The Eternal (((diet)))

No goy!
You cant lose weight eating sandwitches and pasta in moderation, you need to spend shitloads of money on "special" food.
Everyone knows its "impossible" to lose weight while eating normally… You need special GF/lowcarb/vegan/paleo/keto etc….

Wow, I sure love 4chan.

that thing looks familiar

I'm trying to stop being a fat fuck right now. So far I've had good results by eating fewer calories, not eating sugar, and cardio almost every day. Diets can be effective depending on your goals but I think they've become a meme in and of themselves.

What purpose does this thread serve.

Of course diets don't work. Changing your lifestyle works.

To slide, obviously.


This whole thread


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You don't need "special" anything to follow those diets. Something is either vegan or it isn't. It either has gluten or it doesn't. It's high fat/high protein or it isn't.

praise kek

The kikery here is the newspeak of using "diet" to define a temporary measure rather than "the set of things you eat as a lifestyle." People "go on" a diet rather than have one.

Vegan isn't a diet. It's a philosophy, you're thinking of Plant Based. Sage, because this is a slide thread.

literally drink water

that will fix 80+% of the problem

Sugar is good for you in small quantities. Like morphine. Show some self-control and you'll be fine.

literally drink water

that will fix 80+% of the problem

don't drink soda, don't eat krispy kreme donuts, try to avoid shit that is obviously bad for you, minimize eating out, eat more pasta etc without a ton of sauce just get a nice block of cheese for grating, grate a little bit and eat, far healthier than sauces

just be reasonable, and go out and exercise, take up a sport and legit stick to it, nothing is going to happen without you MAKING it happen user

do it for the future user, do it for your own sake and for your legacy

Intermittent fasting

Only eat 2 hours a day, fast the other 22. Break your fast with a workout and eat afterwards.
Body produces more testosterone during fasting which helps muscle growth and fat burning.

I've not been eating super healthy on this lifestyle, but still been losing weight and building muscle. Had problem growing muscle and high estrogen my whole life until I tried this.

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the best weight loss system for the human body was outlawed, user. ephedra + caffeine = fat burner. but oy vey, we have to stop the meth cooks