupid. You guys do know that not all behaviors and phenomena are linked to Capitalism, right?

This isn't a result of liberalism, this is a result of children being exploited by their parents for decades, for the parent's personal gain.

Strange how women are not only allowed, but encourage to artificially inflate their SMV, while shunning men who dare do the same.

Really makes you think :^)

Why buy clothes

Nobody notices you wear make up…that's the point of make up…..


You don't actually believe this, do you?

I don't believe anything, because I'm smarter than you leftists.

Yes. You can pull it off you just need to know how. It's honestly not that difficult.

Hush now.

Come come my dear An-Fem, we're comrades in this battle against boys.

Perhaps I can give you some make-up tips to look prettier.


No, Mr. FBI




Stopped the video

"Physically, clothing serves many purposes: it can serve as protection from the elements, and can enhance safety during hazardous activities such as hiking and cooking. It protects the wearer from rough surfaces, rash-causing plants, insect bites, splinters, thorns and prickles by providing a barrier between the skin and the environment. Clothes can insulate against cold or hot conditions. Further, they can provide a hygienic barrier, keeping infectious and toxic materials away from the body. Clothing also provides protection from ultraviolet radiation."


Also there is nothing wrong with women having armpit hair. I even find it sexy.

All in all I can't really condemn women for wearing make-up, if it makes you feel good then go ahead. I just don't want that to spread into men.

This is why people go to Holla Forums.

I go to both Holla Forums and Holla Forums though

I mean go to Holla Forums looking for an ideology/place where people also feel disgusted by this crap.

Because they are spooked fags whose feefees are hurt by something that doesn't affect them in the least? True.