Conversion Therapy but the good kind

How can I convert a Bernie Supporter to become a full blown red. I think the second image is good but maybe something more baby tier literature…

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bump please help my friend is literally dying from liberalism.

"What is anarchism" by Alexander Berkman

Tell him about Makhno

This. Anarchism is good for getting libruls to convert to full radleft.

Just like Marxist-Leninism is good for radicalizing liberals until they realize how retarded it is and subsequently become hostile to radical leftism as a whole.

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M-L is good for nothing

This falls under "nothing good"

Not the way it worked for me, at least as far as anarchism goes, but I'm sure you're right about M-L. I was originally a hard liberal, but then became an ancom. Now I'm a Luxemburgist, after flirting with libertarian Marxism for the longest time. The trick is to introduce them to anarchism then slowly expose them to libertarian Marxism.


Answer is simple comrade. Mike Pence had right idea.
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Friend had no way of knowing or preventing ball sweat before meeting you.
Through this he will understand capitalist inequality.

How do I into Luxemburgism?
I've been wanting to read something by based Rosa for a while now.
Where should I start?

Its good if you want to kill the revolution

One of my friends was a Berniecrat when I met him, and I had been browsing leftypol for about a year by that point. We talked about the stuff Bernie wanted to do and why it needed to be done, and I would talk about the underlying contradictions of capitalism that caused those problems in the first place. I ended up lending him my collection of Marx and Bakunin's God and the State and that's what ended up doing it.

My suggestion though is not to try and convert them totally all at once. In my experience changing people's minds is more of a transitional experience than a transformational one. You kind of need to plant the seeds and cultivate them over the course of numerous conversations rather than to try and "pill" them all at once.

The bread book

Went from Succdem to anarkiddie in like a few chapters

Give him Debt:The First 5000 years. Graeber has this casual style and focus on solid facts that is great for normies. Then move him onto Mutual Aid: A Factor in Evolution, which is also heavily fact focussed. These are are all easy to consume criticisms of capitalism that aren't even overtly socialist. They are merely observations on the existing and past state of society drawn from evidence. Also neither broach the subject of violence or revolution so the normie can get their critique of capitalism down before they start deciding on methods, because pretty much everyone agrees on the critiques and the solution its just how to get there

I'm going to second this. Debt: The First 5000 Years is excellent. It undermines the fundamental assumptions that are baked into the culture and internal logic of capitalism. If they're already a berniecrat, it means they recognize that there is something fundamentally wrong with the structure of our society. Debt chips away at the base of liberal economic theory, allowing the reader to question these culturally reinforced theories which before seemed completely unassailable.

Debt by itself won't convince someone to become a socialist, it will do something even better: break some of the chains on their mind and allow them to convince themselves if they desire it.

that book is absolutely fantastic, I have a pdf copy give me a minute and ill upload it

Lookin forward to this one piratenon I need to brush up on my critiques of capitalism


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Thanks comrade

Verso sells a collection of her letters, amongst other things, and they're having a half-price sale. Good a place to start as any.


Awesome. Post this on /freedu/ if you have the time.