4 AM

Losing control?

Do you use inverted controls or not?

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Evenin' folks.

Sup nerds

I finally got my PS2 ready for games I can't find on PSN for PS3! Yay!

Come on over to the 4am cytube. Listen to music, post music, chat, or just simply lurk. Up to you. (Music from 4AM-6AM EST.)

nm hbu fam

forgot trip feel.
why does no one on Holla Forums use flags anymore

I have literally had it up to here with this fucking bullshit. Absolutely nothing but cancer day in and out. I will destroy this board with my bare hands if that what it takes to cleanse the dying soul of this once great site. Your era of relentless shitposts ends here because I am no longer going to stand for this bullshit. I remember a time when Holla Forums cared about video games, I remember a time when Holla Forums had quality posts, I remember a time when Holla Forums wasn't flooded with cancerous fucking shitposts, I remember a time when Holla Forums was a vigilant stronghold against normalfag forces, not an enabler of it, and I am going to bring those times back if I have to track every one of you down to do it. Remember your times shitposting here fondly, because I am the chemo to your cancer. Your cancerous posts are about to go into remission. Fuck all of you.

Morning everyone!

Finally beat majora's mask. Final boss was a huge let down honestly.

In 8 hours my 4 day home alone weekend starts. Give me suggestions on what to do! Besides jerk off.

You know what you must do.

I don't have images on this computer and I can't be bothered to move to the one with all my stuff on it.

But regardless,
Winter soon lads.

Apathy most likely.

jerk on

Laser reader broke in PS3 today so now I have all these useless games. I'm not replacing it cuz the only ones I ever played was Rock Band sometimes when I'm drunk. It's just my netflix box at this point.

Nice! What ps2 games you playing?

Winter fags need to get out

Get a hooker.

I'm just gonna start with a rassling game. Start out slow.

I hada good day, went to town to book an apointment to check my 'tisms so I can go to the job agency and I've alost finished building my plauge bearers

It'll probably be sooner than later. Either way, how else have you been besides the unending rage user?

There's no need to be a pleb Ritsu.

Organize your shit.

Sounds intriguing. Go on.

Are you 100% sure it broke? Sometimes you just gotta clean them.

Long week. Thank goodness I've got Monday off. Just one more day to go. Playing Doom again. Still Doom.

Can't come soon enough. At least Autumn is around the corner.


I forgot they even existed honestly. I think there was a problem in servers and they were removed for a while, right? I haven't even noticed that they were added back

I'm convinced only fat people like winter.

I just got done organizing most of my room yesterday actually.

Wait PS3 has games?

I tried to fuck with the ps3 quite a bit yesterday and nothing's doing. I gave up.

Good morning everybody
How was your day/is your morning so far?
Looking forward to anything coming up?

Thought I was gonna have a heart attack today, turns out it was just some real nasty heartburn. I can't help but feel like I dodged a bullet somehow.

depends. I like the camera to go up when I press "up" and down when I press "down" for the camera controls, same for right and left. Some games have that as default, some don't.

Howdy Smokes

Thanks for the copypasta friendo

Blast music, sit on the counter tops, get a spoon and eat directly out of the peanut butter jar
I dunno. I don't do stuff much differently when I have the house to myself, music aside. I've found I'm actually more productive with housework and such when I am home alone though. Clean your room, deep clean/organize your computer files, back up games you don't play anymore and delete them off your main drive, etc.

Not soon enough


Remember Yakuza

Nice, what kind of job are you shooting for compadre?

Fuck you nigger, you played MGS4 and cried

PS3 was only thing I had for vidya before I managed to find a job and get a PC. I 100%'d Red Dead Redemption, Farcry 3, and a few other games on there while saving up cash for my battlestation.

Numero un or deux?


Morning folks, having a good morning?

I can only use inverted when flying is required

Might as well get all of it done since there's only a little left.

Outside is overrated. If I won the lottery I wouldn't leave except to buy junk food every two weeks or so.

First one. I'm in part 3 right now.

That fucking sucks. Had my original fat ps3 break and was stupid at the time so I sold it. Wish I had just got it fixed for backwards compatibility.

Wipe off the laser one last time to make sure though.

Already plan on blasting k-on music day and night. And I already eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon.

As long as it's something with a wage and that I can do it I don't care

MGS4 made me cry until they fucked everything up in the postcredit scene


You were worried over nothing fam.

Going to stay with friends for a couple days and get really, really drunk

The plight of the neet.

Time to roll another game

0 Monster Girl Quest
1 Skyrim Modded
2 Custom Maid 3D 2
3 Kamidori Alchely Meister
4 Galaxy Angel
5 Artificial Academy 2
6 Sengoku Rance
7 Liru
8 Teaching Feeling
9 First reply
Dubs I'll watch Boku no Pico.

I'm stuck on Mantis

As an user who works in hotel jobs, you should look into hotel jobs. Night Audit is specially tailored for NEETs, and housekeeping is an easy as fuck job to acquire and it will keep you in decent health

Just watch BnP episode 2 tbh

Well enjoy your little slave

Only acceptable time is when flying- pull toward to go up and push away to go down.

It's actually a game? I thought it was just a big series of random funny images someone put together, I didn't think it was an actual game.

The last bit that needs organizing is my collection table. Its got dozens and dozens of games/figs and thousands of trading cards on it. Organizing that would take literally months.

You could always try those online quiz crap like mturk or whatever its called. Earn pennies an hour but its better than nothing.

What? how is that cheating?

shoot the puppets

I didn't cry. But I did really feel it.

4amIDF here. I like you just the way you are.

Is that game (or any PS2 game) emulate-able on pc? I remember when it was new and all the consolefags loved it. I was jelly ;_; parents forbid game consoles in the house, bought kids a computer because at least we might make games on itit was a 1/3 success rate

are we all using the feel flag by default then?
is apathy a feeling or more of a behavior?

I would say that winter is coming anyway, but I seem like the one person who doesn't like GoT.

If you're still sick, drink LOTS of water. And soup, or better yet gatorade to make sure you got your electrolytes, fam.
I haven't had a legit cold in a long time because every time I feel one coming on I drink a lot of water and lie down. Seems to make it go away in a day or two, max.

I'm a hungry skeleton. I guess I have a ridiculously inefficient metabolism. Can't stand temperatures above 75 degrees.
summer is awful, I just sit inside and watch everything bake. then I think of how my mother would complain I need to spend more time outside

Write papers for SJWs in college. You'll be screwing them over educationwise and making bank.

Embed related.

It's the future, goy, just stream movies from Netflix so we can collect royalties in perpetuity! Don't you know millennials prefer access to ownership??

sup knight auditor
is anyone ever on the 4 AM cytube at odd hours of the day?

So I got t bullied on Holla Forums today for posting a thread on Soros that got sticked, everyone laughed at me and called me a newfag

Another day on Holla Forums.

The more I get through rewatching Eva, the more of a cunt Auska seems

Shouldn't have been a newfag :^)

I meant as far as exclusives go. RDR pc release when?

you're a goddamned madman ever try peanut-butter on double-stuff oreos? It's like crack.

Maybe, I haven't had been to a doctor for a check-up in over 3 years now, so I have no idea honestly.

Sounds like a fun time I guess. I don't drink. Hanging out with friends is always great though Gonna play any vidya while drunk?

Could've done worse with that roll. Have fun with your pancakes and headpats user
wish I had some pancakes, been a while now.

Well there is only like 1 hotel Not including Pubs because even though they're called Hotels almost none of them offer accomadation and the ones that due it's quiet secondary to the rest of the buisness where I live though there is a few Motels and a bunch of Caravan parks

Its cheating on my girlfriend.

Cold is 90% gone at this point. Would probably be totally gone if I weren't smoking again.

It was aight, how was yours?

That's what you get for being a jew :^)

You're playing on nightmare I hope.

Sounds like fun

MGS was my childhood, and it had a perfect ending as long as you turn that shit off right when the credits roll in

Pirated Dark Souls 3, feel a bit guilty about it because I'm enjoying it and I feel it's worth a purchase. I was eventually gonna get it when it was cheaper, but I feel it's scummy to play it now and buy the complete edition for $10.

my waifu doesn't mind.

set up my PS2, after not having something to play my ps2 games for a while
waiting for my first ps2 game

I hope you land something comfy and well paying at least.

That's because she is, or more she acts like one as a defense mechanism. She projects a lot.

The past couple times they had me play Bloodborne. I've only ever played it there and months pass between visits so I'm always lost whenever I pick it back up

Have fun nigga.

I just picked Ultra-Violence.

Spent a shit day at work, watching people get more stupid. I have to deal with adults who forget the difference between up and down.

Opinion Outpost is legit, iirc. I've only made money to buy shoes and an outfit for my current job through them, but I had to be pretty much everybody I know with their combined income to be eligible for most surveys.

Anyway, fuck today. Yet another shit birthday in a far-too-long string of them.

At least get it stowed away or make it look neat fam.

Recently decided to play Halo 4, got to a part with mech suits. Guy in the robot says

I laughed. Didn't make up for the game being shit, but first I've seen my preference referenced in-game.

Not bad, circlejerked about astro fighter sunred, checked out some roster shuffles for doturds and my weekend begins in 3 hours. Vodka and animes all day today

And the only reason I can do that peanut butter bit is cause my moms a food hoarder so theres literally like 10 jars of peanut butter here. I just claim one as mine

Happy bday user!

Sorry it was shitty, what happened?

How old are you?

Fuck you're waifu, also that image is cancer as fuck.

You gotta find a compromise somewhere user.


Need to renew my credit card and my phone has a crack on it's backing, so I'm deciding on ordering a case in an effort to help it not get any worse.
Thinking of editing the wallpaper related to black/red for a custom phone back. Also need some ideas on a credit card personal image since they offer that too.
Any thoughts anons?

It's only barely better than 2, so don't feel bad.

At least Ramiel is best girl

You're right about everything but you have made no suggestions on what is to be done so that makes you just as bad as a the faggot you're riling against, or a jew, or Mark who is both the kind of faggot you're riling against and a jew. In other words, Mark is a faggotjew.

You just went full plebeian.

You and every other newfag should have murked loar first.

Nice ID

Outside is pretty gay, but if you want money without government assistance you gotta get out there.

Children in Africa, step aside.

Yeah, I guess it would, It'd probably get old really quick, though.

This actually seems like an interesting idea. I bet you could get a bit of money out of lazy rich kids.

Was that the thread about how he was controlling US elections predicting they would be hacked or people would think they were hacked if the results weren't what they wanted?
if so, you got bullied too much tbh

Do you at least refrigerate it if you don't finish it all in one sitting I bet you're a fat fuck

What is the oldest console with which you can still play games online?

Become a night shift janitor. You will have a list of tasks to do. So long as you do them, you are golden. And it's not cost-effective to have a supervisor getting on your case about shitposting in a 4 AM thread

I did once in a LAN game with a guy who insisted on using a controller for Halo:CE on PC. Inverted mouse made me almost as bad at aiming as he was, so it was fair.


This custom phone case site is having a 30% off sale cuz of youtube drama. It seems like a pretty awesome option. I was looking into getting one myself.

I like to admire the pile of wasted money and cool shit I have though.

I'd like to edit a Ritsu version of it but I suck at photoshop.

I'm not fat at all. Ask yoza!

You probably can emulate it. It's an amazing game fam, you should definitely give it a go.

I'm not really feeling anything right now, so I wouldn't want to be disingenuous. Apathy is a lack of feeling that leads to a certain behavior, which, I guess, can lead to a certain feeling.

I know I hate it.

Yeah, I know. I work and I hate it. I feel like if I was rich enough to do whatever I want I would be a lot happier in general. Quit my job, buy a new bike, a high-end mp3 player, get back into riding around town. Buy all the junk food I want. Start bowling again. Buy a lot more video games. Buy at least one onahole. Definitely get my place patched up. Shower in the basement sucks and I want a new one.

What PS2 game(s) you getting? are you using a component cable connection for the best visuals?

Eh, Bloodborne is good for a while, but gets kinda old. If you're gonna get drunk, play something like a fighting game or maybe something co-op like Resi 5. That'd be fun drunk I would think.

Sorry to hear you had a rough day user, Happy Birthday all the same to you. Play anything fun today or recently at least?

That's a lot of fucking peanut butter

Might want to go at least once a year at the minimum fam.

The oldest console with internet games might be the Dreamcast, but I feel like there's probably some weird niche amiga bulllshit that has an ethernet port in it.

Keep in mind that Ritsu is a especially autistic that he treats Ritsu as his real girlfriend and everything.
Waifuism at its extreme.

The Sega Genesis had internet with the Sega Channel.

I thought it was SNES with the Radio shit

What's up fags? Play any vidya?
Unless you're playing a flight sim, kill yourself my man.

I can respect that.

Then she isn't really yours is she.

Livin' the dream hombre.

You should see the stacks of ramen I have. Imagine a full display at a store, well I have that in my garage. They buy it one like giant box at a time and it just keeps piling up.

Majora's mask and got a new lap record on GRID. When you coming home?

I'm picturing you saying this to a guidance counselor now.
and all that

Can you still play games online with it, if you bought one today? Can you punch in IP addresses or something?

I was going to play WoT and add you as a friend, but I can't get my mod pack to work. And I am a 48th percentile shitter who needs a reload timer on the over target marker, so….

We real sufferin nao

Like I said in that thread, I'm not a newfag but everyone asumes because I made a mistake/knee jerking reaction at a potential happening rather than thorougly examining.

I said I was new to image boards in 2006 on 4chan and came to Holla Forums in early autumn in 2014. I'm not a newfag, but on an anonymous image board that is impossible to convince people.

It was about Soros rigging the elections, someone swapped the audio in this youtube video of Soros saying "Trump will win popular vote in a landslide but Hillary for President is a done deal.""

I was bullied. -_-


I figure if I was more satisfied with my masturbation it might help me sleep better, and I might be more relaxed in general.

Kind of disappointed with how easy it is. I expected tougher. Might play Nightmare if I come back again.

Well I've finished assembely

I'm not proud of anything.

Just starting with rasslin.
I JUST set it up, so no. I'll do it later.

Unless you find the broadband adapter, you're stuck using the telephone lines to connect to what amounts to pirate servers.

You can be here for 10 years but still have the mindset of a newfag. You can be here for a week but have the mindset of an oldfag.

I thought it was fake, though I dunno

G'morning. hows everyone doing?

why would anyone do that?

It might be because I got too lazy to download them again, but I'm enjoying the simplicty of vanilla WoT. Only thing I would like is a zoom mod.

Never and when are you finishing MM? You've been playing that for a while.

Of what user?

I'm just sayin make it look nice-ish at least. It's something to do.

Plauge Bearers

Yeah. Gonna go visit the gf in an hour or so.
Did nothing all week.
Sometimes. Not for aiming where I'm looking but when flying I find it more intuitive.

Evening, Smokes.

I made a couple of them and don't even use them. They've ended up being used as pseudo-trips (not just by you) because they're used so infrequently.

Throw a handful of ice into a roiling hot pot of oil.

Mate this is what destroyed looks like. You've got to fix it. No mindless shitposting and ddosing the site will get rid of the shit. Just make lots of good posts.

Not sure, I have a history of my consoles getting stolen.

I'm good but pretty sleepy, stayed up all night on barely any sleep for the thread.

How are you user?

Thought we were friends.

And I tend to play games only an hour or two at a time so I don't get burned out. But I play 3 or 4 games a day so.

Nightmare kinda annoys me. It introduces a whole new mechanic that I'm pretty sure isn't accounted for in the stage design and item placements. I'm not one of those fags who will shout about "artificial difficulty", though, I just don't really enjoy it.
I'm still going to keep trying until I beat it.

For Flyan, that's all though

Sounds tempting, but I wanted to get a custom print. I'll have to think about it.

oh god no. Unless it's a flying game where it makes sense I have no problem but in a normal FPS or something I can never keep it straight.

I'm really digging Ashita No Joe. Can't tell what it is exactly that's making me keep reading it though.

The struggle is real, compadre.

It's always a new experience since I've always forgotten where I was or where I was supposed to go.
The most memorable moment so far has been trying to make my character look like another one and accidentally making Geddy Lee.
This time's drinking game game might be Serious Sam 3 and the previous two if I manage to finish it or I'll go with the old standby of Rainbow 6: Siege, which I actually have rules for

Did you pet your retard cat?

They're appropriate for any game with flight since that's how planes and helicopters actually control

Post pics

I once bicycled to a grocery store to buy ramen, met some people I barely knew in the parking lot. They commended me for buying the whole rainbow, and gave me some firecrackers (they had a 50 gallon trash bag full of fireworks). Ramen is magic.

Moot: Father Judas
Hotwheels: Son
Pontius Pilate: SJWs
Kek: Holy spirit?

As long as they exist, that's bretty kewl.

You need the eye of sauron 6th sense mod, mang. Comes with a dank sound clip of him saying "I seeeeeee youuuuu *screeeech*"

I'm sure there are plenty of mods that can kick shit in gear and make it much tougher if nightmare doesn't work.

Yeah, probably.

What about Codemonkey? I guess he could be Peter, since he took over from Hotwheels?

How was it?


So, youtube is killing the e-celeb industry. That's interesting. I wonder if pewdiepie will be immune to this decision.

No one uses inverted controls.

'm'aight hbu

Nah I'd rather not post pics if I don't have to. Besides fig pics soon.

And nice! Fucking love firecrackers. I have a big red backpack full of them for july 4th every year.

Better than my Daemonettes I can say that for sure

Feels great don't it?

Yeah, I really should. My dad knows a good doc, but he isn't on our insurance shit. So I can't just use him as my doctor. I asked my mom if she knew some folks, since she's a nurse…she hasn't gotten back to me on that yet.

At least you're stockpiled for when shit hits the fan. Unless there's a massive recall on that brand of Ramen.

Make sure you get a component cable set! They're the best for PS2. You could argue that the HDMI converter thing is, but it's not as good for bringing out the colors and sharpness some PS2 games have imo. Check out vid related for the down-low on display for PS2

As for PS2 games, I'd gotta suggest FFXII, Fatal Frame, Tekken 5, Disgaea Hour of Darkness, Harvest Moon It's a Wonderful Life Special Edition, and GunGrave.

Nice, what game?

Serious Sam 3 would probably be fun to play drunk too.

I've been doing pretty good
i found 5 dollars in my couch

aside from that i've done jack shit

even then I'd still prefer normal controls


Those of you that do work, what do you do and how'd you get your job anyway?

I do night audit at a hotel and it's cushy as hell. I just got some hot coffee from the breakfast area and it's kind of chilly in here so I'm relaxing with cy.tube boys and getting warm and comfy while I wait for people to show up.

I don't even remember the difference between ultra-violence and nightmare, what was it again exactly?

Firecracker may not be right. I think they were literally M80s. Fireworks are illegal in my state D:

I already had my eye on FFXII. You know I remember complaining about XII before XIII. After? Not so much…

Maybe it's because you're a cityfag

It always frustrated me that flight games did that.

Those laws saying the gov can come and take stockpiles during SHTF stuff freak me out cause of it honestly.

What you gonna spend it on mr moneybags?

Driving is easy. And city speeds are so slow you probably wouldn't get hurt in a wreck anyway.

I work for a global telecom that only seems to hire fucking idiots, and it's my job to compensate for their incompetence at the expense of my will to live. Just dealing with grown adults who I wouldn't trust to make a bowl of cereal without burning down the fucking kitchen making more than I do. What I do is prevent them from being punished for their stupidity, which in turn nets them bonus pay. Happy .38 day to me. I think I shall buy a revolver this year to commemorate the number.

I was playing RO (see the dying thread) until most everyone fucked off, and I immediately felt the backlash of hundreds of hours of grinding on a shitload of separate characters, all at once. Done with that game until 2026, at least.

I think I'm done with video games. Nothing interests me. New games are complete shit, and I'm burned out on older games. I own almost every console, including a Neo Geo AES, two 3DOs, and an Atari XE, yet I haven't done shit with any of them for almost a year. Fuck Steam to hell, so I'm done with those games. With all of that, and work bullshit, I can't be assed to pirate, even, so I just read articles online, sleep, and work all the time now.

The money I save by not eating is handy; lets me walk out of work when I feel like caving someone's fucking head in without the side effect of not being able to pay my rent.

Don't forget the guys that got to do the hard part.

Kill me, pete

mormons btfo tbh

I just need to stop bein' a bitch and force myself to do what needs to be done, but I have literally no energy

Monsters attack faster, which is fine, and they respawn, which is the annoying part.


Yeah, he comes by my room all the time to randomly meow at me. He got petted alright.

Nigger I thought you knew me.

What is that?

I rather the MGS exclamation mark 6th sense mod. Or alternatively something that allows me to input my own .pngs for 6th sense.

I want the one with me being a starving african child

I've been doing nothing for about 10 months now. Getting a bit bored of it.

You califag or something?

I'd fucking hate it if I couldn't shoot off my fireworks. Always was a pyro as a kid, and even now holding on to a firework and throwing it before it explodes feels like magic.

Yeeeesh that sounds fucking awful. Why not purposefully fuck them over every chance you get instead?

Ugh. That's the worst fucking thing about my job. I have to do double checks on everything and fix every other shift's mistakes and it gets old fast

Sounds like it went well in that case. That everything or is there more left to do?

Kill me, Pete.

It was in Bloodborne. Despite knowing your character's face is obscured the whole time I spent a long while in character creation.
I'd probably impose the same rules I use for most vidya drinking games for SS3. Drink whenever you die, beat a boss, finish a level, or feel like taking a drink.


A physical isn't that expensive is it?

Basically the standard Nurgle type of Chaos Daemon

i'm probably just going to save
maybe lose it in my couch again.

I was raised in a rural area for most of my life. Cars feel like fucking death traps.


I forget to put on some accessories but then I'll do some painting

My uncle lost hearing in one of his ears completely by doing that. Cocked his hand back and it blew prematurely. So I don't do that. I stuff the goods pretty firmly into a peach or orange

Take it easy for a bit and just drive around your neighborhood first.


At my old job I just lied and said I had tons of experience and acted like I knew what I was doing, on top of putting a friend as a reference.

I got lucky and a local restaurant was hiring. I happened to just sort of stick around and actually keep the job. We have a lot of people who come in and only work for a few days, a few weeks tops, before quitting. I hate it of course, but I can't quit until I find a new one, or get my pharmacy tech certification and get hired by a pharmacy somewhere.

You job sounds nice as fuck user. What exactly does a night audit do? Like you just sign people in and shit?

Yeah, XII is like fucking Citizen Kane compared to XIII. FFIV is always gonna be the best though

And I didn't know there WERE laws like that.

Sorry to hear you burned out, damned shame. Never got into RO myself, but I've come to hate MMORPGs in general in the past few years, so I avoid them like the plague.

At least there's that

You should play a really awful game, like something by David Cage or Nintendo Treehouse and drink whenever there's cringe-worthy dialogue or memes.

I don't think they're that expensive, but I need a complete check-up with blood work, probably need an EKG, the whole shebang. Hell, I don't think I've EVER had blood work done.


Feels different when you're driving then again I drive on some pretty good roads


Are you that one guy from ages ago?

I wish I had money, then I would invest into a Nid w40k army. Sounds like it would be fun painting. Glad you had fun setting that up though.

Do you have a cat, user?

Did nothin-

Fuck you user, you stole my post AND the image I was going to post.


Its about technique! Always do it underhanded for a reason. Also angle bottle rockets so that the fuze isn't pointed at you if you are going to hold on to them to shoot them. The fuzes fly backwards!

Shit Hits The Fan fam

And yeah, I dunno much about them but I know I've seen threads about it on /k/ before.

Oh fuck that shit, I remember that now. I think that might have been the reason I didn't do much exploring the first time around.


Wait until you've been bored for so long, you stop feeling boredom. It got to the point for me where I was archiving shit to do (books, movies, games) for years, yet never doing anything with my archives. I have entire runs of TV shows I will never watch. I own hundreds of movies, over a thousand physical games, and dozens of books I will never do anything with.

The biggest problem with being burned out is that it's like being an ashtray. At least a burned-down forest will regrow greener than it was before. All an ashtray does is collect garbage.

Alright, 4:44. Time to sleep.

Well they have this thing now where you can have little Skrimishes in little squads so you could probably do that at the shops if you buy a Tyranid Squad and find the APK for the Kill Team rules

If all else fails you can try to learn something new to do off the internet, like a new language or how to play an instrument.

Night user!

Cya next time!

shtfplan.com tbh
^ check it out, the guy who made that site survived the Bosnian war and was in a city surrounded by the army for an entire year. some serious shit.

pls no. I don't want to go to the hospital again

Nope. I had one when I was way younger but for now I'm fine. If I really wanted one I could just leave my door open for a few minutes and I'm sure one of the million strays around here will wander in.

I check people in and do all the Front Desk stuff other shifts do, but I also do the late night paperwork to double check no mistakes were made during the previous 2 shifts and collect us our money. I process the credit cards, make sure the right people are in the correct rooms, and I usually clean up the desk a bit before I leave.

Hope you're having fun with it at least.

I read that article before, also heard that it was a hoax tbh

I hope you like needles.

oh, jeez I shoulda known that one. I feel a bit silly now

Damn, that's just depressing
sleep tight

But isn't that half the fun?

Wow, sounds pretty cushy. I'm fairly jealous to be honest. Then again, a lot of jobs are better than being a fucking frycook


It's much more than that. And a lot of it just makes sense.

Do you have to deal with a bunch of 'groids or something

>"Hey man want to come over to my place and play some Smash with other friend?"
>Get to his apartment and he says "oh shit sorry user other friend couldn't make it did you get my texts?"
>Say's he's glad other friend didn't get here
>Text other friend and ask him if he was invited
Do I only have 3 friends now? What do I do? Was he fucking with me? HELP HE WAS A GOOD FRIEND WHY DID HE HAVE TO BE A GAY FAGGOT THAT WANTED TO FUCK ME FUCK

There was a pretty large fire in my town on my favorite hiking trail last year. This year, it's so green and gorgeous that I'm actually really glad that fire fucked up the hillside for like 8 months. Sucks about the 2 people who died and the like 14 houses that burned down, tho

I recognize that filename. Are all griffithfags going to congregate on 4am threads now?

Well that awful. Have a good night all the same user.

I sometimes touch myself when enemies in The Forest bow as sacrifices to your character if you've killed enough of them recently and earned their respect

Good example

Happens to all of us sometimes. I had some acronym a while ago completely wrong, and it was a pretty common one too IIRC. Can't remember what it is now though.

Yeah I mean that bit makes sense. Sorta. I mean a flint striker is gonna last you longer and in a rural area like mine people are gonna be able to start fires with car batteries and shit forever and ever even without those.

Tell him that if he wants to to still be your friend then he should accept that you won't accept his delusions

If he's really a good friend, tell him you're not a poop pusher and that you'd like to continue your friendship platonically. Most gay guys get the hint pretty quick and will drop it once you just let them know you don't like to eat shit off of a plate with a golden knife and fork. Literally.

Not when the nearest one is a 90 minute drive

I'm glad the hurricane missed where I'm living, but for any anons in Tallahassee, I hope you're ok.


Just say that you're not into him like that fam


I don't even want to deal with a fag though they disgust me, I don't even know why he liked me I'm the one in group that is like radically homophobic I fucking hate gays which is why I think he was fucking with me but If he was fucking with me why would he say that my other friend was coming and why would he text me like 50 times saying he wasn't going to be there when I was driving
I don't understand and I want it to go back to normal

They don't bug me too much.

seems so.

Nah, I just fucking hate the job. It's stressful, can't hear any of the shit that gets called out because of the ventahood, so orders get flubbed a lot, etc. One problem is I psych myself out some too, when the dinner rushes get intense. But even outside of that, I hate it.

some I read in my mind as if the words were written out, but I come across some like that one that leave me scratching my head


It didn't happen to hit Pensacola did it?

same user atleast i don't need to teach for a few extra days

Well now you know what it's like to have a beta orbiter.


God, I got a terrible sleep last night, and I'm already drowsy and it isn't even late. Kill me.

I am and now I'm done I'll probably paint tommorow if not today


He might be one of those faggots who get their kicks trying to convert straights. I'd say drop him like a bad habit, go on meetup.com, find some groups relevant to your interests, and go to some meetups. I joined a tabletop gaming group in my town and there are so many fucking meetups for people to play board games, dnd, what ever and people there are always cool

I'll make up something if there are context clues and be sorta close but usually wrong in the end, never know until I look it up or see someone type it out.

Whats keeping you up user?

Your friend sounds gay.

We're going to take over the board.


I prefer big guys.

I didn't even read lmao

I liked it better when movies treated evil as a form of incompetence and not just a "yeah I've got a pretty simple plan that works for me, so I'ma do that" like in modern capeshit.

He's willing to deal with the fact that you hate gays because you guys are friends, shouldn't you extend him the same courtesy? You got nothing to lose by just telling him you're not into that and that you'd rather not he pull that shit around you.

Google says clear skies right now, you might wanna check the weather channel on that.

Ye, schools be out for Friday.

Well, what do you want to do now?

He's a faggot. They're all mentally ill and you'll probably get AIDS from him.

Why would you even hang out with one in the first place?

So Guts?

Oh I think I get it now, he must think the only reason people hate fags is because they must be fags themselves ignoring all the logic behind it

Good, they can get pretty big.

I feel you. The only friends I've made the last few years all turned out to be gay and all stopped hanging out with me when I didn't respond to their advances. Apparently I'm such a shit person that I can't even make friends unless they want my dick in their slutty little asses.

I think you might know already. Just been a stressful week.

jesus i forgot how many people are still in school on here, atleast the storm didnt ass fuck you though

Well he's dead and gone anyway so no need to worry.

Time for some glorious caffeine.

Hello all, how has everyone's day/night been? Played any good vidya today? I'm a bit stuck on P3 myself.

Skeleton here giving my 2 cents - winter is the best season.

Re-arrange your room!

So you watch the Convict Report

I have to look for nearby stores. Sounds like a fun scene to get into in general. I've read a lot into W40k without actually buying anything, apart from some vidya.

Cats are 9 times out of 10 a worthwhile companion and will improve your life. Prove me wrong. Protip: You can_****.

It's been fun so far. I'm going to make another thread tomorrow if the current one doesn't get any more traction.

I've hit that already. 200GB of games I've never played, 7.6GB of books, and 182GB of anime I'll never watch.
I think I've come out the other side a little bit so not doing anything is not horribly boring any more.

I'm learning cardistry. Put a dent in the wall throwing a card which the landlord hopefully won't see.

y-you too.
Also things will never be the same between the two of you. Sucks.

Good luck with it user.

Maybe. My memory is worse than ever with this cold though. Hope things look up for you soon though.

My rooms had the same layout for like 10 years. No way!

How much would a Cigar that size even cost, probably more than an average days work or something



Well if that's the case I guess I should get the fuck away from him

He never acted gay around me or anyone else at least I was open about it and didn't try to fuck him


Because he never acted gay and he was funny nice, that's all I want

God I fucking hate that logic, I literally get mildly disgusted by my own penis I don't know how women like them, I especially don't understand how men like them

God that's disgusting

Yea. Figured

Cigars aren't priced by size lad

That so?

Well check the website as they have a storefinder

I've got tea, don't like cowfee. and I don't have much to stay up for aside from these threads.

Cat hair, litterboxes, and the fact they can and will knock over kitchen bins/escape the house/intrude on my room. Also nice spoiler, fag.

A swedish gay guy who makes videos for kids.

The secret is to not let them take it. Or create a hidden bunker they dont know about.

Yeah, just got minor heavy rains. Didn't get hit with the grunt of it- but where I live there's a reputation that all the storms slide by us.


They are on some part here because Tobbaco is taxed per the gram

I think that formula can work if it's done well enough, like in spaghetti westerns for example.

3 times in the last 4 years I've had it happen. One of them even had a boyfriend but still tried to get me to fuck him. I'm glad I'm not gay because apparently they're all sluts.

It's probably fine, I was just asking because I know someone there but they're reporting back alright.

At least you have friends.

Yeah, I hope so too If not for me, then for him

Aight, I'm headed off to bed. Got a busy work day tomorrow.

Sleep tight everybody, catch you guys on the flipside~

pretty much how it goes for me.

Sure, Guts isn't a hero by any means. You could hardly even call him an anti-hero, but no one can trump Griffith's faggotry, betrayal, and selfishness, not to mention the endless amounts of blood spilled that's on his hands.


I could play some smash with you. Which game is your favorite?

But Griffith did nothing wrong!

Can we just agree both is shit and some 3rd party is the the good guy and some other 3rd party is the bad guy

I hope you got the poker skills to back that up.

I'm considering it. If I do it it'll be in January sometime

You and me both. Goodnight Yoza

That is fucking vile like honestly, why do we defend that behavior, even the biggest whore of a woman says "no" at least sometimes

I feel you for awhile I had no friends and it drove me near insane, just get a job and don't be to autistic and someone might turn out to like you

you disgust me almost as much as faggots

music for the mood

Oh. Who knows, you might be able to find a more comfortable setup!

No friends is better than what that user had to deal with.

You can get something much bigger for like $6. Cigars are priced by quality not by size.

I said here, I ain't a burger

Just sayin' man, for all you know maybe he'll just listen to you and not bring it up in front of you again. If he does, oh well, you were gonna break off the friendship anyway.

Sorry for trying to be nice, asshole.

Night yoza!

I've got an indoor/outdoor cat and none of those are issues. She sleeps out in the garage at night, and hangs outside during the day.


But its too late, I already admitted to it online.

Now I'm confused!

The merchant minute from the last daily shoah was a 10/10, I'll just say that and move on.

Yeah I fucked it up. But either way

Thanks user, will do.

Merely pretending :^)
Goodnight yoza, since we're both fucked out of vita piracy we should play Dragon's Crown soon.

Nice try smokes.

Night. Get a cat so we can compare how inferior it will be to mine.

To each his own m8. At least you can spend the time you have awake playin' vidja to pass the time.

Night peko!

Probably, but I'd lose out on that comfy well known home feeling I've had for a decade.

What a philanthropist.

Too bad I'm too shit of a person to believe that anyone would like me outside of when they're forced.

At least he hasn't had anything "bad" happen yet.

Aw m8 hol' up nao, you iz sayin' we ain't your friends?

You know it.


I'm a radical homophobe and racist in the year 2016, I think you could manage.

Aren't you from Spicland

Then the new plan is subterfuge. Convince people online that you accidentally destroyed your cache of supplies, and make a secret bunker. Flawless plan.

Im not sure if he gives any of it to kids. I doubt it though.

My housemate's cat acts like a feral, despite being raised with humans since a kitten. It's a goddamn nigger I tell you.

Sounds like eminem, sorta.

Even then, they charge by quality. you can get a thin short cigar for more expensive than a shitty 60 gauge cigar.

You've seen my toes m8. That's all you need to know.


True, true. I re-arrange my room like I change my socks, so I wouldn't know. Enjoy your 4 day weekend.

Yeah, he could get raped. Also, I'm sure you're not that bad.

Destroyed with my stomach!

My current cat was stray for a few years when I got her and I not only managed to retame her but also have her trained to be at the backdoor at 6pm and have got her used to being held when she used to scratch you up if you so much as picked her up. Just takes a lot of work with cats.

Does your friend wear skirts?
Is your friend boner inducing?
Why not just go along with it and try it out?

I smoke like 3 cigars a day.

It's 2016. You need to be more inclusive to others believes and what they identify as. If not, you'll be sent to a camp!

It's too late for me.

Thanks! I definitely will!

First time by myself in like 2 months, gonna be real real nice.

ok you win that was pretty funny

Hurry up and tie the knot so I can have an excuse to fork over the money to fly out there dammit.

No, not to normal people, because I have a moral code written, not by kike desert shit, but by what is good for my people, faggotry is not good for my people

You're right. It's 2016, we need to make sure every racist and homophobe has a safe place - and entire nation - all to themselves so they can finally be free of the oppressive politically correct.

The fact that he takes time out of his gay sex to entertain the chilluns is sacrifice enough.

That spinosaurus looks like a retarded weiner dog

It's the current year, we can't have people like you existing.


Any special plans?

I live in Canada.

Really? I thought you quit.

Megumin is only for me and the other megufag who comes by occasionally.

Don't worry, not everyone is destined to be in the upper levels of social strata.

I quit cigarettes.

Fuck your people, would it be good for yourself. Be fucking selfish and think if it would make you feel happy or whatever emotions you are seeking.
If anything else you could just tell your friend that you don't feel that same way and try to make an effort to stay friends if you choose to do so. Kidding aside- unrequited loved sucks ass and your friend threw it out there (assuming it wasn't some joke).
Like really, think about it seriously after we all have a good laugh now

It's not my cat. Luckily, I won't be living with it (or the other cat, and 2 dogs) by the end of this year.

Probably just weeb out more than usual. I watch shows and listen to music when the folks are here, but I tend to turn the volume down a bit and don't watch a ton of episodes at once.

Whats a megumin?

Where you movin user?

How about fuck you fag lover

he got a good boy points for helping with the start of YT Red. As long as he didn't make any tweets or anything

got messed about just now ritsu but do you know what manga that is from?

What's the mcfucking difference?

good taste


Why don't you get a room with him already?

Nah sorry, just a random reaction images. Try reverse image search or asking /rec/


Anywhere, but here. Not out of my state. Somewhere with a no pets policy hopefully.

never knew i wanted this

You don't inhale cigars.

Im sure you meant to say horrifying right user? Because cats with opposable thumbs is horrific to think about.

I hope you dont plan to eat the guns too? This is not a /k/ approve decision.

Thats an expensive habit.

But what if the children is part of the sex?

Pewdiepie helped with youtube red?

Oh, I'm not. Just think you could make at least one friend. I've had less than 5 my entire life.

I think I'll be fine without any.

You do if you aren't a pussy.

You wouldn't want a cool lizard pet or something?

What guns? I don't own any guns. I sold them all yesterday.

/r/ing that .gif of people celebrating and pumping their fists in the air, has pretty stretchy cartoony animation.

please, someone know what I am talking about

Not with these cowboy cigars. They're about a dollar a piece, not counting shipping. They taste meh at best and reek of Satan's buttcrack, but hey, any port in a storm.

That's probably legal in Sweden so it's none of my business.

think i found it. weird that panel is so slightly altered to little effect.

Yeah he did some special thing for its launch and it was probably the best/only idea they really had for it other than some hulu tier original programming.


I can, but I don't get anything out of it so I don't bother. Retrohaling is pretty great though.

Ah well I got confused because there is a Columbian who posted Dinosaurs Though in 2017 you guys are going to become spicland

Maybe sometime down the track, but right now I'm just trying to pull myself out of this quagmire I've steeped myself in.

That's how these things work.


Best girl.

Do both do you harm?

I mean, I originate from spicland. And I post dinosaurs. I don't recall anything about colombia, though.

Burqa ones a bit funnier, I can see why.

Message me on steam!

Oh my heart

You can hate my taste all you want, but you still need to address what happened.
Reminds me of Prunus Girl
**Please share your thoughts since this is kinda like how

Oh yeah, sheit I'm probably more likely to get cancer this way since cigars last much longer than a pack of cigs.

That's how they look.

Dutchko needs to make more.

How topical.


Well, you gotta do what you gotta do for your habit. Maybe one day you'll be a mercenary leader and could afford the best of the best on a daily basis. He lives in america

Eesh, disgusting. The most i've seen of it lately was that game theory faggot monetizing every third video. Youd think content distributors would realize putting their content behind a paywall when people watching their shit would have a negative effect on them in the future as they start to alienate their fanbase.

All the more reason to stop smokes. You don't want to hurt yourself, do you?


You open up the barrels, put in the clips, close up the barrels again, and pull the stock to make the clips go off right?

Nah, I'm no leader, I'm a follower. Why do you think I dig Ocelot over Boss? #legalizelove:^)


Keep posting music user, it's pretty comfy.

Goddammit smokes.

Ah maybe I get my spiclands mixed Up, I know there is a Venuzualan and a Hue

Yes, exactly. Remember when you're sure its empty test the gun by aiming at your hand and pulling the trigger. Should be safe with the magazine and chamber empty.

Cause you like….twinks? Ocelot is gay as fuck fam.

My personal health and well-being is a bitch and if it's gonna act like a bitch I'm gonna treat it like a bitch.

It works best with rimfire guns too.

I just thought he was a cool cowboy and great at merely pretending to be retarded.


Hey my nigs. What's up?

Nothin, you?

That's not how it works. You should strive for good health and you will be surprised by how your body reacts.

Oh shit, meguposter is that you? Is it time to begin dumping best girl?

Lying in bed regretting this past month.


Nah fuck my body I want to die.

You got it.

He is pretty impressive with those revolvers. Definitely one of the best characters in the mgs series. Good taste

For the last time, death isn't the end. Use this life to prepare for the next, nigger.

That's how you test them.

What happened this month that got you down?

Nothing much new to report here chief. Did my second day of class earlier today.

I post all sorts of lewds and nudes, of all characters I like- not specific to Megumin, so maybe not.

The gun spinning and the ricochet shots were cool af fam ngl
I don't even know what I'm shitposting about anymore.


Yeah I know.

How was it?


Damn russians.

About a gay russian boy in love with a warlord. But its ok, cause hes got charisma.

Konatas deserve to be bullied.

Pretty sure they're Ukrainian.

Was okay I guess. There's a cute asian girl in my music 101 class so that's cool I guess. Actually a lot of cute girls take music for some reason.

Hey whatever he does in his spare time ain't nonna my business.


Breddy gud.

I've just been really unproductive, woken up late, and haven't found a job. I wish I started school already.

I didn't even get to warn him that any and all konata posts would draw you here. It's time. Post your wizard lolis.

Do they have shit taste?

What if you get to the next world and it turns out the actual true religion is some obscure religion no one knew about because it died off centuries ago? How would you react?

Damn border Russians.

That wasnt even spare time! He kissed snake on top of a metal gear during a fightfight to the death. Was still badass as fuck though. Definitely a good end to old snakes saga.


You do what you have to.


i am summoned by the power of my waifu

Beware. Smash is to the faggot as nectar is to the Nepenthes lowii.That's how they got me.

It's human nature to want what you can't have.

Definitely a great way to close the story off. Hell it was only this short bit that someone sent me that convinced me to play the entire series just so I can get to that final boss fight.

I know the feel mang. I always fall into that rut when I'm on vacation from school. You'll sort it out once you start again. How many classes you taking?

No idea. We are just learning how to read and write music.

Then you should work on that. I'm glad at least you recognize that truth.
I haven't been banned in a while. Do you know if the mods stop caring about 4am yet?

I'm 110% certain that would never happen, so I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you. It's simply not a possibility I could even consider. Like expecting to find a rhinoceros in your fridge when you go in the morning to grab some milk.

You are a master lurker! Truly.


Be careful fam, I hear horror stories about what happens when you surround yourself with shit taste. Hope you enjoy the classes anyways though.

No idea, I haven't been around in a week or two.

Must suck to be on the border of russia. Like living with an angry alcoholic whos one bad episode of Sons of Anarchy away from starting a fightfight.

Yes. Konatas are sluts.

Isnt it weird to think about how liquid actually died back in mgs1 and it was all an act by ocelot? When you think about it Liquid really played such a minor role in the series compared to ocelot. That fight scene was hammy as fuck but awesome. I loved the brutality of it

Surely you must have seen the tiny hippos video?


It is in my nature to bully when online.
Don't worry they make up after that image.
Also my dick still love you Konata
and your lesbian girlfriend


I also have some nice sexy stuff of my girl,but I'll be stopping now since I don't wanna get banned for posting too much porn again.

If other countries have as good of a military as Ukraine, they'll be fine.

The fuck did I just watch



They're too poor to be able to give ammo out in training.

That's why I thought Ocelot was so impressive, he pretty much orchestrated the entire Solid series from the fuckin' 60's singlehandedly.

I remember explaining the entire story of metal gear to some people from college one day and I pretty much summed up the ending to the entire thing as "HAHAHAHA SNAKE, YOU FELL FOR IT! IT WAS ALL A TRICK! I WAS MERELY PRETENDING TO BE RETARDED! POSSESSION'S NOT REAL, WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS A VIDEO GAME AHAHAHAHA! no but for real tho, you're pretty good." After they went and read up on it they pretty much agreed that was pretty much the gist of the how it all went down.

I loved the ending because it was real operatic in a way, sort of like how spaghetti westerns are operatic takes on the classic american western, and with kojima being a massive spag fan I can see the similarities in his work. I loved it all the same, was a great fight.


Any reason why or why not? I believe we had a conversation like this before. Why do you come to 4am?

It's been a while since I have seen that video.

Were you previously an avatarfag? I feel like I recognize your posts.


it's huey

If it was huey he would have either mentioned or implied he was huey about four hundred times by now.

I like helping people.


Nacho did everything wrong.

Man im the only one who even fucking plays anymore and its fucking sad i just want you fucks back

By the way, the audio was taken from an african battalion in mali.

Did that one faggot ever make that Project Reality thread or whatever it was?

You tried.

no i wish, im literally fucking on every day after i get off work for like 6 hours and on my days off for almost 12 I-I miss you guys

They should just pillage a weaker neighboring country. If only they bordered estonia.

Yeah pretty much. Without ocelot odds are the patriots wouldnt have even "died". When you go through the whole games and realize how important he is to the story it honestly gets pretty impressive. Maybe konami should make a what-if continuity series of "what if ocelot died during snake eater". Just to see how fucked the world would become, or at least more fucked.

so close, yet so far.

I'm just a gunner shitter for platoon lead/support medic/engie with aussie ping. No point for me coming back if he doesn't

I really need to watch The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Off to sleep folks, have a good one. Reminder that Jesus loves you unconditionally.

Oh. It's because you like to now? Before you just vaguely answered that you were here to help people, but no reason as to why. Fair enough, smokes.

Let it go user. It was fun while it lasted. ;..;
Nigger what?

for the love of fuck gun for me dude im close to maxing out my harasser and im starting work on my prowler next i just want to make indar great again

In a world full of walking nukes, cyborg ninjas, nanomachines and more, the whole system got brought down to it's knees by an old man who pretends to be a cowboy.

I don't avatarfag, I just have limited images to post since I carry my stuff on a USB stick when I post to work. Plus I've been on this shift for about 3 months so I assume you might recognize me.

Watch the two prior films first, bonus points if you marathon all three movies. It's seven hours of great cinema.


That's the problem with trying to group up with anonymous shitposters who are only there to mine salt and fuck around. I feel especially bad now that the helmets got accepted.

Probably. Shit I don't even know what I'm doing half the time.

Give me your steam and I'll see if i can rope him in.

I wish WWEW lived longer and that PS2 wasn't a shit optimized game.

I hope they're on netflix, too scurred to torrent

ill hop on ps2 i dont feel like posting it here since i sometimes play with my students ps2's highspeeddrifting

At least there might be something that gets at least some of wwew together. I think me saying that I had left the group and stopped playing was what killed it.

You can watch all three on dailymotion I think.

Its cause that old man had true grit.

Can anyone tell me what song this this is?

I haven't been on in a long time because of other games and just no time. I feel bad since I could've easily been glue to keep people together.
Battlebarding was fun though, wish I played more erologs and moe dempa.

w-why dont you come back fam i even got some vanu salt today because i dont spend money on the game

Things weren't meant to be.

I'd have to reinstall it and it would take at least an hour and a half.

but don't you see, calling people who's ages range from 10-16 kindergarten insults which make them lose their shit is what we do best if we dont do it no one will

True Grit.

SpankPaddle getting butthurt? The sweet, sweet irony!


You'll need to do some better convincing user. I'm not even in wwew anymore, which will make it a pain in the ass to even do anything.

You're supposed to take the good memories and ignore the bad ones. Remember?


Professional Griefers by Deadmau5 apparently


What would it take though i'll do anything at this point i fucking enjoyed wwew so much

Thanks nig, you're a real human bean

Here's the full source from your vid in case you also wanted that.

I don't know

thats what i said

we need to keep the nc in check they chained cont lock because they set up 7 hives 4 times in a row yesterday any help is better than none i literally took out 4 on my own

By the time I finish downloading it you might get bored of it, but I'll try anyway. It better be worth it.

trust me i wont
im a fucking faggot with almost 1k hours in pd2

Holy shit user. Is this you if we manage to get the clan back together?

You need to get some better fucking taste.

No that's not how it works user.
You're supposed to never forget

Might as well head off now, see you guys around. Everybody take care.

That's what they're referencing when they say to never forget.

Trust me i know im horrible but when i got into it i had alot of fun at the start with some friends back in college so it stuck. trust me i know its not a good game i haven't touched it for months

If it isn't flaming, I'm going to be upset.

Nice Trips

Are you playing 40k or something

Planetside 2 friend



Do you know where I can find any Black Library stuff

Did you ask /tg/ already?

Nah, but maybe I'll go there as they seem like they need more visitors

the down side of wwew right now is no one can accept invites is it time for wwew 2 electric boogaloo

Nite vince

Smaller boards always need more people.

It'll be the biggest, best wwew we've ever seen.

i guess its time then we'll remake it better, faster, stronger, and with more meme power than ever before

They wont see what hit them.

Except shit like Holla Forums

The real question is what should the tag be

Even Holla Forums. Better to argue against those who have different opinions than have a hugbox.

If there's no real intention to expand it outwards, you could tie it to 4am in some way.


im down for that but the question remains what should the tag be

Don't know. You're the boss.


im an uncreative fuck dont look at me

If you're feeling really lazy, why not 4amg or something? Do you even have a name for it?

literally wwew 2 electric boogaloo
someone think of another one

I don't think wwew was particularly creative either m8

fuckit then 4amg it is

I think it was just something the owner threw together because they didn't realize that it required 4 characters or something like that.

For Holla Forums it seems like they want NatSoc but really don't want to admit it

The more extreme politics gets, the closer to the same thing they get.

Yeah, I know the owner. He'd name it something stupid like that.

No bully.

so will you to fucks be joining me in trying to make planetmans great again
also the anime in jesters hat is cute as fuck

I'll bully as much as I want!

I don't even think it's that, they want a socialism with a strong working focus but without identity politics as far as I can tell and NatSoc is pretty close to that

15 minutes plus however long it takes to make the thing not run like shit. It's Clownpeice from Touhou


Alright anons, it's time for me to head off. I'll shit post another time.

You're lucky I'm sleeby.

But it is you who is lucky that you are sleepy.

Close enough for me.

thanks for the bird webm :^)

Why the fuck is it taking this long to validate files?

atleast its giving me time to make a shitty edit

What's the actual outfit name?

you mean the tag or what fam
the names WWEW 2 Electric Boogaloo
tags 4AMG

Outfit doesn't exist.

i didnt activate listing sorry im retarded

4AMG makes me think of a Mercades

I come back to this gay shit.


but listen right i finished my super shitty oc

Heading off, see you fags later.

ok ive been up for over 24 hours at this point if anyone wants to come either join us in 4amg or get started on planetside all together feel free ill add you when i wake up
we like to mic spam music alot