H-he's threatening the echo chamber!




you get banned because you're a faggot and we don't like you. cry harder scumbag

sage & report

But I'm not banned :)

sage and report

Banning people for these sorts of threads is honestly pretty gay. I run a forum and I don't ban anyone unless they're actually spamming, not just for the occasional shitpost.

You can fuck off with him nazbol scum

wtf is a nazbol?

daily raids and "LOL FUKIN COMMMIES DURRR" posts/threads ≠ "occasional shitpost"

we're bretty potent, so potent all your spam is gone

that was part of the spam wave.

Depends on if it's the same person doing it over and over again or not.


See the above post. Depends on if it was the same guy constantly shitposting or not.

There's a whole sticky for these things. Reported.


what a drama queen

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Well what did you expect?

yeah sure thing libcuck

Please provide examples

He didn't threaten anything. He came into the thread, spouted off about a scenario that he himself didn't provide proof of or context of, then contributed nothing further to the discussion.

Had he actually taken the points that were being discussed in whatever thread he was hailing from and brought it here fore elaboration, THEN we could have a proper conversation about it.

Libertarian, not liberal. Maybe that got you confused? We're the libertarian left, and one really mad north korean cop with a bunch of vpns.

Wow you put two things that don't work at all together into one giant, stupid ideology. Impressive!

Thank you!. Fuck i'm saying that all the time. Fuck Marx, fuck communism and socialism. There is only way for anarchism. That is the right path. There's no need to add things to anarchism.

you should put your head and loaded gun together, pull the trigger, then see how well those work

I'd suggest actually reading about it before mouthing off. What I assume is the issue (among many) is a faulty definition of what "anarchism" and "communism" are to begin with.

Yeah, as a cuckold, I bet you fantasize about suicide a lot.

How are two stateless systems incompatible, when they both require no state, and no unjustifiable hierarchy? Really they're very similar, certain obsolete tactics can't be blown out of proportion and called all of Communism.

hurrdurr economy

being a bootlicking classcuck you're the expert on cuckoldry here


Read Feder, you paste-eaters.

Deserved it tbqh

fuck off you fake anarchist. You support proletariat dictatorship.

Anarchism it's not about a statless society. Of course there is a state, there's always going to be a state.
Anarchism is abolishing of central government. These are different things, but those dumb turds anarcho-somethingsomething think central government and state are the same thing.

yeah you're liberals

Why would it? You can have stateless organization, most is actually.

There's too much of a divide between Marxist thought and Anarchist thought. I believe we can reconcile the two greatly, or maybe that's already happened and I need to read more.


not real communism :)

The smugness and arrogance of right wingers never ceases to amaze me

You guys must suffer from a lot of infighting, huh?

i thought leftypol was an echo chamber? make your mind up

Come back when you have some arguments.

keep chugging the koolaid my man


Because that's boring rhetoric that we hear every day. You're not offering any new ideas or perspective on anything, youre just repeating the status-quo while thinking you're doing something productive.

So most Holla Forums local users should be banned as well?

chug a bullet, faggot

Its about goddamn time the mods started doing their jobs.

Yes. Lets start with