Developers that care

We always bitch about the shitty devs, from indie to AAA. What about acknowledging ones that actually like to make video games and are passionate about it?

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Aurora developer care.

About his fucking game, not about the community. Fuck the community.

I don't really care if they care, as long as the shit they put out is good.

It's a nice plus, of course.

No. Here is a chart explaining why AAA games are shit.


Meanwhile, Capcan't get rid of 8 frames of input lag.

That's the EA guy who had an interview with someone during GG, right?

How is that relevant to this thread?

You can't put something good out if you don't care at least a little about it. It's like cooking, if you don't put any effort into it it'll taste like shit.

Yes. This is him defending EA.

I digress, of course "care" of some sort has to happen to be indev for anything. I mostly thought OP was saying that "caring" is something about caring for the community or fans or some shit.

You could argue that Yandev "cares" at any point on his dev timeline from the beginning to now, except you'd have to be in the right part of his fan community when saying so.

But again, I digress, I meant universally what you mean as well - by giving a shit about your product and making it good, I don't care if they "care".

OP didn't mention anything about the community or fans. Though respecting and communicationg with your fans goes a long way.
Yandev doesn't really care about his product but rather how he can 'please' the most people and thus make the most money. Most soulless devs have that mindset.

You don't have to give a fuck about what you're cooking to create a gourmet meal, you just have to accurately follow a recipe and not fuck it up.
That requires diligence, not some kind of emotional connection.

Mindless hard work trumps passion every time.
That said, mindless hard work combined with passion trumps everything.

Kojima cares.

Developers who at least eventually allow modding or a group of volunteers to create bugfixes and patches, official or semi-official, that add new content for free. Of course, this is kind of early 2000s stuff or so, but still

Don't be silly, OP. Everyone cares. Video games are too expensive to start working on if you don't care enough to finish it.

It's just that everyone is owned by some cock-sucking lawyer who doesn't care and just wants the game released.

SNK actually care about their games as opposed to Capcom who still rakes in shekels with minimum effort. Or is this not a thread where we talk about devs who care about making their games decent?

At least in media straying from the recipe and trying new things can lead to success. And most publishers seem to be fine with serving unfinished meals that don't try anything new.

Devolver Digital:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I've ever seen any socjus faggots in Devolver Digital either

Any dumbass can follow a recipe. Your analogy would work better if you specifically mentioned creating different types of food, which actually requires thought and skill.

No, smart hard work trumps passion every time.

Sean Murray called, he said you're wrong and are also a tremendous faggot

Streum On (The frogs behind E.Y.E.)


Wayforward, although they're hit or miss.

Yatch Club games for now

Modern SNK. KOF XIV is pretty nice, and
gives me a lot of hope abut the new SamSho and Metal Slug. Hopefully they get the money to make pixel art again.

Is it eating a watermelon?

Japanese niché devs still try.

user, you kind of need passion to be willing to work hard in the first place. No one works hard on something because it bores them. Unless the following project is something they care about. Even then it's the passion for the following project that persuades them to work hard.

Kojima cares.

I thought it was Yoshi seeing the thumbnail.

I can't think of a single developer that's tried to get more in touch with their fans than Running with Scissors.

All he made were shitty movie games.

it is the watermelon

you're late

They're trying to redeem themselves after the pachinko era

Kojima is a Japanese David Cage, except he remembered video games should still have gameplay.

Arcen Games
Astro Port

Hello "I've never played a metal gear game but i like to repeat the meme opinion because it make me fit in" guy

Don't know how I forgot Falcom.
I'm playing Ys I & II Chronicles on my PSP, and it's a blast. I'll have plenty to play before Ys VIII gets translated

I bought postal 2 because they cared. I ended up never playing past the first level because it was shit. ironically enough they care more about pleasing fans than making a good game. on one hand, I want to like them, but on the other, the only game I bought from them is shit.

They were pulling a konami a few years ago because pachinko wasn't going to be outlawed back then. I'll believe they are actually trying to redeem themselves after they come out with samsho, garou, and metal slug but for now "the future" was way back then.

I'll vouch for this. RwS doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks of their game, as long as someone was offended they're happy.

They're only back to vidya because profits from their Steam release proved more fruitful than their pachinko business.
Granted the new KoF looks great, but time will tell if they REALLY care

Any dev that allows me to tinker with their games is good in book.

Except Bethesda, fuck them.


That's not bad if the gameplay is fun

Well a new Metal Slug and ShaSho already got confirmed for being part of they're resurrection plans, only time will tell if they finally fold and make the garou sequel.

After how quickly they addressed and fixed KoF XIV's netcode problems, I'm pretty hopeful for their future.

I just wish they would fucking stop hiring DOTemu for their lesser pc ports

Talk is cheap and vidya companies will say anything and devs can make promises they can't keep. I'm not confident they will revive all their old IPs and they'll just keep on making KoF because that is their cash cow and it will make money.
But as you say time will tell.

No John, YOU are the watermelon.

As much as I think Super Bunnyhop is a fag, he's right in saying that SNK's arcade IP's could have a good market in "budget" digital games. A new Metal Slug priced at 15-20 dollars could be a massive hit. They could even cut costs by making it in 3D like KOF XIV instead of pixel art, as lng as the game is good.

You have much to learn, young grasshopper.

Yeah. Falcom still makes games that take 60-90 hours to complete.

Unlike games like Uncharted and Doom.

None, zero. It's all about the money these days, no passion projects left. Some are just more honest about it than others.


SEGA is really based, even if they did some stupid shit.

> what are the countless passion projects that can be played for free, you just need to know where to look I'm not even talking about piracy

Developers are not your friend. Just like publishers they're companies that pump out a product, always have been.


No. You had certain individuals who cared, but there have always been developers who exist to crank out products. It's just nowadays it's obvious they do that with advent of social media and more direct ways to see what devs are actually doing.

The only thing that matters is if they can crank out a decent product. Whether or not they do that from the bottom of their heart is irrelevant.

It was probably for the best that Chinese David Cage removed himself from metal gear solid to prevent him retconning things that made his earlier games' stories good.


Whoever makes Dwarf fortress. He's spending autismal amounts of time on the game for free

Who could've guessed

Despite sometimes questionable DLC these guys actually put that money back into the game with the best post-release support I have ever seen.

That's him and his brother. I knew people would bring Toady up so I made his image the OP to get them out the way.

Yeah but that is a problem. They are more concerned about offending people, then they are about creating a good game.

ooh. Well now that I mention dwarf fortress, basically any dev working on a free or fan favourite mod / standalone usually care a lot about what they do and the game players
Mechwarrior living legends, galaxy at turmoil…

They make games different to how most do these days. Their style of gameplay was very common in the late '80s and early '90s but has gone out of style without them knowing how (or not wanting) to change.

Dude, MGS is one of my favorite series of all time. But let's not fuck about. The only MGS game that didn't have incredibly long cutscenes was V, which was an extreme departure from the norm anyways. For fucks sake, 4 had a cutscene that actually saved inside the cutscene and resumed after the checkpoint.

With hard work, you're doing something.
With passion, 9 times out of 10 you're just imagining doing something and sighing wistfully about how great it would be if you actually did it, but you never fucking do.

This is why it's best to actually get off your ass and do something you hate, rather than just imagine shit you love, and also why the best possible case is getting off your ass to actually do something you love.

You can't produce anything with passion without first being willing to work hard.

This. It's always good to see companies apologize. Wouldn't mind if they released a new console. I would buy it in a heart beat if they continue what they're doing now.

I think you're confusing real passion with people who just think they'll magically find something they like and will excel at with no effort on their part. An actual passionate person will be willing to work hard because achieving what they want is important to them. However you're right when you say passion won't come to most people without putting in the effort for something.

He co-wrote the story but what happened with MGS4 with his absence makes me think that the writer was the one reigning in the director and not the other way around.

If your passion spurs you to work, you're automatically getting the passion + hard work deal I talked about.
As soon as you lift a finger towards your passion, you're working. Passion alone is what makes someone an "idea guy".

At the end of the day, someone who worked hard but soullessly will still have at least been productive, while someone who thought passionately but did nothing will have just been a waste of flesh.

Also they had a Holla Forums board

No user, he lives off the donations he gets for the game. He's been making 50,000 a year on average. It's still a great story, a great game, but he's not doing it 100 percent for free.

He's not working for any company and he's not charging for the game. Of course it still pays his bills, his brother's and 12 african countries but if he stops making good content it's over

Also, are you sure? 4.2k ish dollars every month?

That user is right, he's actually making decent money off donations for developing a free game. It's the happiest story involving an indie dev I know of.

In 2014 and 2015 he made about 60k in donations. Toady is unbelievably succesful.

I assume youre talking about toady

He does monthly and annual financial reports as well as design goals and updates

I heard a publisher offered the guy a shit ton of money to buy DF from him and he told them to fuck off because the last thing he wanted was his project becoming a watered down corporate product.

Jesus. Well, anyone knows where I can sign up?

I could actually write stuff for them for free I've devoured fantasy media all my life I shoudl be able to write civs, races, names and all that. Im gonna look it up

Postal 2 is the kind of sandbox game that HAS to be played like a sandbox if you want to have fun. If you play it like a straight shooter, it's complete garbage, and if you go into it expecting a challenge, you're looking in the wrong place.

Here's a tip: play through the game again on a relatively low difficulty level, and NEVER use any firearms. Blow people up, light them on fire, chop them up with the melee weapons, kick them in the face, just never use anything that fires bullets. Trust me, you're not missing out on much. And keep in mind the whole time that there's essentially nothing preventing you from going on rampages and manipulating the AI whenever the fuck you want. You can make up your own rules too; if you want, you can go on a Stormfront run and kill every minority you see (and if you steal a police uniform you won't even get a wanted rating for it) or something like that.

This makes me hope he does profit from sales when it's "finished", something like keeping it free on PC but charging for a console port.

Divinity series developers

Back in the day devs cared because back in the day developing videogames was more of a niche than it was now, to put it simply it was confined to people who liked video games, or at least the majority of devs really enjoyed them. You needed very specific talents to work in vidya, and teams were not as huge as they are now.
Now it's a full mainstream profession, with strict development procedures, huge ass teams strictly separated into chunks communicated by an idea guy who knows jack shit about anything, so you get exactly the uninspired shit you would expect.

30 years ago vidya wasn't seen as a profitable industry so those chasing high profits stayed out of it, this isn't the case today.

Xseed have done some stupid things recently. That awful port of Little King's Story or whatever it was called, for example.

If history has taught me anything it's that there are no developers that truly care these days.

For SEGA, you forgot to add that they never C&D fan projects based on their franchises.

SoR doesn't count because they C&D remake since they could lose SoR trademark and they actually let the devs to finish the game and give enough time to people to download it, the game even had plenty of patches

Everything costs a lot of money though.

Life doesn't function like a school class. You need to be smart and find a good structure in order to be successful. Classes structure or pace learning well.

Fair point.

I just don't understand people who pay €60 for a ten hour campaign.

And then you read comments from people who think $15 for Trails in the Sky SC is too much.

Say what you want, but at least CDPR does care to some extent.

They were forced to do so to please the business people, most likely. It was a slap on the wrist though, you can get SoRR anywhere and they never followed up.

Also, consider the fact that Sega released a virtual 90s game room for Steam that allows you to play romhacks with their blessing. If you told this would happen to Sonic Retro a few years ago they would laugh at you.

But yeah, Sega knows that their most fervent fans who are fangamers and romhackers are their greatest asset. Completely opposite to certain other video game company… Because Sega does what Nintendon't, bitches