Holla Forums raids and shitsposts cross board/cross-site

really telling of Holla Forums's intellectual capacity


I think what I found more disturbing is that is was one guy. Luckily he seemed willing to listen.

I hope that Trump uses nukes and shows us the UFOs.

That kid looks like he's never been hugged before

t. child

I wonder about how many right-wing books you read when in comparison to the amount of left-wing ones.

You mean shitty WordPress blogs

This attitude is why Holla Forums doesn't read left-wing books before coming over here.


Your correction doesn't make sense in the context.

Shut the fuck up Holla Forums

Take your meds.

Fuck off Holla Forums


Fuck off Holla Forums

He was pointing out hypocrisy of how you've probably never read a right wing book in your life, and expect us to read yours.
But really, what is this fetishization of yours for reading commie books? Arent those just philosophy books, basically someone telling you what to think? You cant do that yourself? Its pretty much mental gymnastics. Stick to real books like economy,science, statistics and history.

Dude, all your literature is pretty much the same. You haven't progressed in theory for a hundred years. The minute you guys do, I'll be happy to pick up another book by you guys.

Are science books just telling you what to think? Same rule applies.

Of course i never read a right wing book. They're all retarded. Right wingers are retarded people who can't write or produce anything even remotely interesting.
The only right winger artists that i really enjoy is Igor Stravinsky and Leni Riefenstahl. Those are the only exceptions of the rule.

This is bait

All right-wing "theory" is feels > reals, traditionalism that never survives technological advancement, and ranting about boogeymen.

Go stretch your neck, retard.

Rightists don't have theory.

Said the guys reading marx, kek. Our theory doesnt need to change, since humanity is still the same, evolution doesnt change much over 100 years. Its yours that is based mainly in economics, which have changed drastically.
Also our theory being the same is pretty much how its supposed to be, a uniform system. Not like you still arguing over 100 years between different factions of yours. I can't even lay out an argument against one of you without him being triggerd that its not "his" communism.

Also science books give you data and cite experiments and formulas, hard science. You can make your own mind from them. Philosophy is dialectic based and prone to death by abstraction.

It's a bit different from yours, since it is based in reality and preaches common wisdom, gathered over the entire length of history and civilizations. Yours is just some abstract product of jewish dialectics that has no basis in reality. It's what happens when a bunch of snobby nu-male rich jews with too much free time group up every day in their 1913 Vienna version of Starbucks to talk about how opressive society is, without having worked a day in their life.

Also I never got the " feels>reals" meme you preach. Can you justify any moral stance outside of your feelings and self interest? For all your stirner ass-licking your morality is awfully spooked. Equality is good how exactly?
If one is a superior individual, wouldnt it be against his interest?
Or maybe you aren't hypocrites, but just inferiors who stand to benefit from egalitarianism.

Yo, but we have been progressing since then.
For instance, what do you think that Frankfurt school was you guys have been screeching about? Even that is out of date by today's standards too.

Evolutionary science has progressed since then, actually.

We all basically argue about approach. Most of us agree on what communism looks like, just how to get there. Also, since when was disagreement and self-criticism bad?

I hope you wrote that knowing how ridiculous it is.
Stirnerian-morality doesn't exist. You missed the point of Stirner.


Whose common wisdom?

See pic related

I haven't seen any of you endorse the frankfurt school or any recent philosophers. You pretty much only talk about marx.
Yes it has, only elaborated on what we already know.

Thats not what I'm seeing, you still have totalitarians vs anarchists debate going on, and I've had plenty of discussions with your kind where several of you could not agree on what communism should be, or even mean.

You are still seeing that word through your christian mindset, of some kind of universal good vs evil, rather than simple good or bad dynamics relating to yourself and your family.
I reject universalist morality.
From what I gathered, the ppl here asslicking stirner are claiming self interest as the only morality in that sense of the word. This I can agree with, were it not how everyone is a hypocrite about it and still argues with moralisms such as equality and freedom.

you are not smart enough to single handedly remove and replace the systems that have been working for humanity since forever.

Its clearly obvious liberal left morality and social policy has failed, made everything worse, and is revealed to be nothing more than a wishful abstraction not based in reality.
You might argue that its "capitalisms fault" or whatever, while I see it as a sign to just return to what worked (traditionalism) and go on from there in a different direction.

I know where the meme is from, just said I never got what you mean by it, since feelings are real chemical reactions in response to environment. Its the only thing that guides and defines for us what is good and desirable versus what is bad and undesirable.

Im asking what moral system can you justify, that should be followed instead?

I guess all left-wingers are Stalinists too.

Then you haven't been here long.

Yes, and no. It's had to correct past mistakes. The overall concept still stands, which I guess if you wanted to you could apply that line of thinking to communism.

All you did was replace good vs evil with good vs bad.

Nope, it's "owness", and it has nothing to do with morality.

Equality and freedom for their own sake are spooks. It would depend what you mean.

Which again, is about how we get there.

Who said I was?

Who here is a liberal?

Again, whose concept of reality are we talking about here?
You keep saying this, but refuse to define your terms.

Capitalism never really "worked", tho. Unless you mean it brought us out of feudalism, which apparently isn't the right kind of "tradition" for you.

I know I'm stating the obvious, but mind also plays a role.

I don't pretend to "justify" anything. I have ethics I follow relating to things I want, but that's about it. There is no overlapping morality that all leftist agree with, anyway.

Why would that attitude stop someone from reading books?

I don't know what I expected from pol

I've read Locke and Burke, they're smart but still extremely wrong about pretty much everything. I read one paragraph of Evola before bursting out laughing and closing the tab.


Apparently its you! American liberals pretty much derive all their bullshit from there.

No its not, its literally a completely different result. You cant say this shit and at the same time call the soviets notruecommunismâ„¢.
You cant expect anyone to take you seriously without a concrete doctrine or plan.

…he said as he wrote on his PC handmade by yellow slave children, and sipping on a can of mt dew.

The not working I'm speaking about is social, depression and mental illness is through the roof, antisocial behaviour and alienation is the norm, all because of post-modernist lefty morality destroying the fabric of society.
Economically we are in a golden age, I work minimum wage and can afford pretty much anything I want, since I'm not a spoiled shit buying apple products.
And feudalism didn't have these problems either, it was just a technologically/econimically shit and war torn period.

Mind can help you reach goals and solve problems to then easier satisfy your inner self. There is literally no other motivator.

Dont pretend you dont know what I mean like some jew, if you mean something else then elaborate it rather than hide behind some definition bullshitery.

name 1 (one) book you've read from the Frankfurt school :)

how do frogposters and bronies feel knowing Hitler would've thrown them in a camp?


I've read enough faggot. I'm smarter than all of them so there's no need to read all the mental gymnastics to see its meaning.
On a fundamental level you are the same as the liberals. If you had basic self awareness and people skills you would see that. You literally have feminists posting here openly. I don't know if you take them seriously just cause youre starved betas, or if you really agree with them but either way its pretty pathetic.

Blogs or image macros?


now that i'm done with highschool, I'll never have to read again!

Wew buddy, I wasn't the guy you were replying to, did he get on your nerves?
We also have nazbols and stormfags like you posting here openly, it doesn't mean we agree. We just allow different opinions to be posted.

I was reffering to bullshit phillosophy reading. Theres no value in it.

You should get IDs tbh. No, but I literally see people agreeing with feminists here and people barely call them out. Its not like me being here, where I'm just here to argue. They are acting like a part of your movement, and you are accepting them.
when someone posts on Holla Forums with some alt-rite crap or libertarian nonsense he gets laughed and argued into the ground. You should embrace memetic natural selection.

The Soviets never claimed that they achieved communism. They were trying to build socialism.

Every time the subject of idpol comes up people react with disgust. We have enough tankies to counterbalance any supposed "SJW" and even the feminists here aren't the run of the mil feminists you see on tumblr or reddit.

Agreeing with a feminist or a feminist point =/= accepting feminism as a whole you God damn mongrel.


t. r/iamverysmart

Feminism is inextricably linked to socialism. Socialist feminism actually isn't a pile of fucking dogshit like liberal identity politic feminism.

Read a fucking book you dumb idiot.

And with the first Five Year Plan they even gave up that

Feminism in the sense of emancipation of the women workers is essential to communism. Since you Holla Forumsyps don't have the capacity to read anything besides shitty image micros, retarded blogs and graphs, it's understandable that you don't see any difference between that and tumblr idpol bullshit, but we don't tolerate liberal bourgeois feminism here either.

You are out of your element Donny!