The reason why Trump won the election is not only the electoral college...

The reason why Trump won the election is not only the electoral college, but because we made the mistake of not punishing poor rural whites after the civil war. What we should have done is taken away their right to vote and only let the educated whites vote. Rural whites can never be leftist anyway or convinced to be leftist. They are always nationalistic and reactionary. We should form a government where we round up all the rural reactionary whites and send them to concentration and death camps. This would leave only good educated whites as well as minorities.

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Maybe in other countries but not in America

You're wrong. kys

No i'm right. You're too optimistic.


I think we can all agree on Florida right

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It's not b8 though. I actually believe this.

Rural whites were compelled to fight a rich man's war to perpetuate a system that kept them disadvantaged. They weren't the source of the civil war, the massive landowning slaveholders were.


Then you are retarded and need to go read a fucking book.

Lmao, nothing triggers Holla Forums more than making fun of rednecks

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educated whites are a minority

What world do you live in where you think that's remotely true

All me btw

Doesn't the term rednecks come from rural union workers that wore red scarfs around their necks?

That may be what it meant at one time, but now it means cousinfucker hillbilly who fucks children and animals in his sodomy shed while dancing to pour some sugar on me and shooting his collection of guns while complaining about how the jews are in cahoots with the blacks in trying to send diversity to America in order to oppress everyone.

"I wonder why Southern Whites aren't receptive to our message"

Have you ever talked to a southerner?

They all literally sound like that.

Than the world is doomed.
This thread doesn't deserve replies

consanguineous marriage(ie incest) is more common globally amongst nonwhites, dumbshit