Holla Forums is planing a Nazi micro-nation. We need a commie micro nation.

Why a micronation when we can work on taking over real nations?

give up faggot. no one is intimidated or impressed by you

Micronations are shit and effectively summer homes for weird rich fucks. Resources, resources, you need resources to establish MoPs. Small islands have fuck all in terms of geological wealth even if you drill the surrounding ocean.

Creating a communist micronation would only indebt it to the capitalist nations from the beginning. Even farming the whole island - it still won't support many people and you run into severe issues with soil depletion after a generation or two (see: Easter Island).


Setting up a power station would be more effective on the ocean floor where hydrothermal vents are abundant.


I'll have to ask my mom for an advance on my allowance.

1. Holla Forums are too incompetent for anything like this and their idea will end just as it began; a daydream
2. this thread is either b8 or either OP is fairly stupid because this is a bad and pointless idea no matter how you cut it


One planet, one Union.

It sounds tempting but other nations won't count you as one. If you want communism on a small scale, try to hide inside an already existing nation.


No. We need to build secret communes and train a massive proletarian army to lead the revolution.



Detroid commune didnt work and neither did whites-only-african-colony.

There's already one. It's called Tuvalu

You are scum that needs to be shot along side porky.
I refuse to live in a standardized world. Wheather it's a capitalist one or a tankie one.

No. We should let Holla Forums build it and once they have a basically functioning infrastructure we infiltrate academia and the media and slowly push it toward communism.

I couldn't live with myself if I had to go on wondering, "would one more have done it?"

Again? Remember Namibia?
Let them all starve to death there. It'll make good TV.

This is utopianism of the most retarded order

What's wrong with Namibia? They're the only sub-saharan country that really adapted well to the western model.

About a year ago a bunch of people on Holla Forums wanted to mass migrate to Namibia and turn it into a white nation.
Guess how far they got.

Look up new Australia

If they go with this, I will fucking shit my pants.

we don't need a commie version of blacked and we don't need a commie version of this

What would commie version be?


Neo-Nazis couldn't even take over a town with a population of 16 people in North Dakota. I'm sure they'll be super successful with this :^)

Micronations are the most retarded shit imaginable. It's larping on the grandest of scales. Anyway, we already have a bullshit micronation, it's called Transnistria, and you can go there today. Just don't expect the comrade's welcome.

Can you fucking mutts get one single original idea?

No we don't.

We need to sit back and laugh at them.

Transnistria is literally a cut rate liberal country with Soviet symbolism

dude pictures lmao

that map still shows borders though

Must be nice getting protected by police from the Antifa hoard that outnumbers you 5 to 1

But hey enjoy your inbred micronation.

No we don't, let them starve on their fucking piece of dirt.

Nah, we'll go with the classics.

Namibia 2.0
I hope they enjoy their sausage fest

Holla Forums tried this 2 years ago and didn't get anywhere

Only its precisely the other way around at every demonstration and then you cry about muh we are so tough but there are more of you :( :(

like how you threw that in there

I'm fucking terrified

Oh I'm shaking in my ushanka, believe me.

Lolberts maybe, and they would gun fascists down just as enthusiastically. It's the only good thing about them tbh.

every other thread is about what 4shit/pol is doing

fuck off

I don't recall voting for shadow foreign minister

Aryan master race!

that's nice. no one cares

do you think you're the first clueless tourist to try to raid this place and let us know how much you don't like us? you are not special. you're just boring and unoriginal

says the retard raiding a board because he didn't like that a thread devoted to differing views was posted on his echo chamber. go back to Holla Forums you subhuman trash

We'll still need administrative divisions under communism.

so you just stumbled upon a board devoted to leftist theory by accident? fuck off troll

kekankhamun deliver me

are they really this stupid? t


No, we need a nuke

We need a bunker

Nukes AND bunkers

No man, make a tidal power station
that's the easiest way

Tidal power is expensive to maintain and doesn't produce much power. Almost all tidal station proposals or working station designs involve tidal estuaries which are not available to a small private land.

Nuke power best power tbh

That is such a cool idea!

opinion discarded