Borders and nations are spooks


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dumb nazbol

so what do i gain from increased rapes, mugging, wage dumping, increased housing shortage etc?
just saying it's all porkys fault dosen't make it go away

not an argument

I agree, humanism is a spook.


but….. it doesn't

how does it bennefit me?

Arguments are a spook

The Pandora's Box of economic globalization was opened decades ago, if you wanted to stop it from happening, you should have done it then.

Now you're just arbitrarily dividing up the working class for maybe, at best, a short term wage increase for native workers before capital finds a way of circumventing your action.

Hoards of migrants don't just appear out of nowhere. Most of those people would be perfectly happy staying at home if their homes weren't being destroyed.

Yes it fucking does. I just lost my job to a paki cunt. What now?

Kill capitalism.

Destroyed by thier own primitive people. Boo hoo I guess I better let Mohammed fuck my asshole now.

We shouldn't have even tried to civilize sandniggers and help take down thier evil dictators because in the end they just reverted back to killing each other

Click my heels together 3 times and say 'there's no system like socialism'?

Or, you know, you could cement fervor among the populace like the rest of us try to.

Your shitty system doesn't prevent it. It encourages it. There've been threads for migrants and 'refugees' on here before where Holla Forums has been supportive of them. Your cancerous ideology does nothing to defend anyones interests but the interests of those who do not work or are weak.

If you had a platform or strategy I'd consider it. You don't. So I nationalism.

You don't say

The working class supports the refugees and migrants it's only the establishment and big banks (who I hate and am supposed to fight against) who don't support them.

Yes they sure do comr8. I never hear anything else from them than 'I sure hope we can get some more Pajeets over here real soon as this work malarkey is getting dull'. Idiot.

You obviously haven't looked at crime statistics and how overrepresented immigrants from the middle east and Africa are.

People this delusional don't actually exist, do they?

They destroy their own more often than not, and come seeking gibs and boons from european countries.

Nationalism has always been bad for culture because it forces everyone to give up their regional languages. It was the nation state as a model that created the migrant crisis as well.

This is pretty clever for a left/pol/. See if there were no nation states they wouldn't be refugees. Just global citizens.

Being against mass immigration doesn't require supporting the nation state or being a nationalist.

Yes we do which is why we beat up the working class whites who are fed up with the system.

It was your hippie ideology that did, we should've put them in labour camps as soon as they turned up.

why is being a nationalist considered a dirty position? Why does wanting my own nation to do well and look after its own have to mean that I hate others? I simply accept that you can't save everyone, especially when some are in need of saving from themselves.

If you have some nation states that are richer than others, which is inherent to nation states, and then you have those states go out and bomb and destabilise weaker ones, you'd need to be pretty stupid to not try and go to a place with a better standard of living.

It does if you're a reformist about it.

I'm not a hippy user.

Sorry I mean get them fired and try to ruin their social life the fighting thing never works out too god for us.

After what's happening all throughout western Europe your be pretty stupid to keep letting them in.

If you stop letting them in but keep doing the same things, there will still be something making them leave their countries because the problems won't be solved. The hysteria around it is dumb and hysterical people don't think rationally.

What do you mean?

If you vote for anti-immigration people in the short term but are a socialist in the long term or something like that, you might not intend to do it but you're supporting the nation state.

Where the mass migrations of germanic peoples during the 4th century because white people are inferior too and destroyed their own countries? :^)

Crime stats are spooks.

Better than supporting the establishment and the rich and acting dumbfounded when people turn to the right.

This right here is the problem. You expect me to think in global terms when even sorting out local problems appears beyond us. IMO it is much easier to build a fair (that's what this is really about no?) system in one nation at a time than it is to try bring together hundreds of disparate cultures and languages under one global banner. An even if you do manage, what if a handful of nations vote to keep capitalism?

This right here is the problem. You expect me to think in global terms when even sorting out local problems appears beyond us. IMO it is much easier to build a fair (that's what this is really about no?) system in one nation at a time than it is to try bring together hundreds of disparate cultures and languages under one global banner. An even if you do manage, what if a handful of nations vote to keep capitalism?

why in the hell can't I (You) you?

There's no right answer between the two, we need to stop compromising and value our lives more.

An increased likelihood of finally interacting with another human you spooked up faggot.

In any event private property is a spook, so what right do you have to tell people where they can and cannot go, much less where they can and cannot live

I agree which is why we need to sendt them back.

I don't support these bombings. In fact I've opposed them the the extent that I can since 2002.

OK, so you're from Holla Forums.

On a vast scale, socialism would prevent it. There would be no incentive for economic migration. Capitalism always needs to expand, which is why anti-globalization and protectionism, (I assume that's what you mean by nationalism), can never really work without ending it as a whole. It won't end till capitalism does.

Supportive how? Did they send them aid, or were they just not triggered af?

You realize workers in general are weak compared to the capitalist? As individuals the power we have is limited. That's why I don't give a fuck about some fellow worker who takes my job, because it's the capitalist who fucked me, not him. Our struggle is the same one. They purposely put us at each-others throat to compete for jobs for their benefit. I don't care if people don't work, because right now anyone working is only turning the wheels of capital. In fact, I hope everyone stops working someday so we can bring this system to its knees and rebuild.

Continue being myopic, I guess.

So vote for non-interventionists.

I don't but I can stop them because of will increase the quality of my life

Exactly. I personally don't want to be raped, robbed or killed, but I really don't care if it happens to anyone else. Morality is a spook.

Because he deleted his post:

I kinda get this. But the prevailing attitude on here seems to be 'just bend over and take it til revolution time'. Fuck that.

Your reasoning is weird user.

The bombings are one part, they happen for a reason. If you stop the bombing without stopping the reason the bombs were dropped you've made another compromise and basically cucked yourself again.


what other fantasies are we supposed to order society to protect you from

what the serious actual fuck

Empathy isn't. Neither is an understanding of statistics and probability.

Fantasies? Yeah go tell that to the working class people in Rotherham or the victims of the terrorist attacks that happen monthly in France.


The crimes of Muslim immigrants are the deserved punishment of citizens of the West for being enablers of Imperialism by failure to overthrow their governments.

So he's a porky bootlicker for defending the working class and your the heroes of the working class for defending the interests of the elite? Makes sense.

It is for people who aren't in your immediate sphere of influence. It's impossible to empathize with someone you don't personally know.
Neither can be applied to humans.

Who cares? Is it happening to you personally? No? Then shut the fuck up about it.

Yes good leftycuck now say that in public or on YouTube or the TV if you get the chance.

You have the reading comprehension of a bag of peanuts.

No, it isn't.
Yes they can.

No because I care for my people whether they be working class or have enough money to move away from these scum.

I see no reason behind the bombing til I don my tinfoil cap. Then the reasons are pretty much to maintain the dollar, Israel and KSA, and US dominance across the world. IDGAF if all these things collapse.

The reason is built into the way the world works user. It's always going to be there unless get at the roots of the problem.

Sure it is. You can trick yourself into thinking you're empathizing with people you don't even know and have never met, but that's impossible.
Then hand over your guns because you're far more likely to be killed by your own firearm than you are to use it defensively. You're okay with that, right?

"Your people" are your immediate friends and family. That's it. Stop trying to justify your xenophobia and bigotry.

You're suggesting the root of the problem is anything other than human nature. Some people are naturally exploitative and selfish. Capitalism is just an expression of this. As such I wouldn't want to try a hard socialism as it would only be a matter of time until one of these assholes came to power.

We're humans, aren't we? I'd say we're in a pretty bad position to judge what is and isn't human nature. All we have is what we value.

human nature can't be the root of the problem because it doesn't fucking exist

Ok. human nature isn't really key to the point I'm making anyway. Exploitative assholes/sociopaths exist.

Just letting them exploit us is no way to deal with them though.


okay, and?
cancer exists but we don't just shrug our shoulders and say "well that's just biology ho hum"

My people are my people.
really funny isn't it? you base your ideology on caring for the downtrodden but then you say to the people who aren't downtrodden "Who cares? Is it happening to you personally? No?" because you communist rats don't really care for them.

That's not what I'm proposing. I just think that any dealing with the issues and experimenting with new/altered systems is MUCH easier on a national scale than it is on the global scale with so many ideological barriers.

No. I just think they'd be easier dealt with nationally than globally.

It has to be from an individual to a global scale, federalism is one of the most important principles.

Yes, your immediate friends and family that you personally interact with.
Getting real spooky up in here.
Not a communist, and no I don't care for people I don't personally know, and neither do you.

My people are my people.

Isn't feminism de spoog? XDDD

So why in the hell not use nations as the outline for these federal entities?

Because they come from the nation state and not free association.

You think the two would be drastically different? I mean sure, some borders are all to fuck, just lines on a map to keep shit simple. This is largely the ME and most of Africa. Others like nations in Europe have pretty distinct identities and cultures that I suspect we'd see most people choose as the basis for any federation they may go for. Trying to force these nations together under one banner and law just breeds contempt, see EU.

I never said I cared for refugees. Quite the opposite, I couldn't care less for the Islamization of Europe as I do not live in Europe, and I'll be long dead before that reaches the states to a point where it would negatively impact my life.

No, it's not. Look up what empathy is, because you obviously don't know.
I don't intend to use the guns i have for self-defense in the first place, and i'm willing to take the risk that i'll use them to harm myself.

But the nation state only exists because of force. Look at the different languages and cultures in Spain, Italy and France that were lost or barely survived because of the rise of the modern state in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

But i see no reason why i should take the risk letting in a Middle Eastern or African immigrant who is much more likely to hurt me then other poeple. .

Anarchists are the worst kind of scum.

Right and the damage is done. Why risk further erasing our shared history by supporting deeper integration?

Because it's not further integration so to speak, but moving towards a free association of individuals where nobody is left out. I'm going to bed now, so goodnight thread.

so then just have the new federal borders go after existing languages and cultures


ITT a guide of how lure the inner liberal out of Holla Forums

so not letting strangers in where i live and let them sleep in the same bed as me etc is a spook?

imperialism is not the people's fault, and we dont deserve punishment for it, anyone who claims that is a retarded closet liberal

all the left is saying that these people will keep coming and problems will keep emergning because of increasing inequality and a sick way to distribute of resources.

demanding the end of political correctness when muslim rape is a thing is not wrong, we have to tackle the problem head on, any socialist government would do that without collectively attacking refugees as a whole or causing major problems to the working class in the process. its not that difficult if you think of it, and you do not have to be a nazi scumhead to solve these social tensions.
if we do something against THAT instead of following the ruling class playbook on turning against the victims of exploitation collectively, we might get somewhere.
your retarded ways will cause more harm and destruction to innocent people, including the people you claim you want to protect.

Sleep tight gungirl poster.

"the people"could stop imperialism today, if they wanted to. unfortunately they don't. the only liberals here are the people too naive to see this, too stupid to understand it, and too cowardly to take responsibility for it

You should be blaming both the politicians who use immigration as a means to lower wages and your employer for being a deplorable greedy slimy cunt, the Paki was just a means to an end, he didn't do anything wrong by taking a job offer in order to feed himself. The ones who actually fucked you over are likely the same race as you, just not the same class of course.

This is a perfect example of how racialism obstructs the class struggle.

In what way has immigration directly affected you negatively?

I do. That's why you'll never catch me voting labour or tory. You do make a good, clear point here but my issue is taht if I vote for the party who promise NOT to ship out my job or replace me, you call me a racist. And not just a little bit. You go after me online and generally try noise my life up for looking out for my own interests. This shouting me down as racist/bigot/xenophobe by anti-fa and student 'socialists' leaves a bad impression of the left in general.

I don't blame you for voting for an anti-immigration party honestly, I don't blame anyone personally for voting for their own interests, the problem is that the present democratic system is inadequate to address the systemic problems in our society, partially because the democratic system itself benefits from the existence of those problems. For example the more immigrants you import the larger your future voting base, even when there are not enough jobs to support this new immigrant population they will continue to be imported for votes alone, this is clearly against everyone's interests, even the immigrants' interests, it benefits solely the ruling class.

Abstaining from voting is what I recommend, democracy alone can't benefit us, some degree of political resistance is needed on our part, even if it is as small as abstaining from voting.

No you dumb nazbol
Immigrants exist in the physical world. So obviously they arent a spook

If it's the Paki raping your children it's pretty clear who's directly responsible.

The spook is that I should care about them.


I just want them to stop coming. I don't hate them in their own countries. Hell I don't even hate most of them as individuals. I oppose them coming here as they bring their stone-age culture with them and breed like rabbits. While the UK ain't perfect, at least it is democratic and largely rational in action. 100 years of islamic migration will change this. And I believe some values are worth fighting to maintain, specifically enlightenment shit.

I love how many so called "socialists" turn into Holla Forumsyps as soon as immigration turns up.

where in the 'leftism for dummies' guide did I specify I have to accept people to my country at my own expense?



if you have solidarity for homeless people does that mean you have to let them live in the house you live in?

This is the dumbest argument I've ever seen. Congratulations

It's called a metaphor

its a shitty metaphor that doesn't support your argument

blah blah we're all human beings blah blah nationalism is pseudoscience blah blah blah the whole argument you're trying to make is that you're terrified of people because they have a different pigmentation which is horribly autistic.



This is Holla Forums, take your politically correct opinions to /lefty/.



It sertanly would decrease alot. Don't tell me your going to deny immigrants being overrepresented among rapes and other crimes also more people moving to my country won't help us with our ongoing housing shortage

everyone has a human right to live wherever they want

if borders and nations are spooks then what desides that things like "rights" aren't a spook?

The UK isn't democratic, the current government rules the country with only 37% of the vote and we have a welfare queen as head of the nation. That's pretty savage if anything, it's just that we have money now so we don't spend our time raping and looting as we once did.

Muslims don't stick to their faith as much as you like to make out, there is no islamification, to suggest otherwise is disingenuous.

If you wanna talk about spooks then at least fucking read the book

I'm pro completely open borders without any immigration control or vetting. We need to remove all borders.

Actually people with right wing beliefs should not be allowed to live in any society. This includes nazbols and tankies as well.

thats pretty spooky liberal

Because allowing foreigners to move to your country is not remotely the same thing as literally giving your bedroom to a homeless guy.

what about just letting homeless people live in my house? is that a better comparision?

A more appropriate comparison would be letting a homeless man move into another person's house, regardless of that homeowner's wishes

While "your house" and "your country" are similar things, they are not the same. This level of abstraction is unhelpful when trying to discuss the real world.



I show solidarity to homeless and immigrants but i don't let let in my house/country
Oh really? you do what exactly?
you know, i send positive vibes over face-book

Do you blame the horse for the actions of the rider?

Remember you are trash

No user, mass third world immigration is sacred and not a spook because reasons. It's an unstoppable force of nature, like gravity! You can't not open your doors to millions of hostile foreigners with single digit Autism Levels and stone age social mores! That would be crazy!

t. Holla Forums

We are laughing at your anger, Holla Forumsyp

Its the old strawman spook of "judeo-bolshevism".

Its jewish, its commie, its both and either. Ayn Rand loved her some Lenin don'tcha know my white friend ;🍀🍀🍀)?

elections in the west aren't rigged. stop deflecting
tax protests aren't new. people are just too cowardly to do it
"they made me believe in lies and nonsense. it's not my fault!" classic cop out
uh, no? hence my blaming the electors and enablers of imperialism who, in your allegory, are the rider. don't think you thought that one through

you have more members of the working class in an area to hand the capitalists.

Nazibols fucks off.

so i'm just imagining gerrymandering and the electoral college then?
unless they're alt-right militias
advertising turned floor cleaner into mouthwash in less than a decade, what do you think a concerted effort by the media on a national level could do during the course of a person's entire life
you have the reading comprehension of a dildo, the people in these systems are the horse and imperialism is the rider you misunderstood the analogy so completely that you eliminated the horse because it doesn't fit into your distorted version