Anarchyball is now even more autistic

He got his hands on a deviantart account and commissioned the edgiest shit he could think of.

I WISH I could be as deluded and has as little self awareness as he does, honestly.

His economic illiteracy and boot licking hasn't stopped either, surprisingly. He's if anything an embarrassment to his ideology. If I were an ancap I'd want nothing to do with him, similar to Jason in that respect.

Lets see if he responds again

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still not nearly as autistic as the alt-right

makes me kinda nostalgic

Are ancaps not technically alt right?

Ancaps tend to hold traditionalist social views anyway. Prime example being Love Life and Anarchy…

'Socialism is pretty bad already, but black people having Socialism?! Isn't that what's Africa's about?'

no, ancaps hate tradcons usually
did you know they want to lower the age of consent cuz bunch of them are closeted pedophiles? ancapistan would allow child slavery as well.

Oh yea, most of them aren't even closeted, I know from direct experience talking to them on vague image boards.

So it's Deathstroke as an aristocrat?

The images in the OP dont even begin to show how bad he is btw

ancaps are the worst of left and the right fused together

What part of the left are included in ancaps?

The autism?

taking social liberalism to retarded heights
also, autism and """anarchy"""

I'm convinced that if AnCaps had lots of money they would all be megalomaniacs.

something something ghosts

Right outside the window you can see just how prosperous an ancap society would end up
A barren wasteland devoid of anything of value

Its Ironic.

You were fuckikg brutal in this video.

So this is what right wing LARPing looks like?

Will he ever debate muke?

God I hope not, Muke is the cancer killing leftypol.

The TotalBiscuit of political commentary

I don't think that poster said that at all, but social liberalism is shit though, even soft socdems are better.

It would be amazing if that guy is purposely acting like an illiterate retard a la EdwardCurrent, taking everyone on a ride with him, both supporters and detractors.

I don't like Zezizy in this video.

that's the sea

Why not?

Ancaps are so fucking stupid lel

because I only watched 1 minute and made my mind too early


So, you changed your mind now?

What shit tier art. What the hell is wrong with his face it looks like some sort of ancap Jason from Friday the 13th.

Why does Mr Dapperton keep raw milk on his fireplace??

All this guy does is post memes on his twitter all day, and like any right wing youtuber whine about SJW's instead of talking about any actual political theory.

Looks like he's not gonna debate, shame.

"memory problem"
I guess that's why he supports ancap because he keeps forgetting his boss is assfucking him


so basically he is fucking stupid

The Undertale music thing needs to stop

Well what the fuck are you going to spend it on without a centralized government dictating its worth? If I live in an a-governmental society why the fuck would I build you a house in exchange for some fancy cotton-paper?

Seriously? I thought it worked quite well, and others seem to like it.

I think there needs to be some kind of music in the background, as the video is too boring without. Undertale music works great as it's made to be a couple bars of music that go on for as long as they need to.

What would you recommend instead? I have some other music that is quite repetitive so can work with long videos, but I dont wanna use that for every video as well.

Who prints the money in ancapistan?

Is it all just bitcoins?

Ancaps claim we need to go back to the gold standard.

I'm not gonna lie, when I opened up the video and saw this gangly, awkward sounding faggot with the gay music in the background, I thought he was the guy you're talking about.
Imagine my surprise!

I'm not the only one realizing how bad the shading is in this right?

I have some brain issues and it was basically impossible to comprehend what you were saying with the music. Maybe it was the volume of the music but basically my brain couldn't distinguish the difference between you talking and the music and I had to stop watching because it was just gibberish.

granted, i have a lot of mental issues mostly around OCD and it's unlikely it's super common

just wanted to give some feedback though

fine for me tbh and i agree that the music make it easier to listen to
just make sure it's not too loud and not some basic bitch edm every time

The Undertale music you chose is from a boss fight, why would you have music that's more energetic than your speaking style? It makes it difficult to concentrate on what you're saying because of the loud ass bad music in the background.

Yea I agree the music should of been more chill - I've used it in response videos before and it's worked quite well, but I guess this video I wasnt as outgoing as I was in those ones. I've only recently started adding music, so it's a little trail and error as well tbh. When I can get the music right it should help a lot with making the content easier to digest.

What you really need is to do some damn push-ups you scrawny faggot.



This makes me genuinely sad actually. I feel bad for the guy. I just want to talk to him, or for muke to talk to him. Not debate him, but to stop bullying him and just explain it all to him. To teach him about the real left.

dont be, the guy is still a fucking faggot

Ancaps are the real lumpenproles.

I get it.
I pity him on some level, too.
This is actually the nicest I've seen him react, actually. I'm kind of surprised.

Yo, in case you're still in the thread:
Alternate between having silence and music (if you start to do scripted videos, try and make it so that the music starts and lasts for an entire part of the video, e.g. for the entirety of a point you're making), and use rap instrumentals (Go for old kanye/dilla style or 90's beats, don't go for modern trap inspired stuff and don't go too high tempo), they're better for talking over because they usually leave the midlevel frequencies open for voice anyway.
If you're not familiar enough with hip-hop, here's a great excuse to become :^) or just go through a couple mrbtongue videos and use his picks, they're pretty good for talking over.

its cultural liberalism not social liberalism

Social liberalism isn't leftist and the properartarians (American "libertarians") tend to be apathetic towards social views. Some are culturally conservative or the former,etc.

Surprisingly I found myself feeling the same, it's weird. Maybe he's grown up a little since the last couple videos, maybe it's just a blip in his behaviour, idk.

I'd love to talk to him though, as you said not even a debate just sit him down and teach. He'd probably never agree to it though, oh well.

Yea I wasnt gonna still be in the thread at 5am my time lol.

Thanks for the advice though, I will look into it.

Aren't they just kind of fueling even more criticism when they portray themselves as pretentious faggots who flaunt their wealth?

What did he mean by this?

and why did you delete it, you fag

I didnt delete it though

But who's going to mine the gold, and why do so for a wage when they can just keep it for themselves?

Almost like lefties who "ironically" LARP Stalinism, huh. Really makes you think.

Where does this come from?

Oh, sorry then. love you

It was 6 am my time, so dw lol. Glad to be of help.

Honestly, I think it just boils down to an aesthetic they like. I mean, I think it's a pretty immature and uh.. silly.. aesthetic as well, but I don't think it's that weird. It's not unlike the fascination with worker and labor imagery in leftist materials.
The "aesthetic pursuit" of leftism, or at least in leftist art, is the pursuit of emancipation for the oppressed, just like the "aesthetic pursuit" of libertarians and ancaps is the fantasy of being able to freely pursue wealth and social standing with no one to stand in your way.
In that light, imagery of high social standing and wealth from self-made men makes sense, the autistic part is putting himself and his shitty avatar into this fantasy.

Idpol projected onto class

I think that aint anarchyball but just a kid, cause anarchyball usually is mutch more of an asshole. especially againt Muke Yiff my asshole Puke.

Ancaps have delusions of grandeur and a superiority complex. Some legitimately believe ancapistan will be better for others but most expect themselves to float to the top of socio-economic standing. The former can be debated with, the latter not, they feel like they're entitled to a lazy life of luxury.

Xexizy doesn't HAVE to be less scrawny but if you'd want him to then recommend lifting, dummy.

But is Muke actually a furry tho?

We got a response lads

I love how much he cuts out of the original video to make the arguments seem different

no because any sensible person likes fur and muke is not a sensible person

this is why we need gulags

Ancaps are like the Sonic fans of the economics. Let's draw shitty Dapperton the Hedgehog art now.

Mr peanutbutter is somewhat reactionary.

shit I hope so

Literally found on his voat profile.



He thinks raw milk is edgy? Fucking hell..