SBC thread

Alright niggers, time for another one since the last was fun.

What are you doing with your SBC?

What are you emulating on it? Best frontend?

What are you porting/what ports are you playing on it?

What's best one to get that isn't the SJWPi?

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bamp got any suggestions for a good sbc that could emulate 8-bit computers.

i wanna prog like its the 80s

I've heard good things about Banana Pi from jewtube videos, but you'd need to find someone with first-hand experience for a proper evaluation.

What's the most powerful, but fairly small SBC there is that I could use to make a kickass handheld?
Anything as good as high end phones out there?

Last thread we had, it was usually discussed positively. Was another as well but for the life of me I can't fucking remember.

As high end phones? Odroid UX4 comes to mind, but you're not getting that portable. Maybe consider a C2 or W for portable shit.

put on some 80s or nu-80s music while you do it

Where there any alternatives to raspberry pis?


Good luck with what we've got available. The form factor on them are all shit for that.

There's loads, but a lot of them lack the support that Pi's have. Olimex has SBC's for example, but they're not terribly good. The driver quality is hit or miss, and there's not a lot of documentation for them. There's some MIPS boards from ImgTech, but again, not as much of support.

RetroArch is a piece of shit so running emulators on these things is a pain.

can't you just frankenstein a handheld with a sbc though? Just attach a gamepad and tape the SBC (in a shell) to it, and attach a screen.

There are a couple of really cheap Orange Pi variants that are as good or better than the Raspberry Pi 2

The major con is that you'll have to wait a couple of weeks for shipping.

Check this out too:

I feel like there's a catch.

You could. It's shit and wouldn't fit in pockets, but you totally could.

There is, driver support. Good luck getting 2D and 3D acceleration outside of proprietary drivers that only work on Android. They can claim it's all open source and works just fine all they want, but Olimex makes similar claims and it's still a bit of a bitch to get everything working. Not to mention you'd need a lot of extra work to get something like gpsp working on it with that specific board.

Codec licenses as well. Pi has the capability to play MPEG-2, but requires a license to acess the hardware for it because the owners of the MPEG license are a bunch of fucking crooks.

Might be other codecs locked up tight but its not worth it, i'd rather buy a junkyard PC that has it right out of the box for the same price.

Never forget. Fuck SJW pi.

I'd like to do vid related, but it seems like a pain in the dick to get it working.

Depends on what you have. That's probably really easy if you have a SJWPi. It's a little more difficult on other boards. But isn't Brutal Doom just a TC wadpack? Just get any source port and you should be good.

I have a rasberry Pi 3 because it was provided for me by my school.

I would say for anyone who would want to do projects and really get into how to interface with the IO and the OS I would look at the source code for some of the programs. It was a lot easier for the rasberry Pi for me because there was documentation everywhere.

Also learn about the method mmap(), that is the magic method that maps the actual IO on the microchip to the virtual memory you get in your program code.

Also I wanted to get the A20 Olinuxino. has anybody gotten that?

The ODROID-C2 (better for the same price)
and the ODROID-XU4 (A bit of an overkill, really)

The only bad thing about the ODROID-C2 is that there's no Lakka support for it yet.


I just installed Lakka on an Intel NUC I had laying around. It gets the job done pretty well, the i3 is just a tad bit slower for N64/PS1 emulation than I'd like it to be, but it's not a deal breaker.

RetroArch is great, but you should be using Lakka to take away the pain of trying to set things up yourself over Linux. It does all the work for you.

I mean, it wasn't perfect, but shouldn't it be a no brainer that Doom can run on the pi?

From what I could tell from the Open Arena that was on the Pi store before Pi app store died, that actually took advantage of threading, and the other cores. While other softwares and the "original" linux version of Open arena uses only one core for some dumb ass reason. At least that what the little cpu monitor do-hicky showed anyway.

My point is, power wise, the raspbery pi 2s where about as strong as a "pentium 4" when doing raw cpu power.

That sucks.

Speaking of which, what are some good LCD screens for them? Everything I see seems to always be a bitch to get drivers for.

Any info on the Zero Pi?

So the Odroid UX4 still the best for emulation and shit, or are there better SBCs?

Still considering picking one up as a 'cheap' PC.

I have a Banana Pi Pro. Not much to say other than what's on the spec sheet. It's a pretty standard SBC, though one of the cheapest with a SATA port. You are limited to SSDs or 2.5" HDDs (?) because of the power usage, so you'll have to use external power if you want to plug in some typical desktop hard drives.

I mainly use it to host my portable hard drive over samba and IPFS (whenever the file duplication avoidance feature is finished). I also host a personal web server with ruTorrent so I can use it as a seedbox. When I feel comfortable with my security, I'll probably make it net-facing so I can access my files remotely.

what weapon pack is that vid?

For just emulation the Odroid C2 is fine. The extra cores won't benefit much unless you're running a lot of other software.

I have the A10, the A20 should be a little better if you can make your programs take use of multithreading. Otherwise, I actually am not sure how to use the GPIO pins on it.

Most of these boards have HDMI out, so I'd recommend a basic screen that has HDMI interface from adafruit or similar. If you mean trying to use the GPIO pins, the best you get is usually SPI, which is slow as balls for refresh rate, as far as I know.

I've never seen any of my local stores carry them, it's weird. How the hell do people actually buy that $5 thing for $100?

Can it still do PSP well? or anything else similar. Did DS ever get ported to SBCs?

I have a Pi torrent box with 6TB of external storage, I actually noticed the difference on my power bill when I retired my old gaymen rig from the job.

Plus if you're too lazy to get out of bed, you can play all your chinese cartoons from a bedside laptop.

PSP runs fairly well, as PPSSPP is made out of black magic.

That's good then. Would mainly use it s a PSP machine, maybe watch some shit on it if got bored. Or just tinker with it in daft ways until break it somehow.

u wot m8

Anyways, my server is an opi one and it does a bunch of things. Works great. I'm posting from an opi pc right now, which is my general purpose computer. Shitposting, animu, emulation, it does it all. Running armbian on both. I also have one of the early raspberries, but it was replaced with the opi one and now it just collects dust.

Recommended to new users, or people experienced in shit?

With the sorry state of Holla Forums, it's probably better we have one over here anyway.

The orange pi boards have literally no support from the manufacturer, so they are not exactly plug&play. There are a lot of people out there shitting on oranges because they couldn't get them to work. The boards are quite decent though, especially considering the price. A beginner can easily avoid most of the frustration by:
1. making sure their power supply is both decent and compatible
2. using armbian
3. having a look here:

I couldn't get God of War to work all that well on my C2. Other PSP titles ran fine.

Regarding the C2 and Android gaming in general…is there any good solution for adding mouse and keyboard to games designed for a gamepad?

Playing Doom (D-Touch) with a 360 controller feels wrong.

bumping for interest.

I wish they would make really small MBCs, it would be much better than our current SBC system.

zeros are all over the place now for around $15 shipped. Still steep, but I already have a populated image ready to roll.

They should make nice Christmas gifts for family in lieu of Nintendo's $60 shitbox

I'm the exact opposite. I could code anything for any of these guys up until actual assembly code. Yet wiring simple lights scary the crap out of me since I constantly thing I'm gonna make things explode.

People have slapped multiple SBCs together into a Beowulf cluster. (See attached PDF.) That doesn't really make sense for anyone but researchers and server owners, since they take advantage of parallel processing.

What I'd really like is a modular system that starts as a very cheap basic SBC, but allows different shields that stack on it like GPU, networking, and so on.

That's kinda what I meant.
Isn't a modular sbc basically a mbc though?

I would hope so, Pi's only draw like 10W max, your gaymen rig was probably 30-60x that.

user, you basically just want a tiny normal computer. just look for something that fits into the PicoITX form factor.

I do.

I would also like one of these.

Web browsing on the pi had the strangest issues. Even site you would think are low cost had massive slow down when a second tab was open. Like 8ch.

I'm not sure how I should feel about this.

I never had any sort of issue, but I use a text browser. I actually don't even have X server running. My browser runs in a terminal and mpv can output to framebuffer. Hell, even retroarch outputs to framebuffer. GUIs are bloat.

Considering I had web browsers that ran on old pentium 4 xp one work machine desktops just fine. until you update it with later updates which I swear made those machines slow to a crawl on purposes that could browse sites like that just fine. It is defiantly a software problem.

The actual built in web browser that came with noobs os actually ran pretty decently well, and could even run jewtube videos. It just did weird shit, like the play button wouldn't disappear, or once you hit maximize, you couldn't close the browser without calling a kill command on it on the terminal. I was able to run pretty large movie files off of usbsticks and the sd card using the web browser on it, 600megs+ 1 hour and 30 minute movies. Every video media player for it would lag to shit if I tried to play that same video.

If it wasn't for the translucent play button right in the middle of the screen I would have been fine with it.

Point is though, if one program can do it well, the base web browser of all things, why couldn't the others? Looking at the bench marking tool again, I recall it did the "using only one core" bs thing again. Like the other programs weren't even trying to use the other cores in the quad core, and wanted to share with the OS the first core.

Assuming that tool could be trusted of course.

I tried using the Light weight ones too for web browsing, but those always end up going south after a while.

I occasionally use one too, but I have to pretend I'm GoogleBot to get useful HTML output from modern Javascript webpages.

Don't think God of War runs well on PPSSPP anyway.

Direct comparison of GHz is meaningless. A modern 1GHz processor is much faster than anything from that time.

Honestly, my first computer was a TRS-80, it had 64KB of RAM, and no hard drive at all and cost too much. My second computer was a Pentium 120MHz with 16MB of blazing fast RAM running Wangblows 95 with a Soundblaster sound card and a gravis 3 button joystick, on a massive 1.9GB hard drive.

The computer I'm running now is considered mid-high tier and cost less for all parts combined than that Windows 95 machine cost prebuilt on its own.

The fact I can buy a multimedia server for $40 and put a 100gb SD card into it is no big surprise to me anymore, considering the machines that I used to have to fuck around with to do stuff. You ever had to read in a casette tape or punch in the code yourself to play a game? Yeah, we've come a long way.

Rewinding cassettes with pencils was fun the first few times. Then it just got annoying.

Yeah, the vast majority of modern software is bloated crap. Did you try mpv? There is no better media player, unless you're a next-level autist and use ffplay.

Well I do have a "normal" browser on my designated normalfaggotry laptop for when I absolutely need it, but generally when I encounter a website like that I just turn 360 degrees and moonwalk away.

that's a nice autismo

I'd rather be an autist than a normalfag tbh.

One day I will play libre vidya on a RISC-V based SBC and it will be glorious.

Anyone have a complete list of what systems the RPi1 can emulate fullspeed with existing software? Can get one cheap

I would assume anything 16 bit era and lower at the very least.

Anything before PSX, from what I can remember. PSX is sluggish, MAME can struggle from game to game, but otherwise you have ports of most of the decent emulators to run GBA, SNES, Genesis/MD, etc.

16 bit machine really.

Depending on how cheap you get it, you're better off looking for a more upgraded model since not drastically different in price.