Australia's Great Barrier Reef suffers worst ever coral bleaching

The earth is dying, we're doomed, we're trapped in the stomach of this horrible car and the roof is leaking too much, etc

I've been throwing rocks in my local lake to create a place for barnacles to attach to, crayfish to hide in and fish to lay their eggs in.

Hope it helps.

enviromental protection is a spook.
who cares?

Why do polyps insist on trying to spook post, without knowing what it means?

Humans are good at adapting.
We will survive climate changes
Stop believing in spooky fearmongering

I don't want to have to "Survive" climate change. I don't want it in the first place.
But you know, keep stumbling trying to figure out what a spook is. That's always entertaining.

The problem is the ever diminishing natural capital (less arable land, less living stock to prey upon, less drinkable water). Mankind can survive, but a big part of it won't make it…
protip there is 99% chance you're not part of the happy few

Again I ask, what is the point of political involvement if communism / socialism / anarchism literally won't happen due to total human extinction?

Stirner never defined spooks.

Quote please.

But he did.
It's an abstract concept whose spread and maintenance you put above your own well-being, when your own well-being is ultimately why you do anything, including altruism.

Yar, he did.

Just because you don't know what one is, doesn't mean the rest of us don't.

But thanks for admitting your ignorance.

Which isn't a contradiction, because you may be mistaken in thinking that following a spook will lead you to good times, when thinking about what you actually want out of it would be more rational.

actually Scandinavia is a quite good area to live in even with climate change

He called it a "Fixed idea", for more read the book.

So posting about communism on a board when this doesn't lead to any improvement of your well being and instead turns you into a lost, depressive, myopic is being spooked.

Why do you think i'm not having fun posting here?

It doesn't need to be an abstract concept though.
For instance, objects that are deemed "sacred" are spooks. It has to with the relation to the object, and if the fixed idea affects the "owness", which is a whole different thing you'd have to get into.

It's not a good strategy in life if you believe that communism is the one true path to your own happiness, to be sure, but that's not quite a spook.
Close enough though, if it does degrade you.

Because the fun is required fun, it's cognitive dissonance to prevent your belief system from collapsing. Spooked to the double.

You dedicate yourself to a fruitless cause, this is attachment, not genuine improvement of ones own conditions.

You mean like the American flag? In the end what is revered, the spook is still the Nation, the object being a mere symbol. Or is there any better example i'm not aware of?

Humans are revered by humanist for the sake of them being human, so maybe that's a better example.

But you're having fun alright, all of this is post-post-ironic sadomasochistic memery on a level beyond my comprehension and you are in fact amusing yourself to dead.

yh, you still don't know what a spook is.

Christians are less spooked than you are, they actually believe they will go to heaven when they die, all you have is an idea without any prospect of it coming true.

A spook is a shapeshifter, it's definition changes whenever it doesn't reflect well on you.

Sounds like you have a fixed idea about improvement, bucko.
Might want to try that again.

So only people who believe they are going somewhere can want things?

It's "fixed idea".

That's exactly how he defined it.

I guess I should have phrased it that "spooks can be attached to objects", but I think you get what I mean anyway.

Then there would be no such thing as a spook, for the definition of spook requires that people forfeit their own interests, if own interests are a fixed idea and therefor a spook, the concept of spooks contradicts itself.

But not how you define it.

That could be true, but doesn't have to be.
You're getting closer, but not there yet.

Here's a tip: anything can be a spook. :^)

Sure I do.

so it's babbies first buddhism

You could probably draw parallels, but not exactly. There's a resident Buddhist here who would beg to differ. He's usually around whenever someone brings up the subject.
I know some zen Buddhist concepts, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to comment myself.